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Pachter Claims Nintendo NX “Is Doomed” Without Third Party Support

Outspoken video game industry analyst Michael Pachter believes that Nintendo’s upcoming NX platform is “doomed before it even launches” without strong third-party support. We heard earlier this year that Nintendo said that they have received “joint initiatives” from third-party developers during E3 2015. So it’s clearly something they are working out. Here’s what Pachter had to say.

“If Nintendo gets the same level of support for NX that it got for the Wii U, it’s doomed before it launches. That’s much, much more important than the price. If they get third-party support, if they make it in such a way that everyone can port every game over and the incremental cost to make if for Xbox One, PS4 and NX is $1-2 million, every game will be there. If it’s a whole different language, or requires a whole different programming scheme, or requires something to do with the GamePad where you’ve got the controller different the way Wii U works, it’s doomed. No one’s going to support it.

I think the publishers are leery of Nintendo, the third-party publishers. I think they got burned by the Wii, they were never good on the Wii, they got burned by the Wii U – especially Ubisoft. So, I think they are going to be very, very cautious. The more this thing looks like a PS4 or Xbox One I think the better it does, and, ultimately, the only people who are going to buy it are people that don’t have a PS4 or Xbox One. Or, people who have a PS4 or Xbox One, and want to play Nintendo games.

There are a lot of the latter and by the time NX comes out – assuming it comes out in 2016 – the PS4 and Xbox One will be barely halfway through saturating their potential install base. So, perhaps the NX will capture a third of that remaining market, because if you don’t have either a PS4 or Xbox One and you can play everything on PS4 or Xbox One except first-party titles, what are you giving up? You get all Nintendo first-party, and you’re giving up a handful of Microsoft and Sony first-party. So, it’s going to be back to close to a level playing field, but it really depends on third-party support.

Don’t know what they are going to do, don’t know when the NX will come, [don’t] really know what Nintendo’s got planned – we don’t know many details. I am sure we are going to see something on the NX next year, [but] I’m not sure when it’s launching. When I hear more, I reserve the right to change my mind about exactly what things are going to do and how well they’ll sell.”

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150 thoughts on “Pachter Claims Nintendo NX “Is Doomed” Without Third Party Support”

  1. He is an idiot, “The more this thing looks like a PS4 or Xbox One I think the better it does, and, ultimately, the only people who are going to buy it are people that don’t have a PS4 or Xbox One. Or, people who have a PS4 or Xbox One, and want to play Nintendo games.”

    I am not sure that it has to be completely like the other two, although the programming language and controller set up being more of the same will help with 3rd parties obviously, but this statement about who will buy it is interesting because it leaves out new adopters and Nintendo is always interesting in gaining new fans and to transcend demographics, etc.

    We will see, but this idea Pachter has is a very safe approach, which might not work as well as doing something that takes gaming to the next level while still making it easy for 3rd parties to get on board.

    So basically he is saying make a cheap XBOX/PS4 clone? Does that sound to everyone? Not to me

    1. It’s about striking the balance isn’t it. Ultimately to get third parties back on board, I think he’s right about what Nintendo have to do. They’re not going to want to risk large amounts of money on Nintendo after Wii and Wii U simply didn’t work out for them.

      I think the key is “optional innovation”. So on the one hand, have an innovative console with interesting features ready to be used by creative developers. On the other hand, ensure that the console can be acceptably used as a “traditional games console” with the same framework as PS4/Xbone.

      If the third parties come back to Nintendo, then suddenly eyes are going to turn to Nintendo, where gamers can get all the third party games they love, and also Nintendo’s wonderful first-party offering.

      1. The only problem with “optional innovation” is that it will end up like the PS Move and Kinect, by making it optional, developers wont know if its a good idea to include it on the game or not and it will end up costing more money that it should. That was the advantage that the Wii always had against the other 2, by being mandatory, it had to be at the very least functional (as you can see on all of the good games on the Wii) and since it was part of the console it didn’t make an extra cost.

      2. i thnk so, and the “optional innovation” or the one that doesn’t disrupt the ease of developing for Nintendo would be the best… as you said pretty much.

        Whether dual hand-held, 3D optimization in some way or whatever else they can come up with I don’t know, but nonetheless some other people are getting paid to figure this out

      1. I don’t know about completely pointless, because I like the WiiU, but the desire for 3rd party support is pretty obvious. I still don’t view it as an absolute necessity, and maybe they will get it from some but not all… if the idea that paying them is necessary, I might be weary to do the same if I were Nintendo.

