Famitsu: High Resolution Zelda Twilight Princess HD Scans

The latest edition of Japanese gaming publication Famitsu has given us a closer look at the long-awaited HD remake of the acclaimed Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess HD. As you can see from the latest scans in the magazine the game is looking impressively sharp and vivid compared to the 2006 GameCube and Wii version of the game. Be sure to check out the high quality scans in the gallery, below!



    1. Yea I had the GameCube version. Great game, not my favorite Zelda but it was still very good. WWHD is my favorite (I did have the original but the HD version is clearly the definitive one.) The way Zelda U is looking it should top WWHD and become my new fav, ZELDA U FTW! (Well that got of topic toward the end:)

  1. Is it just me or is there a bit more color to the artstyle?

  2. I’m only going to play this game to see the HD Midna scenes near the end.
    Otherwise, it’s staying sealed for a while because I still think the Wii version I played a few years ago was good enough.

      1. I’ve set low standards on Nintendo in the past few years. I only bought it due to not having anything for the U at the time.
        I’m also a Zelda addict, so I’ll take anything.

  3. whelp. Wind Waker HD still stands as the best HD remake ever. I know all the graphical differences between GC TP and TPHD, and I am not impressed by the fact that you need to actually compare the two to see the real difference. It looks dramatically less muddy, but Wind Waker did a bang up job of letting us know that the remake is F&CKING eye candy, and that set my expectations too high for this. I’m still pre-ordering TPHD, cuz I still love it.

    1. WWHD was also a lot easier to do because the artsyle held up. More realistic artsyles age like crap! They have already done more graphical enhancements to twilight princess HD than WWHD but it’s less aprecciated because of the artsyle.

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