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Here’s The Yoshi’s Woolly World PAX Trailer

Yoshi’s Woolly World may already be out in Europe, but those of you in the United States will have to wait until October to play the game. To celebrate its upcoming release Nintendo of America has produced an adorable new trailer for the Yoshi’s upcoming wool themed adventure. The gorgeous trailer shows the variety of Yoshi that you can find in the game as well as showing amiibo use.

12 thoughts on “Here’s The Yoshi’s Woolly World PAX Trailer”

    1. Nope. If you’ve ever played another Yoshi game, then this is pretty much the exact same game, just re-skinned. Same bosses, same enemies, same power ups and a lot of too familiar level-design. I was extremely dissapponted by this game, beat the first world and haven’t touched it since.

      1. Ah, thanks a lot, man! I used to enjoy every Yoshi title until Yoshi’s New Island for the 3DS, which I really found quite… Hum, regular and ordinary. It’s not a bad game, but… It just doesn’t have the magic that the original Yoshi’s Island, Yoshi’s Story and Yoshi’s Island DS have. I haven’t gone too far in the 3DS title, quit playing it (it was extremely easy most of times), and, for some reason, I’m not that eager to play another entry in the series. So I’ll put Wooly’s World on hold, yet I’ll keep an eye on it. Maybe sometime next year I can pick this up… This year I’ll invest my hard-earned money in other games.

        Thanks again for taking your time to address my query!

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  2. My question would be why hasn’t Nintendo released this game in North America yet? I mean wtf? It released in Europe months ago, so it’s obviously finished. There’s no excuse. It’s bullshit. Everytime Nintendo does this with one of thier games I quickly lose interest and end up never buying it. What’s so hard about releasing a fucking game worldwide on the same date? Strictly speaking from a business point of view it makes no sense to release thier game in different regions months apart like that. It makes people lose interest when they see online footage and hear other people talking about the game. Nintendo is really the last big developer that does this shit. I just wish I knew WHY they did it. There has to be some sort of justification for it.

  3. The reviews are pretty decent currently at 77 on Metacritic !! Sounds pretty decent to me ! I know the haters and trolls who live on this site will their usual supply juvenile trash talk , but the review numbers say differently . People should also make their own judgements… don’t trust anyone who plays ONE level, and claims to know what the Whole game is like. Many of Nintendo’s games start out with introductory type levels, and evolve throughout the game… One level at the beginning means nothing… except maybe you don’t like this style of game…. And you should have known That before you bought it , to begin with…

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