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The Xenoblade Chronicles X Special Edition Is Up At GameStop

Those of you in the United States who were hoping to get your hands on the Xenoblade Chronicles X Special Edition are in luck as GameStop is advertising it as in stock. The reader that sent this tip in mentioned that it took them several tries to get the order to complete, but they were successful. So you may need some perseverance but the end result will be worth it. Xenoblade Chronicles X launches in both North America and Europe on December 4th.

Thanks, Durpdurpdurp

21 thoughts on “The Xenoblade Chronicles X Special Edition Is Up At GameStop”

    1. It went up about 6 days ago and sold out shortly. I don’t know how long it’s been since they’ve restocked it, however, but since it’s currently sold out on both Amazon and Newegg, and since they don’t charge you until it actually ships (or you pick it up in store), it might not hurt to pre-order now in case it does become increasingly harder to find after this.

      As noted in the article, you may have some difficulty as the website is either experiencing issues or a high influx of traffic. When submitting the order, you could get an error message telling you that the order didn’t go through and to try again or call their 1-800 number. If you do the latter, you’ll be on hold for upwards of 30 minutes or more, so I just decided to keep submitting the order until it finally went through.

                1. People may hate me, but I don’t think theres enough there to justify an extra 30 dollars. Thats a full 3ds game. I’d rather buy Xenoblade and Triforce Heroes.

                  1. It all depends on what value you hold for certain things. For me, I’m a huge art book collector, so I’d easily pay 20-30 bucks just for the book, while some people may find the custom usb drive to be a driving reason to get it. Even if one only wants one of the extras, I don’t think it would be difficult to sell the others after the fact on ebay to make up for it.

                  2. Nintendo Lieutenant Cereza

                    Preordered. It’s been awhile since I spent over $100 on a game. I have vague memories of my organic self within childhood. My Dad bought me on Turok 2 seeds of Evil when it was new. It was $90 back then. N64 games were expensive. It really felt like it was worth it. No games at the time displayed at such a crips 640×480 resolution. @_@ But none of those memories matter now.

                  3. N64 games WERE expensive! But they were often kick -ass also. So many amazing games back then… I still have most of them!

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