      2. If it doesn’t get 1st party OR 3rd party, then yes. It’s doomed because…well, only Sony seems able to sell hardware without games. (that may not be true of the PS4 anymore)

        1. I’ve put more hours into Destiny and Fallout 4 on my PS4 in two weeks than I have put on my Wii U all year. There are more games to play right now on the Ps4.

          However all that will change when Xenoblade comes out.

  2. Third party games were never good on the Wii? Did he just forgot about Okami, Resident Evil 4, Monster Hunter 3 (My cousin liked it), the Dragon Ball Z Budokai Tenkaichi games, Sonic Colors, No More Heroes and its sequel, Madworld, Rayman Legends, Zack & Wiki and Red Steel 2? I’m pretty sure he never had a Wii or never knew how to search for games in it.

          1. Wii U didn’t, that is what I mean. Wii U got one madden, two COD but none of the other 3… While Ghosts is great for me, knowing that we won’t get anymore is a bit disheartening I would imagine for most gamers. Basically, people were probably on the fence for the system but when hearing that Sony and Xbox were coming out with more powerful systems and all the games that would look “better’ that was enough for them to disregard the WiiU

            And as far as Wii’s offerings, Madden was terrible and the COD games left much to be desired… not sure about the others as I don’t play those or sports games anymore

            1. I can’t state this as fact but 3rd parties will ignore nintendo due to the fact that nintendo is not going to pay for a multiplatform game to be made on their system. Either they make it or not. This is the way it should always be. I’ve moved away from the big third party games and going to the smaller third party games where they know their role on a platform. 3rd parties are running Playstation and Xbox. Nintendo will never allow that.

            1. I don’t see any game as childish. When something is labeled, it doesn’t help anyone. Not even games designed for babies are childish.

                1. Understandable. I enjoy sports game as much as other genres. Only genre I don’t play is FP anything. Never enjoyed it. Always looks like the background is moving but your person is standing still. If I could get that image out of my head I probably would play some of them too.

                  1. I know others who feel the same way. I have been playing Ghosts every night with my wife for the past six months and we love it. The use of the gamepad instead of split screen is very cool and really a must for us. In fact, seeing the graphical difference when playing 1 player gives one a good idea of why Star Fox with the simulatneous play on the game pad can only be so graphically powerful… It really is an innovative thing people are trying with that game and people should stop whining about what it looks like… Maybe when we play we can say it is a fail for gameplay reasons but the graphics look good enough to me as long as it plays well… I know this isn’t the topic but whatever

                    1. Agreed. CoD nailed Gamepad integration. Pretty much better than Nintendo ever did. After playing CoD, imagine how disappointed I was that two people racing in MK8 couldn’t have their own screen like in CoD?? Lazzzy.

                      Starfox may be one of the first Nintendo games (and it’s not even Nintendo) to make use of the gamepad how it should.

                    2. I used to be the same way. For a long time I wouldn’t touch anything that was in the first person. I realized eventually that I was taking my bias against games like COD and Halo (generic first person shooters) and applying it to all first person games. The problem with that is that I missing out on things like Dishonored, Deus Ex, Fallout, Elder Scrolls, Bioshock, Mirror’s Edge, etc. It’s one of the best moments of self realization that I’ve ever had. I get that you’re not playing first person games for an entirely different reason, but I would give most anything to go back and play Dishonored or FO: New Vegas again for the first time. Do yourself a favor and give FP games another shot. You’re missing out on so much goodness.

                      1. I always try to give them a shot. I just can’t get passed the background moving but the player staying still. Unfortunately, my nephew is noticing it to and have scaled back on first person games.

                  2. bravo, generalizing all sports games based on your experiences as a child. you are really insightful, another person to add to my List.

                    there is nothing childish about the nba and fifa games. they look amazing, have strong team customization and season features, and very tight and complex controls in order to simulate the all the choices of the sport as well as possible. pretty much the opposite of childish.

                    1. Look, the nature of the game is unfulfilling and immature, despite how “complex” it appears to be… I played well through my 20s and now don’t find it worth my time, but do understand the appeal… but ultimately, having played these games since their inception in 92′ or so (give or take a couple years here or there and different games with EA being the main force behind sports games) I find that for ME, they are a waste of my time. I will not buy one again.. but go love them, it is completely fine.

