Kamiya Turned Down Opportunity For Bayonetta To Be In Project X Zone 2

Recent Tweets from Platinum Games founder and director, Hideki Kamiya, reveal that there was an offer for Bayonetta to appear in Project X Zone 2.

He Tweeted that he had turned an offer down, however he is now regretting his decision. This was in response to a Tweet asking if he would consider letting Namco Bandai include Bayonetta in Project X Zone 3 with interactions.

It would be interesting to find out why he turned down the original offer, but no further information was disclosed.

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  1. Damn it Kamiya, another wasted opportunity on your part. It would have been awesome to see her in the same game as Fiora, Mega Man X, and Heihachi Mishima.

  2. I can understand why he say no. One obvious reason and from what I can gather from his public speech, he is a control freak and having to temporary handing his IP to another studio for another game is a big no no. One other reason is he does not know what project X zone is.

  3. ~*Shame. In Project X Zone 2, Bayonetta wouldn’t have had to be censored too heavily in that game. The only thing they’d have to do with her is just tone down her use of heavy cuss words like fuck. Since you don’t actually get a full view of her boobs or crotch region, her summoning powers aren’t all that revealing. It would have been no different if she was wearing a bikini. Unlike Nintendo, others aren’t stupid with over-censoring things in T for Teen rated games.*~

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