There’s A New A Boy And His Blob Game Coming

One of the often overlooked titles on the Wii was the charming 2D platformer A Boy and his Blob. Thankfully, it looks as though Majesco Entertainment are working on a new entry in the series for “all next generation platforms” which should hopefully include the Wii U. We have no idea when it is coming, but it will certainly be a game to look out for. Whether the sequel to A Boy and his Blob comes as a physical release or is digital only remains to be seen.



  1. Why am I getting the feeling this will not be on the Wii U?
    Developers tend not to include the Wii U when they mention “all next generation platforms”.

  2. I loved the NES version, never got to play the Wii one. It was a lot of fun, but difficult! It’s a platformer and a puzzle game mixed in one. There are a lot of obstacles and you basically have to figure out how to use the blob to surmount them — you do this by feeding him different jelly beans lol

  3. Hopefully, it will be just as beautiful as the last game on the Wii and not as slow to play. I got bored after half hour :(

  4. Majesco………….a casual shovelware company. I wouldn’t expect too much from this game.

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