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NWR Calculates That Xenoblade Chronicles X’s Open World Is Bigger Than Fallout 4, Skyrim And Witcher 3

Nintendo World Report has put together a video clip demonstrating how the Xenoblade Chronicles X open world is bigger than those in Skyrim, Fallout 4, and Witcher 3 combined.

Infact, the reporter calculated that you could fit Fallout 4’s open world inside Xenoblade Chronicles X five times, the same comparison with Witcher 3 was that it could fit inside the title three times.

In the video, the reporter compares the open world of Xenoblade Chronicles X against Skyrim. The Skyrim map was crossed by his character in 20-25 minutes, with a much slower moving character than the reporters Xenoblade comparison. In the same time in Xenoblade Chronicles X, with a faster moving character, there was still plenty of world to explore.

The video quotes that the Skyrim map is roughly 37 km2 whereas Xenoblade Chronicles X map is around 400 km2. So in short, the Xenoblade Chronicles X map is huge, check it out for yourself below:

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98 thoughts on “NWR Calculates That Xenoblade Chronicles X’s Open World Is Bigger Than Fallout 4, Skyrim And Witcher 3”

      1. Xenoblade X is about you venturing an alien planet ofc there wouldn’t be as much houses because basically you and your colony are the last surviving presence of humanity and Xenoblade’s open space is filled with scenery

      2. not really. Other open worlds are far more detailed. X’s open world seems to be quite cool, but if you’ve played Xenoblade Chronicles and maybe add a bit more enemies and more to do, it’s still quite vast compared to the other examples here. Fallout 3 for example doesn’t really offer a huge open world, but theres so insanely much to do, so much to find and often you can solve quests in different ways plus the quests aren’t just like ‘kill 3 enemies of that type to automatically get 1500G’. It’s a different kind of game, so Xenoblade would be a very boring game if it wouldn’t come up with more than the size of a regular RPG. It’s just designed to be big. Wich is a nice thing. But I’m a bit scared to go by foot though. Flying on the other hand seems to be one hell of an amazing experience. I wish Nintendo could’ve pushed that feature more and make it better understandable for the mainstream audiences because for what I’ve seen, that’s really something they could promote.

        1. Yea, but heres the thing, Xenoblade was not meant for the mainstream. Is a niche title made for hardcore jrpg fans. Fallout 4 was made for the mainstream. It’s mainstream friendly. Xenoblade is not mainstream friendly. It’s a different game, a different type of rpg than fallout or other western rpg’s. There’s stuff to do in each hexagon of Xeno’s world map, it’s just different than fallout 4 things. Fallout 4’s story is created by the player. No person will have the exact same experience. Xenoblade is very scripted, and everyone will experience the same story….. Which one is better is purely subjective…

          1. sure, in general I totall agree. Both games in general are just very different experiences with different audiences. Although I wouldn’t really say it’s meant to be a niche title. Final Fantasy is kinda targeting a similar audience and still manages to be a worldwide working brand and assuming that X’s development was quite expensive, I guess Nintendo was really hoping that it would generate more money.

            Or I guess they knew that it wouldn’t be the superpopular game but expected the WiiU to sell at least 50% of the Wii’s lifetime sales and calculated that a game like X should work out with such an userbase. Anyways, it’s not like X is some little indiegame. Fallout surely is the far more accessible one. I personally don’t even think it’s a matter of taste or opinion to say which one’s the better game. I’m just going to play through both of them and I guess I’ll going to value both concepts and especially the fact that both games are so different, they really offer different experiences.

            If I’d play the Skyrim and Witcher 3 then I might get bored sooner or later as both games have far more in common. It’s just great that there are still different experiences available in a world full of compromises and convergences.

                1. Exactly. I don’t get how people who have been following this game for a while now, see that the world WON’T be empty, then when its confirmed to be bigger than other games, they start saying it will be empty… It’s pissing me off… How many videos are there on YouTube of the game since it came out in Japan? And people STILL think it will be empty…

                2. I don’t get you… You’ve been following this game (I’m assuming) and you’ve already seen how this world is not empty at all… So why say that it will be empty all of a sudden now that its been confirmed that its bigger than other games?

