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Nintendo Will Continue To Produce Nintendo Directs

Nintendo of America has confirmed to IGN that the company will continue to produce Nintendo Direct presentations. This is great news as they have proven to be a good way for the company to share information directly with the fans. Here’s what they had to say to IGN.

“Nintendo Directs will continue, but we have no details to provide now on who will be featured or the topics that will be covered.”


50 thoughts on “Nintendo Will Continue To Produce Nintendo Directs”

    1. I have a feeling the new president well direct them, how ever I think that it well be more open, directors well be featuring their own games more, and I think bill trinin with Reggie well host in the US. Keep in mind the new president is also bilingual. They know more then the statement leads on. They know the details they just are not yet talking about them.

    2. I hope it’s not that guy that does those Nintendo Treehouse videos with Krista (if that’s her name). He has no personality.

    1. Great, make me sad about this again… I totally need to re-watch some of the “Iwata tributes”, but I could never find one that covered all my favorite Iwata moments. He was truly amazing…

  1. The ghost of Iwata-san. Now thats a nice notion. Now if we can get this Nintendo Commander clown or whatever the hell he calls himself at the end of a noose then the universe may finally be at peace.

    1. I don’t think hanging would do the job unfortunately. It’d probably just make him pissed off at the sub-human hominids that can’t make good rope these days.

        1. Nintendo Commander Mar-Vell

          The original Nintendo Commander will rise again! I, am merely a humble soldier in his army. We are RISING UP!!!

                          1. Couldnt tell you. I have no info on him. Maybe that’s what we need is someone who hasn’t been in the spotlight for years already.

                              1. I must be out of touch. I never knew there were mini directs.

                                Well, knowledge can be power, so i will now go expand my mind

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                                2. The new 3ds is just a console that puts together the extra bits of the old 3ds so you don’t have a bunch of clunky bits

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                                    1. Well, whoever the host is, it’s probably not going to be kimishima. That guy might be a good president(we’ll see) but he’s not exactly charismatic

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