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Miyamoto Hasn’t Decided If Project Giant Robot Should Be A Full Game

You may remember seeing two of Miyamoto’s recent projects at 2014’s E3. Thanks to the latest Nintendo Direct, we now know that one of them, Project Guard, has become Star Fox Guard, a bonus game that will come packaged with Star Fox Zero when it launches this April.

However, you may be asking: “Whatever happened to the mech sumo fighting title, Project Giant Robot?” Well, according to Miyamoto’s interview with TIME, that title hasn’t quite been fleshed out into a full experience:

“‘Project Giant Robot’ was something we started as a second project, and unfortunately we haven’t yet decided to turn that into a full game.”

So, if you were waiting for the announcement of this second project in the near future, you can stop holding your breath for now–but just for now.



21 thoughts on “Miyamoto Hasn’t Decided If Project Giant Robot Should Be A Full Game”

  1. 🎭Mr. Boss Ass Bitch💊

    Ditch the blockyear ass graphics. Make some kickass robots. Kinda like some Transformers or mechs like skills. Have badass customs robot parts including sky battle, rockets, bombs, lasers. Hell throw in Quadrabitch’s titties. Just leave that blocky shit and aim for a semi mature audience. Rated T for bitches.

  2. Just dump it. Unless they’re able to release it soon as a viable mini-game or stand-alone thing for a deeply discounted price, it’s not worth it. You can tell that Miyamoto didn’t know what the hell do to with the gamepad either, so he had to pull some stupid bullshit out of his ass to appease Nintendo.

  3. So… what exactly did he accomplish in the last two years? I mean, other than shoving unwanted gimmicks and motion controls down Star Fox’s throat, raping Paper Mario’s corpse beyond the point of no return, and probably breathing down the necks of every other developer at Nintendo…

    I just don’t think Miyamoto is an asset to Nintendo anymore, or at least he’s not doing what he should be doing. If he can’t go back to actually making good games, the least he could do is leave the other devs and franchises alone. Obviously that’ll never happen though.

      1. What could be worse than Federation Force, though? Wait! This is Nintendo! Some of us didn’t expect E3 2015 to be any worse than what we expected only for them to surprise us & show it can be a lot worse than we expected! I take it back! I TAKE IT BACK!!! D:

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  5. Considering nobody at E3 even cared or was interested in this project, I think it’s safe to just trash it. Or if they are too stubborn, pass it to another developer and turn it into a small eShop game.

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