                1. But while you might stumble upon about 10 enemies on that distance in X, Fallout might have quite a lot more going on. And that’s ok for both games. I don’t need Fallout to be focusing on being HUGE as well as I don’t need Xenoblade to be focusing on being superdetailed. Both games have just different concepts and it would be boring if every game would be designed in the same way. X is meant to be explored with a Mecha as well. Would be kinda boring if the Map would only be as huge as F4’s map while F4 would be insanely frustrating with a Map as huge as X.

              1. It’s a JRPG. So huge open world, sure! Huge open world with meaningful content all around like Skyrim, Witcher 3 and Fallout 4? Not gonna happen.

                Don’t get my wrong Xenoblade is/will be great. But the world size means nothing if it doesn’t have meaning beyond that size.

                1. I was gonna say the same thing. I love Xenoblade, and X looks interesting. I bet the world is going to be gorgeous just like in Xenoblade. It’s awesome that’s it’s a massive world, but I just hope that there’s plenty to do in it.

                      1. Lol no, it was either that or “really really really really really really unlikely”. It’s just me looking at every other open world JRPG in existence. You can easily see the trend that those games tend to not have that much meaningful content in their open world, and more based around using that open world to get from one specific area to the next at your leisure.

                        1. Why would he not want it to be better? It sounds like he is interested in the game, so why wouldn’t he want a game he’s probably going to buy to be as good as possible?
                          Sorry, but that’s kind of a silly thing to say, imo.
                          He’s just being realistic, and basing his statement on generally known facts (as in, the worlds of The Witcher, Skyrim and Fallout all offering a LOT to do, making good use of the size of their worlds). All he’s saying is that it might be unlikely for Xenoblade X to use its map size at its full potential, and proprortionally as efficiently as the other games do, and world size indeed doesn’t mean much if there isn’t enough to do. There’s nothing to get offended by about that.

                            1. “Not gonna happen”.
                              The size of the social link chart, and the quests that will stem from it, on top of the many different things each hexagonal section of each continent has both on the ground and in the higher islands and cliffside secret areas, says you’re wrong.
                              And that’s before factoring in online quests with buddies, and building up all of your party’s different classes and weaponry.

                              I’m gonna call it now; it’ll be a bigger and BETTER RPG than the others in terms of content.

                                1. They’ve already detailed it.
                                  For the first half, you’re linked up into a group with 32 other players worldwide, then all of you work together towards completing 6 or 7 specific requests, which are all activated at the same time and displayed in a bar along the bottom of the screen,within a certain time frame. (you can use either the game pads digikeyboard or an actual one to communicate)
                                  Let’s say one of the objectives is to find and defeat a certain enemy a certain number of times; anyone in that 32 person group that defeats the enemy type listed for the quest, makes the counter for the quest go down for everyone.

                                  This first type is enabled automatically just by being online in the game, but you don’t have to participate.
                                  Matter of fact, even if you don’t, you’ll still get a reward, so long as the rest of the group effort clears all the objectives.

                                  Oh, and yes, you CAN trade stuff with other players, too.

                                  The second type is basically raid battles against World Bosses, supermassive creatures, alongside three other players.

                                1. Now what makes you say that? Xenoblade Chronicles was an amazing game, and I can tell that this game will be just as or better than Xenoblade Chronicles. The only reason Xenoblade Chronicles didn’t sell very well was because it was never released in North America, and the game came out so late in the Wii’s lifespan.

                                  1. Probably because not many people own a Wii U, especially in comparsion to the Wii. Not to mention, xenoblade isn’t a widely known franchise. Compared to the success of skyrim, the huge advertising of witcher 3, and all the hype surrounding Fallout 4, its kinda hard to think that xenoblade X is going to sell. Maybe in Japan, but definitely not in america. Not even mentioning the whole “weeaboo” turn-off people who own Wii U’s in the first place. Finally, if your like me, this genre isn’t my thing unfortunately, so I personally won’t be picking it up. The game could be goty or better and could still sell poorly. (ppe

                                    1. it actually did came out for north america, the problem was it came out late in the wii;s lifespan as you said and noa was dead-set on not localizing it for na. it was a pain to find a copy under $60 usd as almost every copy was $100+ usd. you are also right in not selling well but i think it mostly affected na, eu sold more i think.