                  3. huh so you stopped playing them as a kid, but can broadly categorize all sports games as childish years later? bravo. another person to add to the List.

                    there is nothing childish about fifa and nba

        1. From what I know, No More Heroes was originally on the Wii (and its creator already stated that the game belongs to the Wii) while Rayman Origins, Okami and the DBZ games were good (and I played the DBZ games, I can verify it), while almost everybody who has played RE4 on the Wii declares that the only port that was superior to it was the PC version (from what I can hear), I not only mean that the Wii had good 3rd party exclusives, but that it also had good 3rd party ports that apparently everybody ignores they existed.

          Also I’m going to add Deadly Creatures to the list, I would also add the games of Operation Rainfall, but IDK how good were The Last Story and Pandora´s Tower since I haven’t played them nor heard anything from them.

          1. When you mention a list of 11 third-party games and the most notable examples include ports from last gen, you’re only demonstrating that the third-party support was not that good at all, even if the games themselves are good.

            1. Of the games I mentioned only 7 were 3rd party ports, everybody knows that the Wii had good 1st party games so I’m not mentioning them, I’m also mentioning the 3rd party since everybody thinks that the Wii has o game and that is a great disservice to the console, now, if I had more money, Dollars or the games were easier to find (and thus play) here, I would add a lot more, for example, I’ve seen Nights for the Wii, but I cannot buy it because games here are super expensive (and the prices rise every month or so), so again, if I had more at my dispossal, I would be adding a lot more games to the list, but for know that is what I’ll mention…

              Also Epic Mickey, RE Evil the Umbrella Chronicles and The Darkside Chronicles, Castlevania Judgement (I’ve heard it has a following), Muramasa the Demos Blade (I hope I have the name right) and I’ve heard of a game called Fragile Dreams which I’m gonna play one day, also The Godfather (I really enjoyed that one) and the Conduit is in my “to play” list.

              1. “only 7 were 3rd party ports”. “Only” seven. Out of eleven. And out of those you mentioned, I’d only consider Muramasa to be a great game. The rest fall between “pretty good” and “not worth it”.

                You can’t really claim the Wii had good third-party support when the large majority of the games that came out during its lifetime weren’t part of its catalog. As far as third-party titles go, the Wii was seen both by the general public and the developers themselves as the lesser option. To say the Wii had great third-party support because it has RE4 is the same as saying that the Wii U has great third-party support because it has Batman, Deus Ex and Tekken. Sure, they are good games and all, but not getting those multiplatform titles proves that developers just don’t even want to bother with it. The original Wii was a similar case. It attracted a lot of smaller projects (thinking about exclusives like Opoona or Little King’s Story here) that wouldn’t see the light of day in other consoles due to the higher development requirements, but for each of those exclusives you have ten games made by the big publishers (the ones that define “good third-party support”) that were never released on the Wii.

                This is what Patcher means when he says that third-party games were not on the Wii (with the notable exception of Call of Duty) and it’s not even an argument.

                1. My library of Wii games is more third party than 1st party games. The issue was that stores didn’t carry the third party games that was on the wii that was also on the PS3 and Xbox 360. Those games you had to find online. I personally never saw scarface and godfather in stores but they were on their online stores.

                2. I’m not claiming that it had a good (or the type of good that people tend to think about) 3rd party support, I’m stating that it did HAD 3rd party support, both exclusive and multiplatform, and I’m not just saying that it had RE4 (because even the IOS has it), I’m also saying that it’s THE best port on console (which always matter when searching for a multiplatform game), most people say that the Wii didn’t had games, and that’s very untrue, it does have them and they’re quite good, (Also adding Silent Hill: Shattered Memories) whether they were exclusive (Arc Rise Fantasia… probably, haven’t played it yet) or were multiplat (Sonic Unleashed and Dragon Ball Z Budokai Tenkaichi 3).

                  Again I’m not claiming that it was as good as the PS3 or 360, but I am stating that it did had it (and sometimes it even had the better port).

                  1. People didn’t have any hype left for Resident Evil 4 in 2006 in the same way people didn’t have any hype for Arkham City in 2013. That’s what you have to wrap your head around. The hype for that game was gone already because it was not a new release, porting games from previous hardware is the worst kind of third-party support.

                    And most people say that about the Wii, yes, but Patcher here isn’t saying that. You’re just reading what you want to read. He’s a MARKET analyst, and as such he only takes into consideration the games that affect the market in any substantial way. The games you mention aren’t relevant to the discussion because they are not what the general public considers to be system sellers, and the system sellers the Wii had (Call of Duty, Madden and FIFA) were both technically inferior and gimped versions. Again, that’s bad third-party support.

                    It’s insane that some of you have missed the point so hard when it’s repeated again and again at every console launch.

