The Legend Of Zelda Twilight Princess HD Announced For Wii U Coming March 4, 2016


The rumors were true — Nintendo announced in today’s Nintendo Direct that The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess will be receiving an HD port March 4, 2016.

This among other things will include enhanced visuals. The game will be bundled with the Wolf Link amiibo. Pre-orders will be available today, with the soundtrack coming as a pre-order bonus.


  1. HollowGrapeJ (A.K.A. Shampoo- Destroyer Of Girl Type Ranma & Akane Tendo And Soon To Be Married Wife Of Boy Type Ranma Saotome Of The Anything Goes Martial Arts School) says:

    Nintendo doing something fans actually want? Pinch me. I gotta be dreaming.

      1. HollowGrapeJ (A.K.A. Shampoo- Destroyer Of Girl Type Ranma & Akane Tendo And Soon To Be Married Wife Of Boy Type Ranma Saotome Of The Anything Goes Martial Arts School) says:

        Oh well. You can’t please em all. Haha.

      2. The Wii version sucks, having to wiggle your remote around with actually no sense of directions (I enjoy it in Skyward Sword). I
        All I’ve ever wanted is to try the GCN version, and now, I can finally try the game with a proper controller. GamePad support will probably improve the flow of the game a lot too, like it did for Wind Waker!

        1. I liked the controls for the wii version. They actually allowed you to run and slash at the same time. I haven’t played the gamecube version but in other Zelda games if you attacked while running Link would stop moving to swing his sword.

          1. That is right, it had some positive things to it. But I didn’t like having to wiggle, and Link not responding the way I did it…

  2. Is it a port in the same sense as Wind Waker HD where the game will be updated with more than just a cosmetic upgrade with some well needed changes? Like more life in the giant fields of the game? Or can I still expect the same lifeless, dull expanse as the original Twilight Princess?

      1. They better. Otherwise, 60 bucks for a cosmetic change with only a little, albeit nice Wolf Link amiibo, figurine won’t be a very good reason for me to double dip in a game I still got the Nintendo Selects Wii re-release of.

    1. all they said is that it well have amiibo support, and if you look at some of the clips you can tell it now has gamepad support. but no work any anything. and so far it looks like they haven’t bothered to update any of the visuals.

    1. this might be early footage, and they could always be doing like Halo where you can switch between new and original graphics. I mean its clearly rendered in HD. but the graphics them self’s are the same. I mean I guess it worth getting for amiibo support, HD support, gamepad, and they did say other additions are coming. I have a feeling this is early footage. If you look at the wolf link amiibo its more detailed then in the game. I have a feeling they well show off better graphics later. (I believe they did this with wind waker HD at first as well.

      1. I hope so, I said that because you dont know how much a game is costing here now, about 1/4 of my monthly payment, it has to be worthy to buy or I wont.

  3. Please someone tell me! WHERE can I preorder this…….. I swear I checked amazon and it was in preorder like in for 1 second and then it dissapeared PLEASE TELL ME!!!!!!

  4. HELL TO THE YEAH!!!!!! Day one purchase for me and to think there are still people out there who say that Nintendo doesn’t listen to their fans ;p

  5. I was just waiting for the footage to go to HD. Then I realized it was the HD what they were showing. I did expect the graphics to be better but I am not mad. I am gonna buy this and HOPEFULLY can get that Wolf Link amiibo!

  6. >>>I’ll only by this someday because I never got the game for the Gamecube, too busy playing with myself, yes humans, I said something your pervert minds will understand in a dirty way>>>

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