Hyrule Warriors Legends’ Website Has Launched

Hyrule Warriors Legends‘ website has officially launched, a few days ahead of the Nintendo 3DS title’s Western debut. Visit the site for a bunch of videos and info about the game’s story, characters and weapons. A personality quiz will also be featured, giving fans a chance to find out which warrior fits their personality. Hyrule Warriors Legends arrives on March 25 in North America and on March 24 in Europe and Australia.



    1. -||No you’re not, this garbage is as bad as Federation Force in terms of scam and disappointment||-

      1. But you haven’t even played Federation Force? :O
        Can’t say it’s bad just because you’ve seen trailers and gameplay of the game only, you need to play it first before actually saying it’s garbage xD
        Thought you were smarter than this dude, guess not :/

        1. -||Metroid is my essence, no one has the authority to counter me in this regard||-

          1. explain how Metroid is your essence.
            Federation Force, dissapointmen and scam?, maybe.
            Garbage? you still have to play the game.

            1. -||Playing the game does nothing when you take the essence of what makes it a Metroid game spin-off or otherwise||-

              -||I don’t care if the gameplay is somewhat fun, it’s not Metroid, period||-

        2. We are master gamers. We don’t need to play anything to know it’s crap. I don’t expect a casual gamer to understand, though.

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