                                      1. No Man’s Sky only has that pointless stuff (even if it’s much more in quantity than this) and there are still lots of poeple excited for it so your comment might actually get some poeple jealous

                                      1. What are you waiting for? XC is amazing from start to finish. I’m on my second playthrough on the 3DS version, only entering endgame now and I’m over 125 hours in.

                                        If you have the will to put in the hours, you’ll enjoy it.

                                        1. IF you have the will to finish, it is oe of the hardest games to pick up after playing for a while, i bought mine late 2013 (nov or dec) (after pirating since i wanted to see how good the game was), a pain to find for under $60 usd but worth it to me. played it for a few months then stopped, i did finish the game some time in late aug of this year so you could say it took me almost 2 years to beat.

                                        2. What amazed me, is the story got better and better. I kept waiting for it to fizxle out and get boring, but the exact opposite happened.
                                          I’m sure X eill be the same!

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                                      3. All those of games were made by western developers and didn’t like any of them, i seriously don’t like western games they are boring, As this a japanese games always better and nothing beats them, if this game came on ps4 it will be popular than all of them games as it’s Wiiu they are many people with this console so it’s obvious won’t be popular as them, The open world with huge size it’s bit amazing can this be true only way to find out by playing this game, this game will be best of 2015, trust me this is game everyone should play to see beautiful glorious high definition graphics with big mechs this will have lot of action, rock ‘n’ roll Wiiu.

                                          1. You’ve been following this game right? And you’ve seen the world and how it WON’T be empty… There’s tons of shit to do… I don’t you people. This game is gonna have a lot to do it in it in the world too. The people saying it won’t has already seen the world and how it has monsters in it yet they still come to the same retarded conclusion that it won’t… THAT MAKES NO FUCKING SENSE!!!! YOU ALREADY SAW IT WITH YOUR OWN DAMN EYES YET Y’ALL SO DAMN FUCKING STUPID

                                                  1. What are you on about empty it’s big world to explore you can’t every corner with enemies the game is bit different to others adventuring in big world not looking around for so many enemies in this huge world, once there are enemies then there is lot of them from small to big dinosaurs to fight and with the skells makes the games more interesting you are just looking for to much to do in this game, the game is has beautiful graphics and does top battle system like class used for man and skell uses own weapons which is kinda cool, we will see how well this game will do and how many people will enjoy this exclusive Wiiu title.

                                                    1. i dont need proof that the game will not just be a big empty world (if its true which it isn’t) to convince me to buy the game which i am, had it pre-ordered since july (or june or whenever they announced that the game was up for pre-order).

                                                  1. Day one and of course there are things to do there are side quests, collectibles, monsters to fight, new places to explore, and I’m sure much more now how often you will be doing those things depend on you I will be grinding like crazy in the beginning of the game I won’t start the story until I’m level 10 to 20 possibly more and of course I will be collecting a lot of collectibles and finding new places etc etc

                                                  2. Space means nothing if everything is spread out between massive empty spots, and you have a huge vehicle that makes the size of the map seem much smaller….

                                                  3. Larger than Skyrim, Fallout 4, and The Witcher 3? Nooo that can’t be………I thought the Wii U was too underpowered to pull off such a feat. Oh well……smh

                                                    1. I don’t think this is a feat of power as much as content. The game uses some sophisticated compression and is nearly 25 gigs. For a WiiU game, that’s huge! The graphics don’t look near as good as other next gen systems, but it’s HD, so that means no jaggies, which is good enough for me!

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                                                  5. I hope we get the Dolls semi-early. I can’t wait to just joyride in the air, enjoying the scenery at different times of the day.

                                                  6. Question why is everyone happy? If it showed it’s gonna have more content then both of those games,then i would be excited. But as of right now it doesn’t it’s just bigger. Bigger doesn’t always mean better in open world games.

