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A New Super Mario Bros World Record Has Been Set

Fans of the speedrunning community may have heard that the current world record for the original Super Mario Bros has been smashed by a few milliseconds. The previous world record, set by i_o_l was 4:57.69 while the new record, completed by user Darbian, was polished off at 4:57.627. Check out the YouTube footage of it below:

Not only did Darbian beat the world record, he believes he can also shave a few more milliseconds off his time. For a more technical explanation on how (and explanations on the exploits used), check out the reddit post below.

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13 thoughts on “A New Super Mario Bros World Record Has Been Set”

    1. Just making an input here: That’s cause this is a specific type of run they do. There’s a warp pipes one, and there’s a warpless one. The current warpless record is 19 minutes, 9 seconds, and 839ms. You can find these types of listings on

      1. Yea I know, I get it. People from my generation we’re doing this before it was a thing though. I’ve beat the game with warps and without. I was actually just playing it this morning…

        Idk, to be fair I’m not a big fan of runner’s and it almost feels like that’s what the game has turned into. Good info though!


          1. Oh most definitely, I don’t consider it a runner because when I first played it I found secrets and then wanted to find them all. But you’re right. It evolved into another type of play. It’s all good.


        1. Yes, I was doing it back in the day because we were only permitted 20 or 30 (been a long time) minutes of game play per person so I would warp zone my way to the more challenging aka fun levels.

  1. Unless I watched someone playing this while they were sitting right next to me, I will never believe videos like these. He’s basically even touching some of the enemies and not even losing a life. And NOBODY can keep running and jumping flawlessly without even hitting a block to slow them down. I just don’t believe this.

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