Professor/Designer Predicts Nintendo Is Working On A VR Gaming Device

Nintendo is probably working on a new virtual realty (VR) gaming device, according to Carnegie Mellon University professor and game designer Jesse Schell. At GDC 2016 this week, Schell outlined a number of predictions in regards to how major gaming companies will utilize the tech. He believes that VR is something that will stick around, as opposed to a mere fad. You can read an excerpt from an overview of one of his predictions below:

By 2022, the majority of VR revenue will be spent on portable self-contained VR systems that are not mobile or PC VR. “Imagine if you strapped a DS to your face, it’s like that or imagine if the virtual boy didn’t suck.” They’ll be gaming devices and won’t have cords all over the place. “I would bet Nintendo is working on one,” Schell said.



      1. I dont get it are you just trolling or do you really just have no life you are on here all day commenting shit after shit? And yeah my friend got the s7 with vr. But vr will not last in gaming, it’s already on it’s way out.

      2. Nope I comment on some articles and look on the website throughout the day it doesn’t take long to refresh a page and comment on a few articles you ignorant child but even if I had no life and if I only did this it would be of no concern to you little kid and duh I already know that I said the phone is cool read next time

      3. You are an ignorant Nintendo drone who accepts all of their bulls hit and o Harra had the will to keep fighting so fuck outta here

      4. How the fuck am I a Nintendo drone when I also own a PC and a PlayStation 3, Master Bait?

      5. If you stop acting like a fucking pretendo troll and think positive, you’ll be a much better and respectful man.

      6. Thank you, been trying to tell him the same thing and yet he’s always saying the same shit…as I said before, just like sassori. Finally found someone who agrees with me.

      7. What in the fuck is pretendo I already said I am a disgruntled fan but I am becoming less of a fan and I don’t need respect from anyone on a website I post my opinion and get on with my day and once Nintendo proves themselves I may change but they obviously have to change and a lot

      8. I just have the s7 the gold platinum. I like how you can splat screen certain shit. And it’s a sweet deal how I get the gear s2 watch (or some shit like that) for free.

      9. Idk. I need information on it before I can decide anything. I thought the fucking wii u was going to be good. And look where it’s at now.

      10. Exactly Nintendo fucked up big time but they better learn with the nx or else they are lost in their own little world of shit

  1. And this Patcher character is probably already writing his “analysis” on how it will fail. I tell you what, if we caught a guy running his mouth like that attention-hungry whippersnapper back in my day, we’d tar and feather the bastard! Who cares if it’s carcinogenic, even by my old-school “lives are worth something” ethos, this guy’s a waste of air!

  2. I thought they said they weren’t? Doesn’t matter to me either way, virtual reality as it is now may be just a fad, but its still pretty cool.

  3. Don’t care for vr just fuckin games to play god damn it ass shit shit ass hot garbage dumpster diving ass shitendo where are the games how many fuckin droughts have we has this Gen this is fuckin atrocious just straight shit give me games

      1. “and Megaman sucks too” – You made it a little too obvious that you just want to argue…

        That would be like if I ended my comment here with “oh, by the way, bruce lee sucks too.” Why? What is this, kindergarten? I’m surprised you didn’t call me “poopy head” or something.

        I’ll remember to ignore your comments in the future.

      2. No Megaman hasn’t a game in how long and what was the last good Megaman game and guess what that is if you said Bruce Lee sucks it is an opinion which you should know what that is kid and I wouldn’t care anyway people can say whatever they want and if you are a poopy head I would laugh because that is funny

      3. legacy collection has a bunch of new content and remixes and new challenge modes, and it’s extended even further with amiibo

  4. VR is WAY too expensive to take off. 5-7 hundred $ for a headset seriously? And then we got the fact that unless it sells gangbusters no 3rd party companies are gonna make games for it. They’re already to lazy to make Wii U games because of the gamepad and lesser graphics, theres NO WAY they are gonna make games for VR that are gonna make people want to pay for a “controller” that costs more than the console itself!

    1. Exactly it will all depend on sales and yeah Nintendo on the home console front was absolute garbage this Gen but hopefully the nx is good but I doubt it based off of past business practices but going off of rumors it could finally mean Nintendo is getting with the times

      1. Master… there’s a greater possibility that Nintendo will replace the PowerPC with x86 and/or ARM processor inside their unified systems.

      2. Hopefully sit they better or they will be shut with no 3rd party support even if they can pump out 1st parties for the 1st time

      3. Don’t worry… Nintendo will get third party support back. Square Enix, Bandai Namco, Koei Tecmo, SEGA, Platinum Games, Activision are just a few supporting Nintendo for making games on its new unified platforms. Not quite sure about Electronic Arts and Ubisoft though…

  5. LOL, this “VIRTUAL” nobody, what does he know. VR IS THE NEXT FAD. That’s a fact. And Nintendo has never followed the fads, they do their own thing. If anything AR they will continue to build on, not VR.

  6. Man I hope not. If this happen to be true, and its mandatory to play most 1st party games (like the Wii and the Wiimote) then count me the fuck out.

    1. Yeah if that were to happen then I may get the console if I could turn off the vr but if not then fuvk Nintendo I would be completely done and continue to game on Sony and Microsoft systems and did you get trails of cold steel and I’m slowly playing the game and I just got back on x today and it was fun

      1. Not yet, I just picked up The Division, and before that I picked up Legend of Legacy and Stella Glow so I havent had time for another RPG. As Soon as I finish both Stella Glow and LoL im picking up Xenoblade Chronicles and ill have to decide between Legend of Heroes and that new Digimon game. Ill definitely pick up Legend of Heroes, but itll probably be after Digimon.

