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Video: Fire Emblem – Honest Trailer

Due to viewer requests, the team at Smosh Games have created a new ‘honest trailer’ this time putting Fire Emblem in the spotlight. Watch the series receive the honest treatment with a humorous twist in the clip below:


9 thoughts on “Video: Fire Emblem – Honest Trailer”

  1. Nintendo Sub-Commander Cereza

    I didn’t expect this. So, I’m picturing NOA sitting around the table trying to figure out what they’re gonna do with that that face touching.

    NOA1: “We cant have teenagers running around rubbing each-others faces. That’s basically foreplay.”
    NOA2: “And we don’t need to spawn any more waifu-chasing otaku under our reign. ”
    NOA3: “That’s right guys! We gotta get the E in Everyone and squish it into the T for tEen. Get it? No? Fine, then i’ll just take the E in cEnsoreship, and put it there instead!”

    Or at least that’s what my scenario-simulator says.

  2. “And suffer the consequences. Unless… You know… Restart your save.” lol As I always fucking did when I lost a damn unit! Thank God for no perma-death mode!

    “Wait. That’s not in the American version? Damn it! Now I have to learn Japanese!” lol Or you could get the UK version. I don’t think the feature was removed from those.

    “The incredible shit characters who become gods if you put in the time to level them up.” “The pegaus knight you’ll immediately lose by overextending.” “The dick ass thief you’ll kill by getting greedy.” “The pathetically weak healer lady… on a horse!?” “The dancing girl who has no business being on a battlefield.” “The socially awkward mage.” “And the ancient survivor of the dragon race whose human form just happens to be an almost naked 14 year old. Oooh! I see what you did there, Japan!” lmfao Those sneaky Japanese bastards! Getting a human 14 year old into the game half naked with the loophole that she’s not actually 14! lol

    “Holy shit! Did that lady just split into 4 other ladies!?” lol

    “Or just let your giant bodyguard murder everyone like it’s Pokemon starter!” xD

    “…and immerse yourself in one of the greatest tactical RPG series… Of all time. At least until you get frustrated & chuck your 3DS out the window.” It wouldn’t surprise me at all if there has been a lot of people that have done just that. lol

    “A literal pothead!” xD

    “Ok. Finally leveled that guy up. 1 speed!? What the fuck is this shit!?” I know, right! Finally level someone up & they only get 1 fucking point in 1 fucking stat! xD Every fan of this franchise knows the RNG is the true enemy of the series.

    Oh man! I got to watch these more often!

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