Here’s A Look At The European And US Box-Art For Zelda Twilight Princess HD


Nintendo Europe has released a high quality image of the box-art for the forthcoming Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess HD for the Wii U. As you can see both are different with the European one being more of a nod towards the original GameCube and Wii box-art. The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess HD is out on March 4th. Which do you prefer?


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        1. Really? I concur about Midna, but I find the rest of the cover much more in tone with the game itself. The US cover is way too colorful. The fact that it resembles the original cover helps too.

      1. Yep, I know, and yeah, I confirm what i said, I like more the US version, is basically 80% like the poster sold with the magazines back in 2006 and, man, I love that poster : D

  1. They both have features that I like. The contrasting dark and light colors on the EU one is very attractive and puts a fine point on the seperation of shadow and light in the game.
    On the US one though, I think the darker side is more faithful to how the Twilight actually looks in the game, and I like how Link and Midna are in the middle between the two sides rather than seperated by the line. It kind of shows how, together, they bridge the gap between the two worlds.

  2. I actually prefer the US one, but neither of them look really good. They’re both obviously inspired by the artwork, but especially in the Europe one, everything look out of place. But oh well, I’ll only be getting physical for the amiibo bundle! (I’ve gotten more and more comfortable with digital lately, with me buying both Splatoon and Mario Maker on the eShop!)

    1. I also don’t get who’s idea it was to put Ganondorf on everything, unless he’s got a bigger role than before (which I doubt). He’s supposed to be the game’s plot twist, but the artwork makes it look like he’s the main villain, and doesn’t even show Zant…

      1. In case any body hasn’t played this game yet, SPOILER ALERT:

        Technically he is the main villain. He manipulates Zant the entire time. But I do think Zant should be on there instead. You’re not even supposed to know Ganondorf’s in the game until toward the end. By putting him on the cover, they’re kind of telling you flat out that he’s the villain.

          1. Taking into account that Ganondorf only has two other designs (Ocarina and Wind Waker) and that there’s no way on Earth to mistake one artstyle for another… yeah.

              1. Well, that person wouldn’t know that Ganondorf appears in Twilight were it nor for the cover art. It’s a bit weird to include him, but understandable. The game is almost a decade old at this point.

  3. Out of curiosity, does anyone know what the music format for this game is gonna be? Is it going to be MIDI like the original or are they actually going to have an orchestrated score?

      1. Well that’ll suck. The MIDI format was one of the biggest complaints about the original. If they’re taking the time to update the visuals and plan on charging 50-60 bucks for the game, they should also take the time to update the audio.

        1. Well its just an upres (kind like what Sony Did with the God of war, Sly Cooper, Ratchet, and Jak & Daxter games) and the game is technically $50 or $40 some odd dollars. But I do agree, they should’ve fux a few of the issues.

          Like I said though, from what I’ve heard so I’m as credible a potato at this moment.

          1. I really hope they update the music, not that it’ll stop me from getting the game if they don’t. But it will be a bit dissapointing.

            And 49.99 or 59.99 would be rounded up to 50 or 60. If the price was say 44.99, then I’d say you could call it 40 some odd, but I can’t recall ever seeing a new game priced that way.

            Oh and “credible as a potato”? I don’t know what that’s supposed to mean but I’m gonna have to start using it as a saying. Lol.

            1. Well I only put it like that because of how it includes an Amiibo, a much more detailed looking one at that too.

              Lol “credible as a potato” what I meant was that I’ve only heard it from some from people who claim to know, so that information couldved come from a potato and it would still have the same credibility XD

              I hear you though, but im honestly not getting my hopes up. If I remember correctly (I might be wrong here) Wind Waker didn’t get an orchestrated OST, and that was an actual Remakes.

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