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Target Black Friday: Get Splatoon & Smash Bros Wii U Bundle For $250


Popular US retailer Target’s Black Friday advertisement has leaked and there’s a number of lucrative offers to be taken advantage of. The big one is the Super Smash Bros and Splatoon 32GB Wii U Deluxe Bundle which the retailer will be selling for $250, which isn’t a bad price. If you are in the market for a New Nintendo 3DS XL then you can grab one for £179.99. Here’s a sample of what’s on offer this year at Target on Black Friday.



      1. black friday in Uk is ridiculous people were fighting in the supermarket (such as tesco, asda or even games) and it was pretty nasty. Hope this year nintendo will do better than last year (well it’s not difficult to be honest)

        1. >>>There is nothing more amusing than watching human cattle killing each other over things they don’t even need>>>

          1. Uh, what? I said a $200 bundle would get me to consider buying. The bundle is $250. What the fuck are YOU talking about? How about some reading comprehension first?

    1. Nintendo sells reberb WiiU’s, that come in a box, full warranty, looks new, and comes with Nintendo land for $200. It’s a great deal. If someone wanted Smash and splatoon, this deal is actually better. If you take away either game, you’re looking at a $200 bundle.

      1. I prefer my tech new, regardless of the warranty. I’d rather trust a brand new item. Even with a warranty, it means I’d still have to send it in for repair or go through other hoops if something did happen. I also have zero interest in Nintendoland – and I’m specifically referring to the bundle mentioned here – meaning Splatoon and Smash with the console for $200 is what would get me to buy it.

    2. Oh wait. I already got a Wii U but I don’t’ blame you. At this point, the Wii U’s price sweet spot is 200 bucks. Sadly, only the refurbs go for that price. :/

  1. Gamestops Black Friday Nintendo Wii U deal is a joke! The system sells for only $279 while the PS4 packed with Drakes Uncharted & the Xbox 1 packed with Gears of War Remasteted sells BOTH SELLS FOR $299 each!!

    Now…If. I had to choose I’d had to go with the latter! Sorry Nintendo.

  2. Now that I think about it, that’s a nice deal when you take into account the Wii U is 300 bucks while both of those games are 60 bucks each. With taxes added, you are saving around 120-150 bucks.

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