                                                    1. Yeah, no.
                                                      Anyone who’s been following the game and knows how big the various bits are and how much they give you to do.
                                                      Social links with your party and with the many citizens of New L.A., and related back-story quests for all of the over 20 different party members, setting out different kinds of waymarkers, joining one of the different “guilds” for advancing specific areas quicker, such as Skell equipment research, while also getting a different permanent buff, fighting off Overed’s and partying up for group quests and World Bosses, leveling and advancing your skills and those of the over 20 different team members you can recruit, ALL of that is just SCRATCHING the surface.

                                                      Watching a video of someone running over the land and doing nothing else, then saying there’s “nothing to do in this huge empty world” is woefully ignorant at best, and dishonest trolling at worst.

                                                      We’re happy because it WILL have tons to do, in a world bigger than all of those games.

                                                      1. So in the end it’s a normal open world RPG game. Don’t ever give me a fucking long ass post like this.And please play other games besides the ones that don’t have Nintendo on them. In before you say “I play other games!”

                                                          1. You have a main hub meaning LA like every other RPG. You get Quests there. You go to the world and finish that quest you go back and do it again. Like alot of RPG games you only get content is when you go to the main hub and accept quests. Now in this one you get many hubs like every RPG out there and like the first Xenoblade game.

                                                          2. No, it’s a great open-world RPG filled with tons more to do than haters like you ever want to give it credit for, and if you can’t handle a detailed response that calls you out on your idiocy, then shut your fat mouth and sit the fuck down before you ever dare to speak up.
                                                            Also, your inb4 is just defensive bullshit because you know you’ve got no legitimate point; I’ve been playing Ar Tonelico, Ratchet&Clank, and many more NON-Nintendo games since the day I got my PS2 way back when KH1 released.

                                                            1. LOL! You don’t know how to read? Don’t give me shit like this.Fucking retard. Hater? I’m buying the game and it’s the special edition and i played the original. And i loved it. Calling me a hater. Idiots these days go cry for Iwata or something. You Nintendo fans like doing that. Alot.

                                                              1. Yeah, like anyone’s going to believe that bullshit line, especially after all the complaining you’ve done about the game not having the content needed to be comparably great to other RPG’s that have come out.

                                                                People who like a game and intend on getting it don’t waltz around downplaying it as a lack-luster experience, by using lines like “If it showed it’s gonna have more content then both of those games,then i would be excited.”
                                                                It’s got enough content to be excited over if you actually want the game.
                                                                Your own posts indicate that you’re not even remotely excited for it, as you show by the retarded way you downplay everything it has to offer even when I put down a long-yet-still-incomplete list of just a FEW of the game’s activities.

                                                                If you’re not a hater as you claim, then quit ridiculously downplaying the shit out of the game you’re supposedly going to get and admit that it has enough content to contend for your attention rather than downplaying it when compared to every other JRPG that can’t even compare to it’s size that’s come out recently.

                                                                1. Really? Alright i don’t give a fuck if you believe me. I’m saying the truth deadman i’m paying 101 dollars for the special edition. But okay. And i can’t say anything bad about the game? So i have to like everything it has? I ain’t doing that fam. I ain’t like you. And what i said exactly dimshit? I said why are people praising this? Bigger’s is not always better in open world games. And i answered a question someone asked. I’m not hating on this. If i was. Wouldn’t i say this?” I bet this game is going to be garbage! Cause it’s on the Wiiu!”I never said any of that or even remotely like that. Like i said go cry for Iwata some more,that’s what Nintendo fans are known for! lol. Or better yet learn how to read. Cause i told you never give me a long ass post like this. Not cause i’m dumb cause i’m not going to read all of it! Cause it’s a waste of time and your’s.

                                                                  1. #1 Paragraphs are your friend.

