Video: Super Mario Maker’s Secret Old-School CRT TV Code

As you may have guessed from the title the folks over at GameXplain have uncovered a special secret code which enables a filter that makes Super Mario Maker look like it is being played on an old-school CRT television. You know, the televisions we used to use in the 90’s. Be sure to watch the video to find out how you enable this rather neat trick!


  1. Can’t wait for this game to bad it was sold out every where but i order one and now just waiting till it’s wednesday now that i think about it i beter order the squid amiibo When i was ordering super Mario maker

  2. Kind of weird that in a day and age where we’re obsessed with the highest, more polished looking graphics ever, we crave things like this that make something appear retro. Whether it’s for nostalgia purposes, or because we think it’s “trendy” or unique, we love it. I think it’s a real testament to how much graphics actually matter in our day and age.

    1. I don’t think it is to the point where people are going to go “oh ok screw graphics, give me a stick figure and ill be satisfied.” Though. I wouldn’t even go so far as to say its what people want rather than just what’s happening right now in video games. With the massive dry spell Nintendo is in right now it’s not abnormal for there to be so much pushing for this game.

  3. lol that’s not next gens
    we, the entire clergy of the church of sasori are gamers of the 21th century. no wonder why nobody takes nintendo seriosuly.
    am not buying that cash grab

    – Church of Sasori

      1. Forgive them father for they are clowns.
        It’s not stupid and am not even trolling, just coming with the fags.
        Sasori clean his minds and show them the way of the xbox. Forgive our streetpasses as we forgive those who streetpass us.

  4. Is there a way to unlock this in the game by yourself ? I would like to find out on my own without watching the video lol

    1. so a system that has a lot of fantastic games. but didn’t sell that well? Then yes but if thats you trying to bash it then thats a shame

  5. Thats really cool, too bad the Best Buy in Noho (NYC) doesn’t look like they have any copies or got any in. All they had was a little advertising tag, that you pretty much could have walked past. It wasn’t on the shelf with the few Wii U games, I wonder if this will be like (fill in any Ubisoft game here, except Zombi U) where its kind of hard to find in NYC.

    1. If you have Amazon Prime you could get it in NYC with Prime Now and grab a few other things as well to receive them within hours.
      There are promo codes at times promoting the service which drop the total by $20 for the first order. Worth a try.

  6. I preordered SMM from Target to get a cube. Received SMM in the mail and I opened it and……No fucking cube. Lame. I called and they gave me a $30 Gift Card. Not too shabby. I drove to Target and they had a couple cubes for $5 and a shitload of Dr Mario’s. The quality of the cube is nothing special. It’s about what I expected. I wish it was heavier. About what I expected. Rambling on high…….

  7. It’s crazy the disparity between how much I enjoy the content of GameXplain videos VA how much I hate that dude’s fucking choad loaf voice. He sounds like a fat autistic kid

  8. My church fell when I left this earth , don’t listen the garbage that poser talks. The stinch from his mouth is worse than my rotting corpse.

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