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Xenoblade Chronicles X Character DLC Will Be Free With Western Release

The latest edition of US gaming magazine Game Informer has revealed that the character downloadable content that was previously paid DLC will be free for the western version of Xenoblade Chronicles X. The magazine has also revealed that one of the game’s characters, Lin Lee, is now 15 years old as she was 13 in the Japanese version of the game. Xenoblade Chronicles X launches December 4th in North America and Europe.

  • Lynlee now referred to as Lin Lee.
  • Lin Lee is now 15-years-old. She is 13-years-old in the Japanese version.
  • The character DLC that was released in Japan is now free in American and European versions of the game.
  • A Prima Guide shall be available with the Collector’s Edition of Xenoblade Chronicles X.
  • The hardcover edition of the guide will have “premium treatments.”
  • A code is included to access the eGuide, a digital version of the complete strategy guide optimized for a second-screen experience.
  • A high quality, microfiber screen cleaner is also included in the Collector’s Edition. The screen cleaner will feature art from the game.

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51 thoughts on “Xenoblade Chronicles X Character DLC Will Be Free With Western Release”

    1. In Digimon Adventure series, ages of characters in Japanese dub and English dub were different. In Japanese version, they were all in Elementary school but in English version, some are supposed to be in junior high, according to their age. Did you know?

  1. They probably changed her age because she looks too “erotic” for her previous age. I wish they would have kept the original name though.

    1. IMO, anyone who sees her as something horrible and wrong due to the swimsuit thing, has some issues separating fantasy and reality.

      In fantasy, it’s fine to think that that’s erotic or cute or whatever.
      It’s fake and not based on anyone.

      But in reality, if you see something like that, the one thing that should NOT go through one’s mind, is how erotic it is and what you’d like to be doing with them. [and goodness knows that some IRL 15 year olds dress way more provocatively these days, as it is, even without the swimsuits. V_V;;]

      Fantasy = Whatever. Only those with issues, have issues with it.
      Reality = NOPE. Hands to yourself, thoughts sealed away into a dark corner, or never thought of to begin with.

      Sadly, I’ve already seen one dumb-a$$ who insisted that the player base not having a problem with Lin’s swimsuit was a good enough reason for him to skip the game.
      Despite the costume being optional.
      I mean, how much more stupid can one be?

      1. Nintendo Lieutenant Cereza

        As long as they don’t cut content from they game. She’d pass for 18 if her age was left unspecified. I mean, she build giant mechs. What kind of 13 year old has a good enough programming and engineering degree that would be required for making them as often as she does?

        1. There’s actually a very good storyline-related reason for her skills in programming and engineering, but for the sake of spoilers I’m going to keep mum about it.
          All you need to know, is that her age isn’t a factor to her abilities…^_-

        2. 1. It is funny you mention separating fantasy and reality when you obviously can’t. No, the majority of children don’t dress like super sluts. Some of the outfits in the game are ridiculous. You should get out more.

          2. Child molesters are different from rapists. While it is common for rapists to engage in spontaneous or opportunity rape, child molesters are mostly premeditative. Which stems from their fantasies of children. What I’m getting at is lewd content only adds fuel to the fire for child molesters.

          3. Parents by video games for their kids all the time without thinking about the content, particularly if the rating is only Teen. Children cannot distinguish fantasy from reality as well as adults, so it is important to screen that kind of material. This applies more to violent games, but it is still applicable to sexualized content. (Case stuides have shown huge spikes in children aggression within weeks of cable television being introduced to small communities)

          4. If you find video game children to be erotic and attractive, chances are you find real life children attractive. I don’t know why you are separating the two like they are nonrelated.

          5. All these arguments and debates wouldn’t be occurring if a) Japan would make the adult-proportioned, provocatively dressed characters 16+ instead of tweens, and/or b) Japan would stop dressing up characters in such ridiculous outfits. They won’t change though since it is ingrained in the culture, it is acceptable for men to grope children on trains and there are things like giant statues of children in skirts that trains pass under. Fuck the Japanese lol.

          6. I am still buying the game, but to try to dismiss people’s concerns is erroneous.

          1. #1 Yes, I can.
            Which is exactly why I said what I did.
            You must not get out to California beaches much, because 15 and 16 year olds dress skimpy as fuck sometimes.
            And btw, little, if anything, counts as “super slut” in this game.
            I’ve been to Vegas, dude; I’ve seen that with my own eyes, and Lin’s skimpy bathing suit doesn’t qualify.XD
            The difference is, sane people with no pedophilic tendencies are not going to care about 15 year olds on a beach, nor will they care when a fake one dresses up skimpily in this game.

