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EDGE Magazine Lists The 100 Greatest Video Games Of All-Time

Respected gaming publication EDGE magazine has listed what they deem to be the 100 greatest video games of all-time. This is a revised list as I’m sure you are aware that they have produced such lists in the past. What’s interesting about this list is the inclusion of recent titles such as Super Mario 3D World and Bloodborne. Without further ado here’s EDGE magazine’s top 100 games.

100 – WarioWare Inc – GBA
99 – Spec Ops: The Line
98 – Papers, Please
97 – DriveClub
96 – Braid
95 – Super Hexagon
94 – Her Story
93 – Super Monkey Ball
92 – Final Fantasy XII
91 – Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time
90 – Katamari Damacy
89 – Animal Crossing: New Leaf
88 – Resogun
87 – Puzzle Bobble
86 – F-Zero GX
85 – The Sims 3
84 – R-Type Final
83 – Elite: Dangerous
82 – Bomberman
81 – Starcraft II
80 – Pac-Man Championship Edition
79 – BioShock
78 – CoD 4: Modern Warfare
77 – Puzzle & Dragons
76 – Tearaway
75 – League of Legends
74 – Super Meat Boy
73 – Xenoblade Chronicles
72 – Titanfall
71 – Outrun 2006: Coast 2 Coast
70 – Left 4 Dead 2
69 – Counter-Strike Global Offensive
68 – Civilization IV
67 – Rez
66 – Battlefield 4
65 – Metroid Prime
64 – Hearthstone
63 – Castlevania SotN
62 – Limbo
61 – Towerfall: Ascension
60 – Earthbound
59 – Batman: Arkham Knight
58 – Transistor
57 – Puyo Puyo
56 – FTL Advanced Edition
55 – Persona 4 Golden
54 – Mass Effect 2
53 – Okami
52 – The Stanley Parable
51 – XCOM: Enemy Unknown
50 – Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate
49 – The Witcher III
48 – Far Cry 4
47 – LittleBigPlanet 3
46 – Trials Fusion
45 – Nidhogg
44 – Fez
43 – Super Mario 3D World
42 – Journey
41 – Fire Emblem: Awakening
40 – Dead Space
39 – Dota 2
38 – Vanquish
37 – Super Mario Maker
36 – Shadow of the Colossus
35 – Halo 3
34 – Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask
33 – Spelunky HD
32 – Destiny
31 – Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past
30 – Kerbal Space Program
29 – Dishonored
28 – Splatoon
27 – Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker
26 – Rock Band 3
25 – Skyrim
24 – Drop7
23 – Uncharted 2
22 – Ico
21 – Super Metroid
20 – Demon’s Souls
19 – Advance Wars
18 – Mario Kart 8
17 – Ultra Street Fighter IV
16 – MGS V: The Phantom Pain
15 – Super Mario World
14 – Red Dead Redemption
13 – Super Mario 64
12 – Portal
11 – Bayonetta 2
10 – Minecraft
9 – Resident Evil 4
8 – Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time
7 – Super Mario Galaxy 2
6 – Tetris
5 – Half-Life 2
4 – Bloodborne
3 – The Last of Us
2 – GTA V
1 – Dark Souls

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80 thoughts on “EDGE Magazine Lists The 100 Greatest Video Games Of All-Time”

    1. Nanananananana CAPSMAN!! To be honest, The Sims really isn’t that bad. Maybe it’s not your cup of tea. And it may be the ultimate “bashing-game”. But it’s still entertaining, I rather play The Sims than one of the top 3 games listed. I know EA is involved, it’s still expensive and contains bugs. But I would include atleast one of The Sims games in my top 100.

        1. it’s just their list.
          and what do you tell me about the gamers who deny the superiority of pc gaming?. i do not think such people even exist, hahaha!

          1. PC Master Race Agent Narud

            ||Your ignorance is typical for your kind, young prodigal, you can’t possibly understand the supremacy of gaming……

                  1. LOL. take a cookie, pal. You won the internet today.
                    First: i do not have nothing against pc gaming, why?, you know the answer, son.
                    Second: I did not know you are of those gamers that took gaming so seriously!
                    come on, keep your words about console gaming, i find it entertaining.
                    Now you are the clown of the court.