                    1. It’s not that we miss the point, is more like you only see your point as the only truth and ignore the rest.

                      The Wii had 3rd party support, and until I play enough of those games, I won’t say whether it was good or not, but I will say that it had it, because it is 3rd party support, no matter what.

                      1. There you go, making this personal. It’s ok if you don’t like me, but don’t try to discredit my arguments by saying that I’m too stubborn to accept what you’re telling me. I could make the same argument about you, you’re just complaining about me not bending to what you say.

                        “The Wii had 3rd party support”
                        None denies this. Not even Patcher, no matter how he words it. Everyone knows what kind of games he had in mind when he said that.

                    2. Also, great way to make your statement more important by (in basic words) that the games I listed aren’t worth it because they aren’t “popular” of the sorts.

                      And no, it isn’t what I wanted to read, IT IS what I read, if you don’t want to believe it and instead listen to Patcher (because he is SO spot on with what he says, especially when it so obvious that he must say it the most controversial way possible to attract attention), that doesn’t help a lot to your case.

                      1. “great way to make your statement more important by (in basic words) that the games I listed aren’t worth it because they aren’t “popular” of the sorts.”
                        And there you go again, twisting my words completely to make it seem like I’m making retarded claims. You cannot do this and then complain about me telling you that you’re missing the point.

                        “IT IS what I read”
                        Ok, I’ll give you some credit. It IS what the article says, after all, but anyone with half a brain can infer what he means by that. I’m not the only one that is claiming this, that should be proof enough.

                        “because he is SO spot on with what he says, especially when it so obvious”
                        Either he’s spot on or he’s not. Make up your mind.

                    3. Sir/Lady, whenever we coment, we make it personal, because opinions ARE personal, whether we are stating them as fact or we’re saying facts, our opinions are always personal, there is no exception to this.

                      1. Don’t try to get away of that. When you make a personal attack like that, you’re making it personal. It also shows that you’re way too invested in your internet debates. Maybe you should get off the internet for a while to vent that anger off instead of arguing semantics with a linguist.

                    4. If you seriously believe that I twist your words, then you have no idea of wording can imply more than you mean, it isn’t the same to say (i.e.) “COD is garbage” as to say “COD is a franchise that in their attempts of maintaining itself relevant they have strangled themselves to the point that even if their played for fun, that fun runs out before year’s end, thus making the game after that worthless”.

                      Whenever you say that I twist your words, it isn’t that, it’s more that you’re commenting poorly and leave openings for misinterpretations and thus whatever you try to say will get lost in how badly your comments were made.

                      1. You have some nerve, I tell you that. With that first sentence you’re saying that I didn’t mean what I wanted to mean and that you know the intended meaning of my wording better than I do (same as you did with Patcher’s comment, you read what you wanted to read).

                        “it’s more that you’re commenting poorly”
                        I’m the one that has explained to you my point of view, the point of view of an analyst and of Patcher in particular. All you have done is taking my interpretation and reducing its content to the absurd, which is one of the most basic logical fallacies.

                        Your use of the sophist rhetoric might work on less eloquent speakers, but it’s failing you here. What you’re trying to do couldn’t be more obvious.

                      2. In fact, I’m going to go a step further:

                        “He’s a MARKET analyst, and as such he only takes into consideration the games that affect the market in any substantial way. The games you mention aren’t relevant to the discussion because they are not what the general public considers to be system sellers, and the system sellers the Wii had (Call of Duty, Madden and FIFA) were both technically inferior and gimped versions. Again, that’s bad third-party support.”

                        This was my original comment, the one you’re claiming that was badly constructed and ambiguous. You simplified that into “you’re saying those games don’t count because they’re popular”. What I actually said (that either went over your head or you left if pass by intentionally) is that Patcher (not me, Patcher) was not taking into account the games you mentioned not because they were popular (which they were), but because they don’t have the impact on the market (Patcher’s field of analysis) that franchises like CoD, FIFA or Madden have. This is undeniable and common sense, I’m not even going to bother looking for figures showing how many times Black Ops outsold the Wii’s port of Scarface of all things. Besides that, I also gave the argument that those port were subpar when compared to the other options, a sentence of the post that you deliberately left out because it didn’t allow you to formulate you straw man.

                        Now tell me where’s the ambiguity in the post, because I am really not seeing it anywhere. You leaving things out when reducing my posts to absurdity is not ambiguity, is deception and your pride getting in the way because you’re losing an internet argument.

