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Shantae Leads Latest Smash Bros Fighter Ballot Fan Poll On Reddit

A recent Reddit poll has named Shantae as the most-wanted new fighter in Super Smash Bros. With more than 2,000 votes cast, the half-genie hero led with more than 10 percent of the votes, although some popular choices such as King K. Rool, Splatoon’s Inkling and Waluigi were not included in the ballot, mainly due to the poll organizer’s belief that some characters were “deconfirmed” at the time.

Shantae, who has starred in multiple Nintendo titles, finished with more than double the number of votes of second-place finisher Shovel Knight. Smash Bros. veterans Wolf, Snake and Golden Sun’s Isaac round out the top five. If you have yet to cast your ballot in the official Smash Bros. Fighter Ballot, you can share your thoughts with developers, here. Remember, the official ballot closes on October 3, 2015.


125 thoughts on “Shantae Leads Latest Smash Bros Fighter Ballot Fan Poll On Reddit”

      1. Fuck Bayonetta she only has 2 games and only one being Nintendo exclusive plush she is to mature for Smash, Nintendo has became alot more kid friendly since the 3DS and Wii U. Shantae however has been around since the GameBoy Color, all of her Games first debuted on Nintendo hardware, are all best sellers on the DSi shop, 3DS eShop, and Wii U eShop, she has a upcoming Wii U title, she is family friendly, her games are extremely awesome, she fits in with Nintendo perfectly, and is popular with a huge pool of possible movesets.

        1. She’s also extremely sexualized and guess what freaking exposed
          Also I dont know in what world you live in but have you looked at samus in smash? she’s about as exposed as bayonetta is in her games so don’t pull the stupid argument of “She’s too mature for smash” when Shantae shows more freaking skin than she does…

        2. Shantae likely won’t make it since none of her games have been released in Japan. It would basically be the equivalent of getting a character that is incredibly obscure, 3rd party and Japan exclusive.

    1. Krystal is the dumbest edgiest price of shit in existence. I’d take shitty votes like Masterchief over that shit rag.

      1. But Reddit has become a very popular gaming/entertainment site so if Nintendo sees that Shantae is seemingly popular among Nintendo fans she could have a great chance of getting in and besides, she’d be a very good fit

          1. Not to mention how many times each individual has voted. It says please limit yourself to one vote, but, since when will people listen (or vote from different machines).

      1. Space Pirate Initiate 001

        This is still not official because it is not endorsed by Nintendo. Just because Shantae won a fan poll, doesn’t mean she’ll win the actual ballot.

  1. Not really sure why u made an article about this. There’s been quite a few polls on reddit for the smash ballot and shantae being always in the top 3 isn’t something that’s new.

    1. King K Rool wasn’t put on the poll because the guy who made it thought the mii costume deconfirmed him, which is really dumb because mii costumes mean nothing. We have until october till the smash ballot ends, which means only afterwards stuff happens.

    1. Excuse me but how is Shantae overrated when she’s only more recognized after Pirate’s Curse? She only had 3 games so far with the fourth coming and she’s an awesome character.

      1. Nintendo Tetrarch Quadramus-NX

        >>>True, however, she is far from worthy like the rest of those Indie characters, not even Bayonetta is worthy enough yet>>>

        1. Besides, she’s not even an indie. She did started on Nintendo handheld platforms and still remains plus now she’s on home consoles in Pirate’s Curse and Half-Genie Hero. XP So technically she’s not an indie. Shovel Knight is.

    1. Go play her games, they are really fun, great gameplay, music, dialogue, story, and characters. Shantae plays kind of like 2D Metroid mixed with Castlevania.

    1. I don’t think so, im sure there are a butt load of fans who want banjo in smash. After all his legacy did start off with ninty. Of course some may oppose to it cause banjo is affiliated with MS since they brought rare and what not.

    2. Everyone wants Banjo but it still seems unlikely unless Microsoft really is fine letting Nintendo have him for a crossover. Generating interest doesn’t always mean it can happen

  2. Gear Games Interactive

    Her final Smash:
    Flashes her knockers at everyone and all the characters are stunned whilst she punches each one off the stage.