                  2. Nintendo Tetrarch Quadramus-NX

                    >>>The empire kind of course, he is too high on his PC clouds to even see that the empire will not surrender>>>

                    1. I do not see myself defending pc gaming or console gaming. it’s not worth my time and energy. I find funny how he thinks console gaming is inferior and takes time to say the pc master race is superior as if it his goal in life.

                      1. If a game is good, the game is good. It shouldn’t matter which platform you play it on. There’s always going to be a bunch of games on a console that are really good. And occasionally a console can take that away from a game…

                      2. Nintendo Sub-Commander Cereza

                        I know Nintendo will always exist in some capacity or another. But I wonder where us Villians would end up if we were to lose our rank due to a collapsed empire. (Which will never happen)

                                1. The swiss army knife has yet to make screwdrivers, files, cork screws, or basic knives extinct, nor has the DVD player gotten rid of theaters. I’m confident PC could rob the industry of a company that continues to turn a profit with it’s dedicated machine. Sometimes you want and need something made specifically to do one thing to do that thing the best.

                                  An all around machine like a PC, while capable of nice things, can never out do something made to do one thing exceptionally well in one particular way.

                                1. AoE2, my thoughts exactly! I guess the person who made the list doesn’t like RTS, no Company of Heroes, no Warcraft 3, no Rome: Total War, even Battle for Middle-Earth deserves a place on this list.

                                        1. How do you compare Golden Axe to Bayonetta? How do you solve the genre-based bias that makes some reviewers completely forget about whole genres of games when making these lists (musical and dungeon-crawlers, for example)?

                                          There’s just too many variables to account for when working with videogame genres. They’re hardly defined at all to begin with, and then there’s the games that blend more than one type of gameplay into a single experience, or those that don’t fit into any current genre.

                                          As I said, too much of a hassle.

                                      1. Splatoon at number 28?! Im like one of the hugest fans of that game, but calling it the 28th best game of all time?! That’s insane! Also Destiny?! Who made this! Im not the biggest Destiny fan, but i think we can all agree it’s just an “ok” game. This list is insane…

                                      2. I don’ agree with the top 3, Dark Souls maybe the only one who deserves a spot there. RE4 in the top 10, really? :p And of all the Battlefield-games ever made, they went for BF4.
                                        It’s an interesting list, but nothing more.

                                        1. Say what you will about how well does it fare as a sequel, but you really can’t deny that RE4 redefined the action genre as we know it. It’s nothing short of one of the most influential games of all time. Just take a look at how many titles used the over-the-shoulder camera angle before it and compare it to how many titles do it now.

                                          1. I never stated that RE4 is a bad game, cause I’ve played it a lot. :D I just don’t think it’s a top 10 game, if you get to choose between all the games ever made. Unless if the list was a top 10 of survival horrors, it would surely belong in the top 3.

                                        2. Metroid Prime and Xenoblade Chronicles are ranked way too low for my taste. Also I’m quite surprised that the only Final Fantasy in the list is FFXII. It’s undoubtedly a great game and gameplay-wise it may even be the best Final Fantasy so far, but knowing Final Fantasy fans, I was much more expecting games like FFVII, FFX or even FFVI to be somewhere in that list. Just think of all the people claiming FFVII to be “the best game of all time”.

                                          The list is pretty well mixed up, though, I give it that. It contains games from many different platforms and generations. Still I feel that it doesn’t represent the majority of gamers well, but I guess that wasn’t the point in the first place.

                                            1. FFX was the second-best selling Final Fantasy so far, surpassed only by FFVII. Of course, the sales say nothing about the quality of the game (as can be perfectly seen by FFXIII), but I always felt like the game’s general reception was more on the positive side. Though I have to admit that FFX was my favorite Final Fantasy game so far, so maybe my perception is biased in this case, can’t say for sure. Haven’t heard a lot of people talk badly about the game, though.

                                            2. The thing people need to focus on is the amount of Nintendo games on the list, which is a lot, and not which place they’re ranked. .

                                            3. There are some really smart inclusions on the list, but then there are some really dumb ones too. It’s really modern orientated. Limbo, The Stanley Parable, Titanfall, Destiny, Hearthstone, and Tearaway are just obvious dumb inclusions that I noticed on a quick skim read of the list. Even a game like Splatoon is rated way too highly. Meanwhile, as for one glaring omission, where is Sonic the Hedgehog 2, one of the most iconic games of all time?

                                              When you do these best of all-time lists, I think you have to be really careful putting games that were released in the last year or two in. It’s only in the fullness of time I feel where you see which games have true staying power, which is why I would never argue with Tetris being rated so highly.