      1. Here are some more great 3rd party games on the Wii

        Little King’s Story
        Tatsunoko vs. Capcom: Ultimate All-Stars
        Boom Blox
        Goldeneye 007
        Muramasa: The Demon Blade
        House Of The Dead: Overkill
        A Boy And His Blob
        Trauma Team
        The Last Story
        Pandora’s Tower
        Dawn Of Discovery
        de Blob
        Silent Hill: Shattered Memories

        Yeah he obviously just didn’t bother to look for any

        1. Patcher is a retard and all, but you’re obviously misundertanding what he said (or he didn’t express it correctly, more likely). Every single one of those games doesn’t matter. You know why? They’re not part of established multi-million selling franchises (with the sole exception of Silent Hill, but it was not made by Team Silent anyway, and I guess TvC can kind of get a pass too, since it’s part of the Capcom vs. series). Those are the games Patcher is talking about, the ones that draw the general, most casual console gamers to the hardware. The Call of Duty-s, the FIFAs, the GTAs, the Assassin’s Creeds and so on and so forth.

            1. You’re right. I forgot about those. Problem is, the FIFA public is not going to play it on a Wii of all things. They either stick to their PS2 versions if they don’t want another console or just buy a PS3/Xbox to get the best version available. You’d see the same thing happen even if FIFA was still being released on Wii U, its fanbase isn’t interested on Nintendo’s first-party output.

        2. The wii was out for nearly 10, long, years. That list is way too short. (not to mention I haven’t heard of half of them)

          1. Not to be a jackass, but it’s not the console’s fault if you don’t know some of the most popular games on the system. Muramasa was listed as the best Wii game at E3 2009 by a large number of publications, for example. The only ones I’d call somewhat obscure are Dawn of Discovery (Anno), de Blob and Klonoa.

              1. Then why are you even buying a console if you’re not even going to keep it?, that’s just a waste of money, don’t you know that every single console has enough games to satisfy you for years? especially now with digital games?

                1. Rogue Master XenoRidley X3 ~*Proud Owner of a great PS4 & a great 3DS! Oh & I guess the Wii U is good, too!*~

                  Because for one, most rental places don’t rent out an entire console & even ones that do make you jump through all kinds of hoops to even rent it. For two, why keep an older console when future consoles should have the ability to let you get a game you own on another console digitally if there is no physical backwards compatibility available. This is where Nintendo starts to get it’s ass handed to it by fucking Sony which has a much bigger backlog of games from previous gens. For example, only 24 N64 games available as virtual console when there should be way more.

      2. Uhhh oh wow you listed a port, a port, a decent game for those who like long equipment grinds, some really terrible fighting games for children, a decent-for-sonic game, a tedious 4-hour game sold for full retail, a delayed game, lol seriously Zack & Wiki you are struggling here, and Red Steel 2 wow another terrible game people pretend is good. Great list there.

        I could list third party support on ps3 and 360 as a comparison, but I think that would be too humiliating for one comment. It is very obvious you never owned anything other than a Wii.

    1. Pachter is an idiot. His opinions are not predicated on facts or history. He has always had a ‘tude against Nintendo and his stance has never changed. You could clone his comments from 2011, when he said the exact same thing about the 3DS. When the 3DS was successful, he called it a fluke, and as the success continued, he admonished that it would fail “any day now”. I really wish you all would stop reporting on him. He’s not a serious analyst.

      1. Good thing the PS4 and XB1 don’t rely on their 1st-party titles only. The 3rd-party support they’re getting guarantees them at least one new game nearly every single month, which keeps the consumers occupied. The 1st-party titles are a bonus inbetween the numerous other games they get. The strategy has been working well since last gen, and especially well this gen, so I really don’t see the PS4 or XB1 being “doomed” anytime soon.

        1. My only issue is I don’t see a PA or XBox, I only see a third party box. They have some great 1st party games that they can use but if third parties get angry with one or the other then they would decline greatly unless they made more commitment to 1st party development. General Public love 3rd party now but with everything a decline in sales can happen and it can greatly hurt a 3rd party publisher. I agree with you that none of them is going anywhere.

          1. They would have to mess up greatly to cause 3rd-parties distance themselves from their consoles, considering the developers are at least as dependent on the consoles as the consoles are dependent on the 3rd-party games, if not more. So while it’s correct that a decline in sales could hurt a developer, they wouldn’t have many other options apart from staying on the consoles nonetheless, as dropping support entirely would hurt them much, much more.
            Taking that into consideration, while keeping in mind that both Microsoft and (especially) Sony, have a long relationship with most of the big developers, it seems unlikely to happen, to me personally.
            But yes, if something was truly to disrupt the cooperation between Sony/Microsoft and a sigificant number of 3rd-parties, they would be in trouble.