  3. For anyone interested:
    This site compiles data from fan polls made all around the world. Has been at it for some time now. It’s currently expecting a Japanese poll to close, so the results will be updated soon.

  4. That poll is kind of biased… the guy who hosted it had a Shantae avatar and it was the first option to choose from in the poll. I actually want Shantae, but I didn’t vote for her in this poll because it’s unfair.

  5. All the trash-talking from people rooting for other series is honestly kind of sad. Shit-talking a decent game series because you want a different character doesn’t do anything.

  6. lol @ the people thinking indie characters like Shantae and Shovel Knight have any business being in Smash. Even Pichu deserves to be in before them.

        1. Shantaes’s games are all top seller on the DSi Shop, 3DS eShop, and Wii U eShop, all of her games first released on Nintendo Hardware, and her fourth games is being developed for the Wii U. Shovel Knight only has one game and it started out on Steam then the Microsoft and Sony versions have extra features while Nintendo gets nothing. Plus Shantae has been with Nintendo since the Gameboy Color.

        1. Just ask Sega to make a Smash Bros.-like game with Sonic characters and different gameplay feel that doesn’t feel like a raw ripoff of Smash like Sony’s knockoff game with a mouthful generic name. lol

            1. I’ve been saying it for a while. Smash Bros.-like fighting game with Sonic characters from both canon (NOT BOOM) and Archie Comics like Sally, Nicole, Bonnie, Fiona, Scourge, Mighty and such to build up enough of a roster and have single player in 2D plane with classic Sonic speed gameplay, some for slower paced adventures and Nicole’s Virtual World ventures too. X)

              I call it “Sonic Brawl”. ;D

      1. Sonic isn’t exactly a bad choice for another character, although not the most deserving since that goes to DK or maybe F-Zero. Knuckles or Eggman could make for interesting choices with the potential they have for movesets.

  7. Bayonetta or nothing…
    Bayonetta is not only more of a badass than Shantae but she also:
    1- Is better representation of a powerful woman
    2- Is sexier than Shantae
    3- Has more personality than Shantae

  8. Shantae could be an interesting addition. I want Squirtle and Ivysaur back personally. Ice Climber(s) would be cool too. With the success of Splatoon an Inkling would be a good addition, I kinda hope they’re planning it regardless.

  9. I think this comment section proves Bayonetta supporters are as mind-numbingly rabid as Ridley supporters used to be.

  10. I’m glad Shantae is getting more support. This makes me happy. I’m one out of numerous fans/gamers who voted and supported her for Smash4 through fanart.

  11. It honestly saddens me that all of the anti-Shantae posts here solely consist of either “Screw Shantae, she’s not first-party.”, or “Screw Shantae, give me __________ instead.” Seriously, it gets annoying to see after the 100th time whether you’re a supporter or not. If you’re going to rally against a character, at least make a good argument about it BEFORE tainting it with original sin! You’re not being smart, you’re just being that one annoying kid who pokes people with a stick.

    The facts as they are now is that Shantae is continuing to gain popularity almost akin to a Cinderella Story. Her publicity has been gradually growing in the West, there’s enough growth in the East that she’s no longer irrelevant there, and it’s been like this since the Fighter Ballot opened and will probably continue until it closes. If a character can accumulate and maintain this level of fanbase volume and vocality for this length of time, then maybe you should reevaluate her chances from “snowball in hell”.

    As for what Shantae would contribute to Smash, she has all the hallmarks of a roster fighter: decent-sized series, acceptable fanbase, history with Nintendo, diverse and workable skillset, cool locations, awesome music, etc. That’s not to say some other third-parties and indies don’t, but they’re beset with their own issues (Shovel Knight being a “flavor of the month/year”, Cave Story no longer being popular, Banjo & Kazooie being owned by Microsoft, Bayonetta being too risque, and so on). That’s also not to say Shantae herself doesn’t have any issues; hers is obscurity, but as stated above this has gradually been turning around, largely in part of the Fighter Ballot. If I were asked if Shantae was a third-party/indie frontrunner, I would reply with a yes.

    Side note: I don’t agree with the redditor’s reasons for leaving K. Rool, Waluigi and the Inklings out of his poll, but I do like it from a “Who would you vote for if these guys WEREN’T on the list?” standpoint.

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