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Splatoon Patch Version 2.1.0 Incoming

Good news for Splatoon fans as there’s a new patch that will be winging its way to Wii U consoles this week. The patch, which is version 2.1.0, addresses a number of issues including some adjustments to stages such as Camp Triggerfish and Arowana Mall. As you might expect there’s also a number of behind the scenes bug fixes. Here’s a rundown of what is set to change.

Stage adjustments

  • Arowana Mall: Adjusted terrain in one place to prevent squids from going through, all modes.
  • Camp Triggerfish: Terrain adjustments to prevent players from directly jumping to the opponent’s side, Turf War and Splat Zones

Main Weapon adjustments

  • All Rollers: While moving, the movement of the field of view when raising the roller overhead has been fixed. The problem in question was changed in Ver. 2.0.0; this corrects it to be the same movement as in Ver. 1.3.0.

Sub Weapon adjustments

  • Splash Wall: In the situation a bomb hits the enemy’s Splash Wall, players standing on the other side of the Wall would receive damage. This has been corrected.

Ranked rule adjustments

  • In Tower Control, if both team’s counts (goal distances) are extremely close, in spite of differences between the counts, the on-screen display denoting the counts/numbers would show the same numbers. This has been fixed.
  • In Tower Control, after advancing the tower to the same count, the enemy was unable to take the lead in the situation if the tower was then taken.
  • In Ver. 2.0.0 it was “the team that takes the lead’s count is decreased by 1,” while before Ver. 1.3.0 it was “the team who had the lead taken from them’s count is increased by 1.”


  • The problem of receiving Error 104-2230 after downloading the Ver. 2.0.0 update to be fixed.
  • Other adjustments to the game have been made so players may have a more pleasant experience.

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28 thoughts on “Splatoon Patch Version 2.1.0 Incoming”

  1. I don’t understand what they’re going to do to Arowana Mall. The camp one is tottally unnecesary. Also i don’t get what the rollers changes mean? I think they shoukd focus on other op weapons.

    1. 💃I'm a Boss Ass Bitch💯

      Lame ass fucking hater. Bitch be fucking original. This shit makes me want to change my fucking name.

    2. There was a was an exploitable glitch which meant you could get to the enemies Base quicker, I saw several people use it in rainmaker, it pretty much secures you a win

  2. 💃I'm a Boss Ass Bitch💯

    The splat wall fix is fucking stupid. Like really, the whole purpose for the splat wall is to fucking gaurd.

    1. Yes… and now they made it so you wouldn’t take damage from a bomb that hits your splash wall, making it even better at guarding you..?

      Or did I understand the text wrong? To me it def looks like a buff.

    1. But Halo 5, Star Wars Battlefront, Call of Duty Black Ops 3 or any other shooter will still be shooter of the year, since those are mature and ultra realistic, because video games have to reflect the reality in very dark colors, not to make a creative colorful world that you can enjoy and where you can do what you can’t in real life, because that would be stupid.

      1. Nowadays the games you just mentioned are all the same… Super realistic my big galactic ass. Splatoon is something new and fresh. I look at the other shooters and see nothing really unique

  3. I don’t think the Arowana Mall and Camp Triggerfish Tricks are glitches they had to fix, but the Splash Wall glitch was annoying as hell just like the lag where the other guy dissolves but you still get the effect of his supposed shot.

    I do wonder however if there’s a glitch with the sub-weapon fill-up, I faced some players who managed to fire weapons quite early than everyone else…

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  5. Would they fix the “Connection is unstable” issue? Because that has been quite annoying in Splatfest, especially knowing that the internet I have here is over 15Mbps.

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