    2. I’m tired of hearing about this Michael Pachter, FUCK THIS GUY! This guy just keep popping up like a fucking plague everytime I look to see what news has come up. Unless he has information on the architecture of the NX, or if it will be completely digital only, or will allow physical media too, this guy is a fucking attention leech.

    3. Yes he is saying 3rd partys were never successful on wii ? is he joking some of the top selling games of that generation were 3rd party wii games and in general 3rd partys did well on wii,then saying wiiu failed 3rd partys ? 3rd partys totally stopped support on wiiu because they didn’t get out of this world sales on there 1st shoddy ports that cost nothing to develop yeah right 3rd partys were just looking forward to xbox1/ps4 and to be fair they have failed on power because the games on them systems are just average at best and were all to believe there super powerful i think not,and NX is going to be in a different league 3rd partys will want to develop on NX because of the power boost to better realize there games simple as that….

      If 3rd partys dont jump on board I’m sure Nintendo will just buy a few big studios to secure franchises and i believe they will sucure tos of 3rd party exclusives that will shine on NX and ultimately make ps4 look cheap with under par graphics…..

      1. “some of the top selling games of that generation were 3rd party wii games”

        The highest selling 3rd party game for the Wii is Just Dance 2, and it comes in at 17th on the list of top selling Wii games. The next is 19th with Just Dance. Then Guitar Hero 3 at 28th, and only then after that do we see more 3rd party games. So no, you’re pretty much completely wrong.

        “I’m sure Nintendo will just buy a few big studios to secure franchises”

        LOL! Don’t count on it. If they do, then it’ll be a huge shift in their strategy – a good shift, but something they most likely still won’t do because they’re Nintendo and they’re stubborn. Pachter is half right – without 3rd party support the NX will stumble greatly, but Nintendo has so much cash in their reserve that they’ll continue to invest in it… it may not necessarily be doomed without 3rd party support, but Nintendo will waste a whole shit-ton of money keeping it afloat for the life of it should they not get 3rd party support. If the NX has another bullshit gimmick that makes it difficult to develop for, then 3rd parties will not be there. But it seems that Nintendo doesn’t really care any more, since they’ve repeatedly said that they “don’t have competition”.

    4. hate him all you want. he still has a point. Nintendo can’t and shouldn’t depend on their mascots to keep carrying them gen after gen.

    5. Again, stating the fucking obvious to pretend he has any slightest intelligence to open his mouth.

      No shit because as far as I know about NX, it’s not gonna be PS4-ish powerful, said to be targeting KIDS (casual BS again with no hardcore/mature in sight or mind), offer pathetic specs that’ll cost higher than the more powerful PS4 that could be around $300 range by the time NX comes AND might likely go the “Gamepad” route again that’ll be forced-dependent to use the main console and cost will remain high like Wii U. It’s gonna be a repeated fail of Wii U all over again but with mobile BS in the mix.

        1. He doesn’t know a goddamn thing. Stranga is just one of those bitter former bandwagon Nintendo fans who’s trying to shit on them any chance he gets. He knows good and damn well if the NX has a Zelda title, 3D Mario title, Pikmin 4, and a brand new hardcore IP at launch that he’s gonna hop right back on the Nintendo side. He’s full of shit bro

    6. Quit giving Pachter publicity, honestly. Yeah he’s good clickbait but that shouldn’t mean every Nintendo site has to write an article about him.

      “NX WILL DIE WITHOUT 3RD PARTY SUPPORT” No SHIT? REALLY? Anything without 1st, 3rd, 9th, 1545th support will die. Honestly he has no inside knowings about anything. Hell I could be a fucking better ” expert analyst”. Maybe then I too can look like a dickhead doing the Dr. Evil finger

    7. This argument is made pretty much every time Nintendo launches something new. And yet, despite always being “doomed,” not only do they always survive, they typically succeed and make lots of money.

      Obviously, what they’re doing works and has always worked.

    8. Anyone could have predicted this. Of course the NX will require third party support. That is of no question to anyone that follows Nintendo news.

    9. Why is this guy news? What he is saying is a totally logical thing. Is like “tomorrow if it’s not cloudy, will be sunny”.


      Patcher is saying basic stuff, don’t make standard comments look important cause he got to be known. Actually he is not even predicting anything.