                                              NB. The original Super Mario Galaxy also clearly deserves a place in the list, and very high, but I can tell from the list that they didn’t like to include too many from any one particular series.

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                                              2. There is not a single Pokemon game on this list… Shenanigans. Neither is Team Fortress 2.

                                                Also F-Zero GX, Xenoblade Chronicles, Majora’s Mask and FE Awakening are way too low on this list.

                                                And why is Splatoon up at 28? Yeah, it’s brilliant, but it doesn’t deserve to be that close to the top.

                                              3. I understand, that it’s good to gain some traffic, controversy, discussion, love, hate and whatsoever to try and rank completely different videogames from completely different eras altogether into those superlinear 100 positions. But I also understand that it cannot ever work. It’s like asking ‘what’s your favorite music’ and the answer is ‘there’s too much good music out there and everyone who knows music understands so fuck off!!’.
                                                EDGE really makes a joke of itself by publishing something like this. I understand that Rolling Stone Magazine, NY Times and so on also do kep publishing lists of best graphic novels, best movies of the millennium, but that doesn’t necessarily justify doing it. For everyone typing such a list, it’s gotta be clear that this can’t never be something objective. Just so wrong.

                                              4. Wait does the article even say these are in order? And just remember that this list belongs to one mindset or that of a similar group. The top 100 to one person could just include maybe 10 of another person’s top 100.

                                              5. HollowGrapeJ (The Legendary Video Game Master And Anime Wizard)

                                                I’m alright with this list. It doesn’t have all my favorite games on it, but it does have some that I like at least.

                                              6. Xenorogue Master Ridley X3

                                                Splatoon is definitely way too high on this list. It’s higher than Majora’s Mask, Xenoblade Chronicles, FFVII (which isn’t even on the list), FFVI, FFX (more games not even on the list.) Okay. I officially hate this list. So many games way better than Splatoon that are way too low on this list.

                                                1. Xenorogue Master Ridley X3

                                                  In fact, compared to some, if not most, of games on this list, Splatoon doesn’t even hold a candle to some of them.

                                              7. Overall it’s a decent list, but it’s missing a lot of All-Time classics. Where’s…
                                                Donkey Kong Country?
                                                Any Pokémon game at all?
                                                Super Mario RPG, Paper Mario or TTYD?
                                                Diablo 2?
                                                Crash Bandicoot 2?
                                                Deus Ex or Deus Ex: Human Revolution?
                                                Cave Story?
                                                Yoshi’s Island?

                                                I’m glad to see Bayonetta 2, Wind Waker, Mario Kart 8 and Splatoon, but where’s Smash 4? There should be at least one Smash Bros.

                                                There’s a lot of trash “flavor of the month” games in there too.

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                                              9. Games like Grand Theft Auto are such a bad influence on society in every bad way imaginable that it shouldn’t even be allowed on this list (or ANY lists). I played it and liked it, but man…..the foul language got SOOOOOOO tiresome and out of control. There’s no excuse for putting so much F words in any game. Aside from just that, this list looks like complete CRAP! There’s several games on it that I never even heard of.

                                              10. Bayonetta 2 at number 11?! I mean, as much as I love the game, the experience hasn’t really felt long-lasting… It’s one of those games that you play at launch because you rode the hype train, but a couple weeks after you beat, you’re already riding the hype train to something else…

                                                1. I’m totally with you sir!!! I too love SPLATOON! But for a relatively new game to make it to #26 out of 100 on “The Greatest Games of All Time” list.
                                                  & For the record… Dark Souls is cool as hell! But at #1 as Greatest Game of All Time? Yeah Right!!!

                                              11. These games truly deserve to be on this list…but…not in this order!!
                                                I enjoy Dark Souls but it’s no way near being #1. Just like I love Warioware INC & it deserves to be a hell of alot higher than last place #100!!

                                                & let me just say I’ve been reading the fore mentioned comments & “I COMMEND NEARLY ALL OF YOU GUYS!”
                                                These comments are ON POINT for a change. Good Stuff Guys!!! & Great Article NWR!!

                                              12. It’s strange that they list, of all the games in the world, Dark Souls #1. I was not expecting that. And even Bloodborne is in the top 5. That’s two of the same type of game in the top 5. Seems that their love of that “hard game” genre got to the best of them while making this list.

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