                                                                    #2 “i can’t say anything bad about the game? So i have to like everything it has?”
                                                                    Yes you can, and no you don’t have to.
                                                                    But if you’re going to criticize it, then you need to give a reason other than “oh, it feels bare and lifeless compared to smaller games #’s 1, 2, 3, etc”
                                                                    You need to make a logical comparison to something of comparable size.
                                                                    If you had tried, oh I dunno, DAGGERFALL or something, then maybe we wouldn’t be shouting insults at each other right now and I would be able to see your point.
                                                                    But comparing to stuff like Fallout or Skyrim?XD

                                                                    #3 “I said why are people praising this? Bigger’s is not always better in open world games.”
                                                                    “I’m not hating on this.”
                                                                    So let me get this straight; the game has tons to do in it, many of the reviews of the game agree with the statement that it makes great use of its size and that they don’t feel bored by exploring it even if they aren’t constantly overwhelmed by tiny tasks to do in every shred of grass.
                                                                    Yet you think it does NOT sound hateful to follow a question of why people are praising it for its size, with the words “bigger is not always better”, as if you have a severe disdain for how big it is compared to the amount of content within it?
                                                                    You actually think that assiduously denying why people like the huge open world, when many say that it’s bigger AND better and give logical lists of the things you can do within the game to make the size feel meaningful, doesn’t sound like you’re attacking the game rather than just voicing a criticism?

                                                                    There’s a difference between opinionated criticism and trolling.
                                                                    And you didn’t exactly make it clear which side of the fence you’re leaning on with statements like that.

                                                                    So here’s your chance to clarify.
                                                                    Preferably with a space between sentences this time.

                                                                    1. This dude can’t take a hint. I know paragraphs are me friends. But i don’t care. I really don’t. Mix my words all you want. It might give you something to live for. And it just shows me you have no life.So again i ask. Why would i hate on a game i paid 101 dollars for? What would i gain? So i can troll? I’m hating on people like you who never played another open world game besides Xenoblade chronicles. That bigger doesn’t always mean better in open world games. It’s the content that makes it come alive. You get me dimshit?

                                                                      1. #1 Read my post instead of constantly bitching about its length and maybe, just MAYBE, we can have a decent conversation here.

                                                                        #2 I own and love Skyrim and have played several other open-world games before this.
                                                                        Assumptions make an ass out of only you, this time.
                                                                        #3 In Xenoblade X’s case, bigger IS better. The content does make the game come alive.

                                                                        Short enough for you, miss impatient-as-a-5-year-old?

                                                                        1. Alright friendo this is going nowhere. I’m done here.Cause i’m tired of you and you’re tired of me.So that’s it,don’t reply back. Cause i won’t even reply to it.

                                                                        2. “it has enough content to contend for your attention” When did i say it didn’t get my attention? I’m buying the game! You fucking retard! Why would i lie about buying the special edition? What would i gain? Get respect from people like you? I don’t give a shit about any of you!

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                                                                      3. I just hope Nintendo UK will re-release the original game to get the price down. The original game had some low volume and became a hit that now the price of this game is just as expensive as the Wii U (no far from the true :-P ).

                                                                        1. All Wiiu games are expensive none of them are cheap, just take a look at Hyrule warriors £34.99 Mario Kart 8 £35.00 (standard edition) Super smash bros £34.95 super Mario 3d world £38.12 and these games are quite old not much cheap are they, I expected these titles to be minimum £8.00 each but no imagine buying all of these games it’s lot of money and it’s take me time to buy all these titles and I don’t own any of these games only games I have is Tekken tag tournament 2 this game is amazed me how good it was on the Wiiu and I love it other is warriors orochi 3 hyper this game is a lot better than PS4 samurai warriors 4 II in terms of characters, moves, powers and big story outstanding warrior game.
                                                                          I have pre ordered Xenoblade chronicles x premium pack, I’m so excited to receive it and once I have this will buy some Nintendo games.

                                                                          1. what you say is true (will comeback to it later), however Xenoblade chronicle on wii is another story. The game is £90 and you can buy at least 2 games if not 3 for that price. I explained my reason why the game is so expensive. But the remedy to it, will be to re-release the game around £35 which will drag the current price down.

                                                                            As for the wii U game which are also for multi-plaform there are £10 more expensive. Hence why PS4 and XB1 can afford to put the price of their console up cause they know the game on this platform sell around £15-£25 on average. I still waiting for one piece unlimited world to come to to £16 (same price as PS3).

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