    10. Micheal is right without third party it will fail, success behind PS4 was this and imagine having just first party games, trust me Wiiu will easily won the competition, till console doesn’t have third party support will not win things have changed, like in 80’s Nintendo dominated but now it’s different, no console has 2 world’s ps4/xboxone has third party weak in first party Wiiu has amazing first party no thirs party support, it will be amazing if NX can have both 1st/3rd support it will be best console in the world believe me it will sell and be at the top, once this is sorted NX will become really popular, have high hopes this system will succeed, Nintendo is innovative company with new ideas will not fail and is one my fave company for consoles and used to love sega.

    11. Considering way more companies have stated their interest with demo kits with the NX than the Wii U at this point, I’d say there is a far greater chance at some reliable 3rd party support this time round. It’s definitely true to an extent that the NX would be a failure without strong 3rd party support, even the Wii U’s minimal 3rd party support has given it sales with some games, but the enthusiasm everyone’s been having corporate-wise towards the NX is telling me that it’s likely going to do well in that department. Better than the Wii U at least. They set that bar pretty damn low lol

      1. Lots of devs showed “interest” in the Wii U as well and talked about how “innovative” it was and the “possibilities” behind it, and look where that went. It’s all talk until they actually decide to back up their words with their money.

          1. That and the fact that having to make a different version of the same game but with a far more unique control scheme didn’t help either – and when Nintendo didn’t even competently market and sell their system well for the first 2 years, why would any 3rd party want to make a game for it when the risk is too high?

              1. They doomed 3rd parties from the start by having a new controller gimmick, which inherently means devs would need to spend more time and money to not just make the game use it, but make it use it in a unique or innovative way. And let’s be clear here: the burden isn’t on 3rd parties to support and sell the system – it’s on Nintendo. They need to get people to buy it, they need to show the 3rd parties that there is demand for the console and that releasing games on it will be profitable for them….but in that regard they also spectacularly failed.

            1. The Gamepad idea was great imo. It could have made RTS playable in consoles plus shooters with the Wiimote. If I recall correctly Blizzard was considering some of their RTS for Wii U. Too bad in the end all the Wii U got was Pikmin 3, even though it’s a great game.

              1. It’s a good idea in theory (as an addon…it’s certainly not a feature that sells systems as we’ve now seen….) but it wasn’t utilized well, and it made the console more expensive than it should have been. In the end it became a glorified map screen for many games, or wasn’t even used for others (even by Nintendo!). And when they try force it into their games, we get the convoluted clusterfuck game controls that we’re seeing with Star Fox Zero.

    12. The NX needs to be different than anything the market offers but in a good way, not the Wii U way. That’s what Nintendo thinks.

      I just want competitive graphics like it used to be before the Wii days.

    13. Pachter is doing nothing but stating the obvious. Hell, even Nintendo themselves know they need 3rd party support for the NX which is why they seemingly have a strong partnership with Square Enix. You can’t be successful in the gaming business by only supporting yourselves. You need a variety of games to attract a variety gamers and I’m really hoping the NX is the Nintendo gaming platform that fills that void

    14. Pachter, the King of Logic!

      Any platform would be doomed to failure without 3rd party support.

      Like Drybones said yesterday (or the day before), some of MNN users would be certainly able to make even better predictions than Pachter.

    15. So Pachter, who doesn’t even seem like he plays games most of the time, actually thinks he knows what’s important about game development? The language that a game console uses isn’t a huge deal. Most of the code in a game is higher level code that doesn’t does instruction set specific code and all lower level code that does would just have compiler level branches for alternate instruction sets. From there, the developer just sets certain flags and the compiler turns it into the appropriate binary. This isn’t the NES days, you’re not writing these games in machine code.

      Secondly, the NX consoles controller will definitely still have a touch screen. Nintendo develops for three platforms now (3DS, Wii U, mobile) and all have touch. Why would they drop it for NX? Does Pachter honestly think that remapping buttons or putting some functionality on a second screen costs huge amounts of money? It’s menu stuff! One or two people can be put on that job, it’s not difficult.

      And of course, the NX does need to be different from the Xbox One and PlayStation 4. There needs to be some reason to buy it over competing consoles and if consumers buy into the platform, then devs will make games for it.

    16. How is this news? This didn’t give me any news about Nintendo I didn’t know.

      It’s fairly common knowledge among Nintendo fans that Pachter is a clown. He’s a self-proclaimed analyst (which anyone can be), taking every chance he gets to take a shot at Nintendo. I’d much sooner respect the ideas of a fart than this douche nugget.

    17. i’m gonna be so mad if nintendo does not put third party support on the NX i think the Wii U will be dead for the next 2 years with out third party support people wont buy the NX once it lunches i think i have to agree with him if nintendo have some sort of plan on keeping there third party support in there consoles then maybe they can max up there level on using alot of there IPS in there company.

