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MissingNo Glitch Kept In Pokemon Red & Blue Virtual Console Release

If you thought that the re-releases of the classic Pokemon games wouldn’t be as great as the originals, you were dead wrong. In addition to the incredible gameplay, the Virtual Console versions of Pokemon Red and Blue have retained the famous MissingNo glitch.

For those of you who didn’t have an awesome childhood, MissingNo is a bugged Pokemon could be encountered after following a certain set of steps involving, flying, surfing, and old wise men. Created through programming short-sights involving name length in localized versions of the games, the unintentional Bird/Normal type Pokemon would appear as a glitched block, a ghost, or a fossilized Kabutops or Aerodactyl depending on the position of letters in the player’s name. After it was caught, the game would do all sorts of wacky things. You can see the MissingNo glitch performed in the re-released Pokemon Blue down below.




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  2. There are two kinds of people in school.

    Those who knew of the MissingNo. glitch, and those who didn’t.

  3. Of course missingno. is still in the game… it’s a freakin’ port guys…. not a remake. they are changing literally nothing except the way ‘linking’ works.

    1. They have made a lot of changes, have a look: http://pastebin.com/16hAwyUv
      The main thing you should know is that the standard VC release usually contains a few patches, these pokemon games however contain an unusual amount of patches. The most notable are network patches, and a variety of pokemon moves are now motion blurred to reduce flashing.
      Various patches are not even identified so there’s no telling what else they changed.

    2. Actually, when you make a port, it’s the developer’s job to take out any bugs or glitches from the previous version. If a game was being ported from another platform where there was a huge game breaking bug, do you seriously think they will put in that same huge game breaking bug in the other platform’s version?

  4. So will it still screw up your hall of fame? I hope they fixed that at least. I always loved the MissingNo glitch, but hated how doing it even once screwed up your hall of fame forever.

    1. Highly doubt it (I hope). They most likely put MissingNo back in as an easter egg. They wouldn’t put it back in unless they had fixed any annoying after-effects from using the glitch.

      1. “Put in” is probably the wrong term, though. My fear is that they didn’t “put in” anything, but rather “left in” something. I don’t think they removed MissingNo from the original game in the first place, so there was nothing to “put back in”. More likely, they probably just left MissingNo in the game instead of removing him, so unless they actively went looking for the hall of fame bug to fix it, it’s probably still in the game.

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