Nintendo Stock Back On The Rise Following Miitomo Fallout

Not everyone was so happy after Nintendo announced their first smartphone game, Miitomo — specifically the investors. As you may remember, following the Miitomo announcement from Tatsumi Kimishima, Nintendo stock plummeted to the lowest point in Kimishima-san’s tenure as president. However, a week has passed and it seems like the fallout from the incident is subsiding — Nintendo stock is on the rise again, spiking within the past day. Check a look at the financial charts below for the last three months:

Nintendo Stock


      1. This is going to be my best comment in my tenure of MNN and no one will ever see it.

        Edit: With this many likes, I am clearly wrong.

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      2. Personally it looks pretty interesting to me. But we don’t really know much about it so it’s hard to say. It should be the only non- game, because it’s the only free to play, the rest are pay to download. (Talking about the first five, not every Ninetendo app ever.)

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      1. Since when the E3 is in March, we wont hear a thing of the NX until then and it wont be released until much later in 2016 or 2017, we got a lot more of Wii U, wether you like it or not.


    1. Here is the long and short of it — stock shows investor confidence. When it goes up, people believe that the company is doing well and are buying stock. When it dips, people are afraid of their investments and selling their shares.

      So what to look for is the news on those days. During the Wii era, stock was around $70 a share — now we are around $20.

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