      1. How is Nintendo going put third party support on the next system? It is and always will be up to third party developers to make a game or not for a system.

        1. well its up to the third party developers to give out there answer if they want a third party on the NX or something basically nintendo did go around the gaming company and ask one of those developers about how do they feel about adding third partys on the next platform.

      2. How exactly do you think third party support works? Do you think Nintendo has hardware locks on third parties developing for their systems or something? That’s what your first sentence seems to infer. Third-party support means support FROM third-parties.

        1. yes i do i think nintendo have to work there way on putting third party supports and yes i know how third party support works.

    18. I think most people that rag on Nintendo’s first party policy is they don’t realize their games make them maximum bucks. Third party is great because they don’t have to spend the money to develop the games but that also means they don’t get all the profits. When Mario Maker sold 1 million games in two weeks, all of that money went to Nintendo(after venders for people with physical copies). Now if someone can figure out how much it probably cost to develop and market, and relate it to roughly 50 million dollars I wouldn’t doubt that Nintendo came out with heavy profits on just one game on this so called “failing” hardware. Anyone who has complained about the kiddie-ness of a Nintendo game or rarity of new releases is not an owner of a Nintendo console.

      1. The problem is that if you don’t have third party support then nobody wants to buy your system. First party titles give Nintendo money, yes, but if you don’t have other games for people to purchase then they won’t buy the system in the first place. It doesn’t matter if 1st party sells better, they NEED 3rd party support so that there is a variety of games that make the console worth buying.

    19. Haven’t there been 3rd party companies stating they’re working on games for the NX? I do agree that the console needs to be more like the PS4 and XBO in some aspects. The internet structure needs to be less kid-friendly and more user-friendly. I get that there’s an appeal for kids but you’re leaving out the fanbase that can actually get a job and buy your system. Parental controls exist to make a system kid friendly, the whole thing doesn’t need to be. They proved how little they care about the adult market when they shut down Swap Note due to people sending nudes to each other. Who cares?! A parental control option can disable that. Having an achievement/trophy type system would be a good addition too, and it seems likely that’s coming along with the Nintendo Account thing (stupid, stupid name). Nintendo can’t afford for this system to go the way of the Wii U, they need to make a BIG comeback in order to stay in the running. Yes, they’re always unique, but do they have to be so unique that they’re unappealing when compared to other consoles? If you were given a choice between all three not knowing what types of games they offer and only knowing the operating system you’re going to pick PS4 or XBO. Wii U’s OS is crap. Nintendo needs to lose the whole kid-friendly approach to the actual console, especially since the Wii U was targeted at core gamers rather than casuals and their internet structure doesn’t support that. No communication, joining others games isn’t always possible, you have no notifications on-screen when someone comes online… the list goes on. I’m really hopeful for the NX, I just hope Nintendo doesn’t utter the excuse “we wanted it to be kid/family friendly” to say why they didn’t do something with it.

    20. Pingback: Pachter Believes The Nintendo NX Will Cost Around $299

    21. Ass Pachter is an idiot.(see what i did there? Ass Pacther? ehh?)
      I think all Nintendo has to do is make sure it’s not difficult to just drop the code onto their console.
      The big issue with the Wii was lack of power, and the big issue with Wii U was still not enough power, and architecture that prevented them from just dropping the code in and running with it.
      That’s why so many keep saying “nintendo, stop effing with ARM CPUs and use a damn X86!!”
      Use a similar architecture to the PS4 and XBO but don’t make the NX EXACTLY like those 2 consoles.
      It’s a situation where i feel they COULD have their cake and eat it to.

      1. By the way, PRICE DOES MATTER!
        God damn moron and his fucking talk.
        If the price has a BIG appeal and is affordable, more people will buy it up, and Nintendo will have a bigger install base, there go.. third parties will be on-board more with more of a chance to make profits.

    22. Is there a reason why “” is still giving Pachter free press? I mean, His words don’t mean crap anymore. Plus, it’s been long established that he’s anti-Nintendo. So, Why are we even bothering to talk about him when his opinions are biased and don’t hold value?

        1. Rogue Master XenoRidley X3

          Exactly. It’s entertaining to hear Pachter spout either utter bullshit or spout something even a child can fucking “predict!”

    23. Rogue Master XenoRidley X3

      No shit, Sherlock! Of course the NX is going to need third party support or it will fail just like the bloody Wii U. Nintendo might be great but this gen has shown they aren’t THAT great since they can barely support the Wii U on their own.

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