      2. OK and how is the division and OK I have a lot of games to get when I get my new 3ds xl and I will definitely be getting the Digimon game on the vita the combat reminds me of Pokémon stadium for the n64 And Nintendo better not duck up this e3 because if they have another win u in terms of mistakes then they really will be utter horse shit

      3. Exactly because if they are I’m sure many people will abandon them all because they are fuckin shit and didn’t get with the times

      4. The Division is good so far, I’m hooked actually, but you have to play it with friends because it gets boring pretty fast if you solo it.

        Nice, if you like RPG’s get the bravely games. I’m sure Bravely Second will be out by the time you get you’re N3DS.

        It kind of is, but its a dungeon crawler. The battles are turn based, just the OG Digimon World games.

        Tell me about it. I’ve pretty much given up on getting games on my Wii U (aside from the ones announce.) I’m more excited on the games coming to the 3DS. Both Dragon Quest games, the new Final Fantasy game, and bravely second all this year. It’s a great year for RPG fans.

      5. OK and yup exactly and it is sad that when I buy a wii u because I’m borrowing my cousins I will have maybe a considerable amount of games on the system but my taste in games can change by that time which should also be later this year and yeah I can’t wait to get the new 3ds xl because of so many games I want

  7. I’m not sold on VR. There’s a point at which gaming becomes too immersive, I think. I mean, I want to retain some kind of awareness of my surroundings. Like what if the house catches fucking fire or something? I admit I’m intrigued (Mario Kart in with VR sounds awesome), but is it worth the price of admission?

    I also don’t see one fucking reason to assume Nintendo is working on a VR device. They are working on the NX–very likely a console/portable hybrid, and I doubt they have anything else in the works. As usual, people’s expectations for it will prove unrealistically high, and Nintendo will kill all the hype when they finally reveal it. The NX will end up being as powerful/slightly less powerful than the XB1 and PS4 when it really needs to be future-proof by being significantly more powerful. Nintendo will continue to ignore their dwindling base of diehard fans and persist in marketing their product to “families”. There is nothing wrong with Nintendo wanting to capture the casual market, but there is more than one way of going about it. Why are they not targeting the college crowd? Why are the not targeting the young, single professional crowd? Why are they not reminding guys that Mario Kart is one of the few video games hot girls will actually play and enjoy with them? Every ad I see is very family-centric, and that really boggles the mind. Nintendo really needs to broaden its scope. They need to make their brand cool again, and there’s nothing more uncool than playing video games with your family (and that’s really at the heart of Nintendo’s shitty sales).

  8. Uhh … Duh! See that relic there being jokingly referenced? It was called the Virtual Boy, in reference to Virtual Reality, and it is no coincidence that it resembles headsets of VR past and Present.

    Are they working on VR prototypes as we speak? … the company that specializes in creating interactive toys as games? The Company who promoted a glove that tracked finger movement and hand position in 3D space … for the 8 Bit NES, a quarter of a Century ago? … And later actually made motion control work, and popularized it with the Wii?

    … has that company been prototyping and experimenting with ways to get right what they got wrong with the Virtual Boy since the very moment the VBs hardware was finalized way back in the mid-late 1990’s, for the past two Decades, long before The VR systems launching this year were even imagined?

    Is this even a question?

    Nintendo will make Nintendo-VR when they can sell the Hardware at an affordable price while still making a profit, and know what kinds of games they want to make for it, and not a moment sooner.

    VR is still too High End. Nintendo has tech they are testing, no doubt, but don’t hold your breath. I wouldn’t expect it to see the light of day until NX is on it’s way out, and VR has already been mainstream for at least a year or two.

  9. I really don’t see Nintendo joining the VR scene. Unless the market proves to be beneficial for them. It’s unproven now though, which would be a very risky move for them to commit to.

    I also HOPE they don’t go into VR. VR doesn’t interest me at all. I think it’d be neat to use once, just to see how it is. After that, I think it would quickly lose its appeal. Just like motion gaming, which is pretty much dead. I don’t mind minor motion controls though (like Splatoon or Zelda on Wii U, for instance – I love using the gyro aiming, it feels incredibly accurate).

    Seeing as a lot of VR games utilize heavy motion inputs (turning your head for certain games being the largest turn-off to me, I don’t want to sway my head all over the place while playing), I don’t see a big difference between it and what it was like on the Wii, except you have to wear a giant contraption on your head. No thanks, I just want to use my tv…

  10. But didn’t Nintendo just clear up the fact that they are NOT INTERESTED in doing a VR device? They just said this! Of course VR will stick around, but Nintendo just made it very clear that they are not doing VR right now.

  11. I believe Miyamoto has said in an interview that the company has no intentions of entering the VR market anytime soon. Besides, the way it’s looking out to be, VR really does seem like another fad and Nintendo doesn’t do fads.

  12. If the dam thing is going to be over 350 to 800 or even 1,000 dollars, I would not go for it unless I’m rich…That just tells me it’s luxury, not for the poor. Its also what is holding me back from buying the games I want thanks to every day life and bills that swamp me, thank you gamestop for preorders…

  13. Working on a VR gaming device? Possible. Working on getting a VR gaming device out for next gen? Not a chance in hell. The tech is way too expensive right now. If it’s not ready for mass marketing, Nintendo won’t give too shits about having one ready for next gen. Virtual Reality might appeal to those that can afford to get a high end gaming PC but not for those that prefer the cheaper alternative: consoles.

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