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EU: Mario & Luigi Paper Jam Bros. Available December 4th

Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam Bros. will be released in Europe on December 4th to the 3DS. The game will have amiibo compatibility along with additional special cards unlockable in the title. The title will also be coming North America on January 22nd.

Here’s the Nintendo Direct trailer incase you missed it:

1 thought on “EU: Mario & Luigi Paper Jam Bros. Available December 4th”

  1. Rogue Master XenoRidley X3

    After the abysmal Paper Mario: Sticker Star, a sad excuse for a Paper Mario game, it’d be nice to get a true Paper Mario game for the Wii U. But I guess it’s smart not to release it to a sinking ship & just save it as a launch title for the NX, if there is even one in development. If Miyamoto has any “brilliant” ideas for the next Paper Mario, I hope the team developing the game ignore him just like Rare ignored his “Let’s have Bond shake his enemies hands while they are in a hospital bandaged up because he didn’t really kill them!” idea.

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