            #2 So we should censor absolutely everything because someone who’s sick in the head might use it as fuel?
            I disagree with that.
            Keeping it as-is, is fine.
            We should focus on the normal people who CAN differentiate between fantasy and reality by not allowing their like of things in fantasy to affect their actions in reality.

            #3 This is where proper parenting is essential.
            It shouldn’t be an excuse to censor, it should be a reason for parents to do their job by explaining things to their kids, so that they don’t get any dumb ideas and can properly separate fantasy and reality as early on as possible.
            If parent’s don’t do their jobs right, the results are on them.

            #4 “If you find video game children to be erotic and attractive, chances are you find real life children attractive.”
            No, you don’t.
            Not if you properly separate which is okay and which is not okay to hold attraction towards.
            One is fantasy, one is reality, and neither should be viewed as the same thing.

            #6 I don’t know where you got the ludicrous idea that Japan think’s it’s okay to grope children on trains.
            They’ve got security measures, and even all-female trains, specifically to counter that.
            Seems to me like you’ve got a lot of unreasonable hatred for Japan because they embrace unusually lewd things in their anime and media a lot more than America does, along with a whole lot of misconceptions.

            #6 I dismiss them precisely because complaining too much about it just turns things into a bigger problem than they originally were.
            It’s easier to act like an adult by treating fantasy as fantasy, than pretending it’s suddenly going to corrupt any kid that looks at it and making a huge fuss over the outfits.

            The complaints are more immature than Lyn’s age.

          2. If they kept the original name, it’d be リンリー. The name can be romanized in many ways — Linli, Lynli, Lin Lee, Lyn Lee, Rinree, Rynri, et cetera. Fans decided that it’s “Lynlee,” and the localization company decided it’s Lin Lee, with the developer’s blessing. They changed nothing, they just got clarification from the people who made the game. :p

        3. Free DLC is always nice. I just reserved the collectors or whatever edition the other day. Can’t wait.. haven’t played a big rpg in a while now. I loved the first Xenoblade. I’ve been avoiding most footage of this (since it released so much earlier in Japan). I just hope it’s not delayed..

          Btw Mario Maker is so addicting haha. So much fun.

        4. Freaking-A! I’m definitely gonna buy Xenoblade Chronicles X… either stand alone or collector’s edition! Takahashi & Kojima (Koh)… shut up and take my money and Skell permit!

        5. Even though she is 15 she is still underage sooooo… But on the note of the guide book what kind of premium treatment they are talking about?

          1. She’s not underage. Not unless you have some sort of sexual desire. Otherwise it doesn’t matter what age a child in a video game is. I hate political correctness.

                    1. I played the first game on the Wii and was absolutely enthralled – you can say what you want about jRPGs and how their stories compare to wRPGs, but the gameplay and combat is just much better. Looking forward to this even if I haven’t got a Wii U, yet.

                        1. Yeah, I’m aware of that – different characters, setting and all that. If it’s as expansive as the first and with a world as vast and lush as Xenoblade Chronicles, I’m in.

                      1. Cant wait for this game. i’m really liking Mario Maker. Wii U is now the perfect console for me. No more droughts finaly… October Yoshi Wolly World. Idk whats comin on November. December Devils Third Xenoblade StarFox. gonna pre order special edition Xenoblade tomorrow

                          1. *beats starfox in 20hrs*
                            “Well gee whiz, I guess there is still a drought after all!”

                            And what if someone doesn’t want to play Starfox? Only 1 game still constitutes a drought you tool.

                                  1. How the fuck do you think they’re behind the competition? This is not a pissing contest and the console war doesn’t fucking exist so you need to get the fuck over it. Nintendo have made the greatest offer for most of their Xeno fans and supporters. Pre-orders of Xenoblade Chronicles X Special Edition have been sold out at Amazon and Right now, they’re still having pre-orders at GameStop and Best Buy. It’s time for you to get with the program and accept it!

                                  2. Xenoblade Master Ridley X3

                                    Unless Lin Lee is going to be in some questionable positions in the game, why even change the age at all? Now some people are going to assume the worst. In some cases, censoring is necessary. In other cases, censoring just makes it look worse than what it really is. *cough*TharjainabikiniadjustingthebikinibottomsbutiscensoredwithwhatlookslikeChrom’scapeoverit*cough*

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