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Fantasy Life Shipped More Than 1 Million Copies Worldwide

One of the more intriguing games for the Nintendo 3DS released in 2014 was Fantasy Life. Recent sales figures provided by Level 5 state that the role-playing title has shipped over one million units worldwide. This figure includes both physical and digital copies. The company also confirmed that Fantasy Life 2, which is for mobile platforms, will have a beta sometime early next year.

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  1. It’s a shame that they aren’t bringing a proper sequel to Fantasy Life on the 3DS, but maybe they will eventually. Still, they rather go the easy route and put the game on mobile to gain casuals and easy money than cater to the real gamers. I know companies have to make money, but I feel mobile games and gamers are allowing companies to get cheap and lazy.

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    1. That’s WHY I’m angry. It’s like saying “oh well, you have a mobile as well right? problem solved” no it’s not. I bought a bunch of 3DS’es to game on them not so I could throw them into a corner and sit and blip on my fucking phone like a dirty casual 3 year old. It’s not gonna happen level 5. If consoles go away I’ll just game on PC.

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      1. Disagree. With time, the market will shift towards the devices that everyone already has (meaning either phones or something new). People (meaning, more casual players) aren’t going to invest money in a separate device if the developers offer their games in something they already own. That’s the reason why modern consoles are trying to reinvent themselves as something more than a gaming console. Either they become an essential device with more than just one function (think how Microsoft marketed the Bone as the one-in-all device for the living room), or they die.

        Think of it this way: how many people do you think would potentially like/buy the next God of War, but are unwilling to pay 400 bucks for a PS4? What if they could play the game in a device they already have, just by paying the price of the game itself? That’s a target audience that isn’t being exploited at this moment, and the console manufacturers know it. Nintendo’s recent focus on mobile gaming shows that.

        Of course, (most) currents phones have the problem of not offering a decent enough control scheme to play these kind of games. Computers, on the other hand, evolve too quickly to be a static enough gaming option for your average consumer. If any of these problems are solved in the future, the console market is going to take a huge hit.

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      2. Bravo, couldn’t have said it better myself.

        There are a few peripherals you can use with your phone/tablet to give you better control. If there were a major shift like that to gaming I would expect the big 3 to start making remotes for mobile (BT, wired, holster, etc.).


      3. It will all depend on what the manufacturers do. If they’re able to reinvent their products and use their IPs correctly, I can see their consoles surviving. It will also depend of the evolution of the mobile market. Those are a lot of ‘ifs’, but, nevertheless, the possibility is there.

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  2. So I loved this game so much I even bought it for some friends of mine. I think NoA probably wasn’t sure how well the game would do in the U.S. (Which is probably why it wasn’t marketed very well here.)

    I think I remember reading somewhere that said “Fantasy Life 2 is just a re-skinned version of the first one, but for mobile.” If that is the case, it’s entirely possible that a “true” sequel could still be released on a future Nintendo platform. The goal for the mobile game could be to garner more interest in the franchise before releasing another handheld game. Maybe this is just being optimistic, but I’d like to think that Level 5’s relationship with Nintendo is a strong one and that if there is anywhere Level 5 will release a sequel it will be on a Nintendo console.

    Here is the announcement footage: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8QoUhegiCmo


      1. Well, yes. That’s sadly true. I probably would have bought this if I played my 3DS still. But I knew I’d be wasting my money if I bought it now. I always hoped to start loving my 3DS again, but I don’t see that ever happening.

        However, I DO still buy 3DS games if I find them cheap enough.

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      2. You and me both. I still have Majora’s waiting for me (can’t get into it for some reason), and I occasionally play Xenoblade Chronicles when push comes to shove (X has taken over for me).

        I stopped buying 3DS games because any gaming time I have I put into the U. And the multi release of Zelda N3DSs burned me as I had purchased the MM version on release, because Zelda not due to me necessarily liking MM.



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