1. Just registered… Either Nintendo figured out how to run a website, or absolutely no one other than me is signing up right now. Better than Club Nintendo already.

  2. “save files”… Save. Files. Could this actually be Nintendo’s answer to the PSN cloud saving? I bloody hope so!

  3. So if somebody hacks into “My Nintendo” they can delete my account and with that, all of my digital content gets deleted? This sounds more like a real account and not just a Club Nintendo replacement.

  4. So it seems as if you might have save data and digitally purchased games hooked up to this account. Sounds good they did talk about doing that back when they announced it. They had a chart that linked save data and games to the cloud and your Nintendo account.

  5. ~*Save data & digital games will be linked to this account? Finally a cloud service if that’s the case. Now to just wait for confirmation that I can transfer my shit from my old Wii U to my new Wii U without having to even turn my old one on. If not, fuck. I’ll have to hope I can find someone to let me borrow their Wii U gamepad long enough to do the bullshit transfer process that a bunch of idiots implemented.*~

    1. Hate to say it, but you might have to do it the old-fashioned way. Wii U is over 3 years old now, this new program hasn’t even launched yet, and being able to upload save data to a server and then download it to a new one might not be part of the system’s OS (I really don’t know, but considering Nintendo only just started contemplating cloud services very recently, it’s unlikely that was included or thought about in Wii U’s R&D). It might not even be possible to patch that in via system update.

      Very likely will be possible to do on the NX, however. Nintendo cannot afford to botch the NX.

      1. ~*There in lies the real problem. I don’t know anyone with a fucking Wii U to even borrow their Gamepad. Ugh! Fucking Nintendo once again fucking up with how they handle save data & digital purchases. It wouldn’t be such a bad thing if I could put all of my Wii U games’ save data on an SD card & transfer it that way. But nope! Nintendo just had to make it complicated!*~

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