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Here’s Pokemon Envisioned As Mecha


Talented artist Deranged Hyena has posted five rather impressive depictions of Pokemon envisioned as mecha. There’s five pieces of majestic artwork to check out and some of them look rather fearsome as you might expect.

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Thanks, MasterPikachu6

22 thoughts on “Here’s Pokemon Envisioned As Mecha”

  1. In truth it be dope to have a starter robots structure like this in real life. Like imagine a robotics Pokemon you can feed scrap to gain the nurtment it body would need to evolve, battles other traibers to level up gain move’s evolve futher.. Blastoise all day tho

      1. This is nice and all but I hope you guys are asking permission before reposting art or you’re reposting stuff from an artist that doesn’t mind reposting with credit.

      2. Officifer Skeletons420♣

        Lol, the comments are so Golden its great. Speaks volumes for these types of articles. I mean, who doesn’t love every damn form of Pokemon? But this contributes nothing to the Wii U or it’s progression.

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