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Here’s How To Add More Nostalgia Whilst Playing The Pokémon VC Titles

As you probably already know, today marks Pokémon’s 20th anniversary, and to celebrate, Pokémon Blue, Red and Yellow are now available on the Nintendo 3DS Virtual Console.

Thanks to Twitter user @graphure, here’s how to make your gaming experience even more nostalgic whilst playing the re-released titles:

By pressing the ‘start’ and the ‘select’ button on your 3DS when the game starts up, it will switch to it’s original resolution, and by holding ‘L’ and ‘R’ then pressing ‘Y’ will give the game screen a green tint. Enjoy!


11 thoughts on “Here’s How To Add More Nostalgia Whilst Playing The Pokémon VC Titles”

  1. I believe you only need to press start or select for the original resolution, but great tips for those that probably wouldn’t have known otherwise. (:

  2. Seriously though, would it kill Nintendo to render VC games at nearest neighbor so the graphics don’t look blurry? It would make a world of difference, and you can do it in any emulator.

  3. Ironically, a lot a sites are posting things like this the day after I found it out myself by reading the digital manual.

    Wanna know what I’d really like to see though? SGB, GBC, and GBA mode support for GB and GBC games. I don’t think it’d be too hard, GBA mode changes one bit in the register in select games to enable certain features in the Oracle games and Shantae, while SGB and GBC modes primarly just cause the game to render the default 4 shades of grey in actual colors, with the GBC mode having several pallets you could chose from(dunno if the SGB version does this too), and the SGB adds a few borders unique to each game. Though a few games do offer more SGB features, so that might be harder. Hm…Still, the GBC and GBA mode support on GB and GBC games would be nice and hypothetically require very little effort.

  4. I wish they would have added a Gameboy Color mode for gameboy games.
    I didn’t play on the original Gameboy, first it was a Gameboy pocket, and then a gameboy color.
    I miss playing Red and Blue in Red and Blue.

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