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Pokemon Shuffle Available On iOS And Android In The West Today

Last week Pokemon Shuffle arrived on iOS and Android devices in Japan and now the free to play title is available in the west. Reports currently suggest that it’s only available at the moment on Apple devices, but Android users shouldn’t fret as it is arriving on the Google Play Store hopefully later today. Those who wish to download it should be aware that it is more geared towards micro transactions than the Nintendo 3DS version which is available on the eShop.


48 thoughts on “Pokemon Shuffle Available On iOS And Android In The West Today”

  1. And so it begins…
    Nintendo will soon realise how easy it is to make millions doing very little (by producing shit like pokemon shuffle)…and will continue to plunge further and further into the ‘We don’t care about our hardcore fans…casuals is where it’s at!!’ territory…

    1. I disagree with that. I played Shuffle and it’s pretty fun. The game got tons of downloads so why not make it for other platforms? It’s also pretty involved with the different challenges you can take so yes it’s a freemium but it’s a pretty solid one. I just hope they don’t do this a lot of their games, just a few will be fine.

      1. I think you missed his point. Your difference of opinion surrounding the gameplay isn’t realllly what he was getting at.

              1. Every time nintendo makes a home console (except for the wii because of the casuals) it ends up selling worse than the last one. What if NX sells only 5 million? Would nintendo want to continue making home consoles? No, no they wouldn’t.
                With their handheld consoles, they have a much better run (as they appeal to kids better than casuals) but ultimately this doesn’t matter much…

                …because the money nintendo will make off of mobile will be a billion times greater than the 3DS could even dream of reaching. And they barely have to do anything too! Just make a ripoff of any popular game (temple run, candy crush, clash of clans, etc…), slap mario on it, and there’s your $100 millions dollars generated per day.

                Then nintendo will ask themselves “why should we continue putting time and effort into making games and consoles when we can barely do anything, and make loads more?” Then…they’ll be gone.

                1. It’s funny how the selling less thing is the same for every company Look a the sales of past gen consoles to today’s consoles. By your logic, they’re all screwed as the PS4 hasn’t sold as much as the PS2.

                  It’s also funny how the console that proves you wrong is dismissed “due to casuals.” Sounds like someone’s spinning facts.~

                  1. Unlike Nintendo though, Sony and Microsoft have a long life ahead of them. While I don’t know if they will last forever, they’re practically immortal gods compared to nintendo’s lifespan in the home console market. Also, I bet you that the PS4 will outsell the PS3…

                    I dismissed the Wii’s success as it was CLEARLY just an exception. Due to the novelty at the time of motion controlled gaming, many non-gamers bought it in droves….that only really lasted for the start of the Wii’s lifespan though. It DOESN’T prove me wrong if I point out how it was an exception…rather than the new norm….

                    If nintendo wants Wii-like sales again, they’ll have to either….

                    1.Build their own PS4/XB1 with great third party support, good online, great graphics, etc…While they probably won’t reach the levels of success Sony and Microsoft enjoy, they’d be a hell of a lot more successful (and stable…home console wise) than they currently are…

                    2.Make a new console with some gimmick and PRAY TO GOD that the casuals suddenly get up, leave mobile gaming behind (angry birds, plants vs zombies, clash of clans, etc…) which already caters to their needs pretty well, and go back to nintendo….maybe because nintendo makes a new fad with a brand new gimmick like motion controls…

                    BOTH of those two scenarios are EXTREMELY unlikely to happen. Without one of them…nintendo (home console wise) is dead.

                    Also, an exception proves nothing…the Wii was exactly that.

                      1. “Long life ahead of them” Yeah, when Sony on the verge of going under with only the PS4 keeping them while Nintendo has millions in the bank, they’ll TOTALLY last longer than Nintendo. *Slow sarcastic clap.* Oh good, that made it into this thing.

                        As for the rest of your post, it’s so obvious you’re so biased (or a troll) that you ignore any logic or reason. It’s funny how it’s an exception as NES and SNES did fantastic, and although the GCN and N64 didn’t do hot compared to others, they are a cult classic now. As for needing a gimmick and praying it works, I guess you have missed the news on the 3DS? Pretty popular console. Not sure if you’ve heard of it.~

                        1. 1.So Sony can’t just adapt their business structure to kill off all unprofitable areas and focus on the areas that they do well in…like their gaming sector? Besides, when I said that they have a “long life ahead of them” I was specifically referring to their gaming division…but obviously a massive fantard like you is unable to comprehend basic facts LOL!

