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Nintendo UK Is Giving Out A Free Download Code For Happy Home Designer Delays

Today is the release date for Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer in the UK, and unfortunately the Nintendo UK store has experienced order delays, resulting in some customers not receiving their copy on time.

Luckily, Nintendo has been distributing a free download copy of the game to the customers affected, so that they can still play the game whilst they wait for their physical release to be shipped. These customers will also be eligible for a free pack of amiibo cards via a redeemable code to use on the Nintendo store.

Here’s the email from Nintendo:

“Thank you for pre-ordering Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer with the Nintendo Official UK Store.

Regrettably there has been a delay in the dispatch of your order which means this is unlikely to be arriving with you today.

We fully appreciate that this must be very disappointing; as a gesture of goodwill we would like to provide you with a code to allow you to download the game from the Nintendo eShop so you begin creating stylish new homes for your Animal Crossing friends as soon as possible.

The physical product will be on the way today if not already, keep an eye out for the dispatch notification email for further details.

Your download code is: XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

As an additional gesture you can redeem the code below at the Nintendo Official UK store for a free pack of the Animal Crossing amiibo cards, just add them to your basket then enter the code at checkout.

Your amiibo card code is: XXXXXXXXXXXX”

Hopefully the orders will be shipped soon, but at least those affected can still enjoy the game on release day.

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12 thoughts on “Nintendo UK Is Giving Out A Free Download Code For Happy Home Designer Delays”

  1. Alright, but what if the people affected simply decide to return the physical copy, now that they’ve gotten a free digital download? Would they still get their money back? lmao

      1. I’d think so too, but considering the consumers didn’t actually have to agree to get the digital copy, but instead were given the game just like that with no questions asked, it’s difficult to think of a way Nintendo could “undo” the whole thing after the code for the download has actually been redeemed already. And as far as I know, you always have the right to return a product that’s been bought online within a certain time period, as long as it wasn’t used or bought off a private seller. That’s how it is where I live, at least.
        But yea, Nintendo is a huge business, I’m sure they know how to make these kinda things work, as you’ve said. It just made me wonder. :)

    1. Sometimes, I wish that NoA could be more like Nintendo UK. Nintendo UK got better MK8 free games, their Club Nintendo got MUCH better physical rewards, and now they’re giving players free digital codes when their physical game orders are backed up. I have a feeling though that Japanese Nintendo fans must get it even better than both Nintendo UK and NoA combined, and I don’t even know about it.

      1. Not just better- they got more to choose from. I ended up getting Wii Party U to play with friends, but… I don’t have any friends regularly available to play it with.

        Damn you Game Grumps for making it look like the best free download.

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