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Super Mario Sunshine Camera Angle Found Suggesting Multiplayer

One of the most beloved games on the Gamecube was Super Mario Sunshine. New information has been unearthed about the plumber’s adventure that suggests that the developers behind the game may have experimented with a multiplayer mode, but sadly this was obviously scrapped. Some of the information contained in a recent report was previously known, but some of it was not. Here’s all the juicy details for your reading pleasure.

  • An unused camera behaviour in the game’s code suggests that the developers at least experimented with a multiplayer mode. Although it was dropped for unknown reasons, the early beta multiplayer camera is still functional.
  • At Space World 2001, Miyamoto presented the first trailer to journalists. It is famous for showing a very early version of Sunshine. According to a complete video of the presentation, which hasn’t surfaced until now, Miyamoto stated that the material was confidential and was not supposed to be published. ( This didn’t prevent IGN from sharing a filmed version of that footage.
  • Work on Sunshine began around Late 2000/Early 2001, so that the game was in development for only around one and a half years. It heavily suffered from time constraints, which even Miyamoto admitted 2003 in an interview.
  • Sunshine was originally planned to feature some kind of train system to connect the various areas.
  • At least five worlds were cut from the final game. Their names can still be found in the game’s code.
  • Corona Mountain was supposed to be a world like all the others with multiple episodes.
  • Sunshine originally run at 60 fps, even the version shown at E3 2002 mere weeks before release was 60 fps. The final game was downgraded to 30 fps for unknown reasons.

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34 thoughts on “Super Mario Sunshine Camera Angle Found Suggesting Multiplayer”

  1. If it wasn’t for all those people begging for a true mario game over luigi mansion they might have been able to delay the game and add so much more

  2. We just need a Super Mario Sunshine sequel or a remake with bonus content for the Wii U or the NX. I would be more than satisfied if that were to happen

  3. It’s bittersweet reading this, because makes us remember the time Nintendo used to be relevant and, at the same time, makes us think where it all went wrong.

    Nevertheless, Sunshine is a masterpiece!

    1. You’re such a tool.

      If Nintendo isn’t relevant, why are you on a Nintendo news website?

      Too many useless trolls in this world.


      weird looking graphics shit use of tev shaders that brown enemy shit looked like shit

      hated the fucking game

        1. Not enough time to put it on Wii u because they didnt think about making Sunshine remake or squel when Project Cafe was in R&D in 2008.

      1. One of the best games N has ever made, at that time they used to take more risks WW for example… i’d love a sequel, actually the final told of something…

          1. While it isn’t my favorite Mario game, it’s a downer to know just how much didn’t make it into the final product.

            Maybe if people get that remake they’ve been clamoring for all these years these scrapped ideas will make a triumphant return.

          2. The youtube video was not confidential, was the mario sunshine E3 trailer, i saw it back in 2000 (2001?)

            Btw. Sunshine is one of best games the gamecube had

            1. Spaceworld build and e3 build are so much different. I think you were at e3 in the year 2002. the video is from 2001.

              Yup, and its my favorite Super Mario Game!! ^-^

              1. that one doesn’t really count. It plays more like a 3D Mario game trying to be a sidescroller. It was also a bit lackluster. None of the worlds were memorable and it felt too similar to 3D Land.

                  1. to an extent, being a collectathon is a major part of a 3D mario platformer. It had you revisit worlds and explore. I managed to get most of the green stars and stamps on my first run through 3D World. It wasn’t too hard since the levels were too linear. Sunshine and the Galaxy games had me constantly revisiting levels in search of blue coins and star coins.

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                2. I used to love Sunshine as a kid.
                  But playing it recently… it’s probably the worst 3D Mario game.

                  The movement is super slippery, even worse than 64. And the level design is just meh.
                  Great concept, mediocre execution.
                  It’s still fun, just hasn’t aged well.
                  More development time probably would’ve helped it a ton.

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