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Check Out The New Extended Trailer For Project X Zone 2

The latest trailer for Project X Zone 2 offers an extensive look at what the forthcoming Nintendo 3DS crossover sequel has to offer. Developed by Monolith Soft, the game gives players the chance to play as characters from a multitude of celebrated franchises such as Sakura Wars, Virtua Fighter, Resident Evil, Megaman, Devil May Cry, Tekken, Tales of Vesperia, Xenoblade, Street Fighter and much more. Project X Zone 2 launches next month in Japan, followed by a February 2016 release in North America and Europe.

7 thoughts on “Check Out The New Extended Trailer For Project X Zone 2”

  1. Rogue Master XenoRidley X3

    It’s pretty cool that Monolith Soft, a dev company owned by Nintendo nowadays, is making a game with mostly Bandai Namco & Capcom characters. Speaking of Bandai Namco, they should re-release the Xenosaga games to a Nintendo console at some point. Since Xenoblade Chronicles did well outside of Japan & if Xenoblade Chronicles X does just as well outside of Japan, the Xenosaga games being re-released on a Nintendo console could probably do well if they are updated into HD.

    1. That would be amazing, but isn’t Square the owner of Xenosaga? I might be mistaken here but I thought they wanted to make a remastered trilogy for the PS3/4/Vita a while back. Either way, a remaster version of that game is really needed. Also Xenogears, that game was so good.

      1. Rogue Master XenoRidley X3

        I think you’re getting Xenogears mixed up with Xenosaga. Last I read, Square Enix owns Xenogears while Bandai Namco owns Xenosaga. I could be wrong.

  2. Loved the first one, so I’ll be all over this and DBZ Butoden. I wish people would do more of these type of mashup games.

    Those will be my 3DS games for the time being, somewhat interested in Tri Force Heroes, but I’m worried it’s going to be as easy as A Link Between Worlds was. It was a great game, but it was so dumbed down.

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