                          The main reason I see them surviving is that their gaming area (home console wise) seems sustainable…with not a single console selling “badly”…unlike nintendo since the N64 days (with the exception of the Wii)…basically, even if Sony shrinks into a gaming company only (which seems somewhat unlikely), they’ll still be fine as their PS-brand sells like hotcakes!

                          Oh yeah, and while nintendo may have around 8+billion dollars in the bank…that doesn’t mean shit for their home console business. The reason is simple-why continue pouring effort and money into the home console business if you can make a ton more money elsewhere (mobile and their own portable consoles).

                          2. The NES and SNES are completely irrelevant to this discussion…or would you care to explain how they show that nintendo is going to be fine (again, home console wise) in the future….not the past.

                          3. The N64 and GC being “cult classics” is completely irrelevant. It doesn’t matter if a few people liked it (or, for that matter, were good consoles to begin with (I’d say they’re amazing)) because they sold like shit compared to competition…hell, you even said it yourself that they “didn’t do hot compared to the others”. And again, HOW does this give hope for nintendo’s future when all they represent is that (mostly) each next nintendo console is selling worse than the last?

                          4. The 3DS sold like garbage when it first came out (as it basically had no real AAA games) and, as a result, nobody cared about it. I mean, what was there to play? Nintendogs+cats 3D? Bitch please! Looks like that 3D gimmick wasn’t the holy saviour you thought it was huh ;)
                          It was only when it got 4 massive games (starfox 64 3D, TLOZ:OOT3D, super mario 3d land and mario kart 7) and a big price cut…that people started to care. It wasn’t a coincidence that that is the exact time period where the 3DS’s sales really took off…or do you still believe it was because of the 3D. The facts are, are that nintendo appeals pretty well to kids with the likes of mario land and mario kart…while also satisfying their hardcore audience with TLOZ and starfox.

                          Soooo…why didn’t it work for the wii u? Because most consumers who buy home consoles have VERY different needs than for portable consoles. They want good graphics, hardware, online, third party support, etc…which nintendo failed to provide for them.

                          The facts speak for themselves-nintendo didn’t provide what the ps4/xb1 crowd were looking for and decided to go with another gimmick. As a result, they failed. I think the future speaks for itself wouldn’t you agree little nintoddler ;)

                        2. Sales should never be the taken as a pattern. NEVER. If you use them as a pattern, you are stupid. And, with this excitement for the NX, it should be enough to ensure us that we will get something big at E3. And the reason for almost no 2016 games at E3 is either that they will announce more later this/next year, either that they will be cross-platform.

                          1. 1.How is it stupid to use basic sales facts and use them to try and predict the future? Because of the Wii? LOL I assure you that we won’t be seeing another Wii for a long time…as the casuals have all moved on the mobile gaming!

                            2.Just because nincocksuckers like you are jazzing over the NX doesn’t mean everyone else is. Check out some of the videos ReviewTechUSA has made on the subject (hopefully your ignorance will go away as a result…we can dream can’t we).

                            3. You have no way of 100% knowing that the true reason for nintendo’s lacklustre e3 this year was because they’re saving their cards until they reveal the NX. That’s nothing more than speculation…not actual facts.

                            1. Your posts literally make on sense. So I’m going to disprove them with as little effort as possible as to not waste my time.~

                              1. If Sony kills off its other sectors, it has to cut off a huge amount of employees and partnerships. They can’t just size down to one division and be fine with that after having several huge ones. Not only that, but their stocks will drastically suffer. If you cut off necrotic parts of a body too much, you’ll just have the heart left, and it can’t survive on its own. Same applies here.~

                              2. I already showed how that proves my point. You seem to have ignored what I was saying so you could work on your next comeback. Read it again, and you’ll answer your own question~

                              3. Because that’s in comparison. separately, they did rather well. If you compare it to the others, though, it looks worse than it is. If the other consoles got around the same number of sales, people wouldn’t be saying it was poor, but that they were all even.

                              4. You might want to look up the majority of the WiiU and 3d’s communities, as it is mostly people in their 20’s while the minority is kids.~

                              Next time, do more research on how economics work, and less time coming up with pathetic play-on-word names.~

                          2. I think as the game for itself works well as a mobile game as it already has that aspect to it. Nintendo going mobile would also help boost the company further as there are many people nowadays are not gamers per se but have become engrossed in the “free’ & “freemium” games available. This move to mobile will most definitely work in Nintendo’s favour as it could potentially entice mobile gamers towards Nintendo’s own hardware i.e the 3DS or better yet, the Wii U. I find this to be a very coy move on Nintendo’s part and sincerely hope that this tactic works well for them.

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                                          1. The Pokemon Company made it, and we know that they want money. Nintendo will make a new game. Probably a Super Mario themed one, since, you know, the 30th anniversary.

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