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AMD Q4 2015 Earnings Call Suggests Multiple New Consoles Launching This Year

AMD have just released their Q4 2015 earnings call and during the report they made the suggestion that multiple new consoles will be launching this year. The Nintendo NX is heavily rumoured to be launching later this year, but whether that’s just in Japan remains to be seen. We have also heard that Sony is looking to put out a revised edition of the PlayStation 4 which is referred to as the PlayStation 4K. All eyes will be on E3 in June.

Demand for game consoles looks strong for 2016 and we remain on track to generate additional revenue from new semi-custom business in the second half of 2016. Game consoles — we see units going up 2016 to 2015. We’ve also said in the enterprise embedded and semi-custom segment that we will be ramping some new design revenue in the second half of 2016. We have new products being introduced in both the businesses with the new design wins in the second half on the semi-custom side.


64 thoughts on “AMD Q4 2015 Earnings Call Suggests Multiple New Consoles Launching This Year”

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    1. Actually, NX is rumoured to have 12GB of RAM and the PS4K is rumoured to just be on par with the system.
      Also, did you forget about the Supplementary Computing Device? That’ll most likely destroy the PlayStation 4K… sorry for ruining your fanboy hopes there.

      1. 🎭Mr. Boss Ass Bitch💊

        Ok First of all, I could give an rat ass about what the hell Sony is doing. And second of all, your just basing the Nx on worthless rumors. You sound more like a fan boy than I do.

  1. If the PS4K (assuming it’s real) is the same except for the 4k output, I’ll skip on it. Plus, I just bought my PS4 2 months ago. (Only about 1 week until Dark Souls/Ratchet and Clank!)

    As far as NX goes, I’ll likely get it just because I get all Nintendo systems. Gotta have those great Nintendo games. (Less than 3 weeks until Star Fox!)

    1. Do you think the PS4 could also unveil an extra piece of hardware that upgrades the existing ps4 people already have to 4k? That would be nice. I don’t own one, but if I did and had a 4K tv I’d be pissed I had to buy another ps4, although, I might have the money for it

      1. That would be nice. I’m not sure how likely it is, seeing as they’d probably want people to fork over as much money as possible. I’m sure the 4k PS4 would just replace the current model entirely.

  2. That’s dumb on Sony’s part to release a facelift PS4 when they could had saved the money for 4k on PS5. That’s stupid. Sounds like Sony scared of what the NX could be like so they releasing this as back up. Hmmm maybe Sony isnt all that least they know how to adjust to the current competition.

          1. I’m not placing any bets for it.
            400$ peripheral that you need a 400$ console, does not sound like the most lucrative product.
            Especially if you already have a top notch TV.
            And if PS4K was required, anyone buying the said upgrade, probably has a proper 4k TV, and I just don’t see them forking out 400$ to watch 1080p from inches of their faces.

        1. If you mean better hardware and more option then it is really good. If I think it’s bad it wouldn’t mean much. The individual person buying it can say if it is good for them or no. I will not be buying ps4k or vr. I don’t have a 4K TV and have no need to buy one. I don’t watch bluray movies and gaming in 4K does not excite me.

    1. If “PS4K” is real, it will likely just be an updated PS4 with 4K streaming capability. As for 4K in games, you’ll be lucky to even get that with the PS5. If Sony is going for affordability again like with the PS4, then 4K will most likely still be too demanding.

  3. This doesn’t mean new consoles will be launch. It just means the parts needed in new consoles will be purchased in the second half. Companies need to purchase the item, the vendor needs to manufacture it, the company needs another manufacturing company to put it together with other parts when all other parts are purchased.

    1. Yeah, very nondescript. This information certainly means new things on the horizon, but when is a big question mark… however, manufacturing of an NX for Japan could ramp up in the second half of this year in time for the holiday, but I’d like to think if you are going to launch something during the holiday season that should be in the west, with maybe Japan getting it in the fall? Possible? 3 months between E3 and September and then if it gets enough buzz it will push through hard into the holidays for the west…Idk, makes sense to me. I see handheld as the first installment as others do and have mentioned, but anything is possible

      1. Yeah. That’s why I’m just waiting on Nintendo. I’m still playing and attempting to finish some wii u games so when the announce it then I will focus some attention to it. Right now NX doesn’t exist to me. A product not on the market or not in talks of becoming on the market do not exist to me.

  4. I really hate hearing about the Playstation 4K. I already preordered the limited edition Nathan Drake PS4 at Best Buy (which releases May 10th). This Playstation 4K better not make me regret this. I heard on a YouTube video that all games made for the PS4K will be playable on the regular PS4. And that the games will have a 4K option. How many people even has a 4K resolution tv? I’ve seen them in stores (the Ultra HD TV’s), and I want one SOOOOO bad. But I could never afford one of those.

    1. When Sony announce it then information can be known. I wouldn’t worry about it right now. Enjoy your system and game when you receive it.

  5. This generation will the generation of the butthurt. Heavy hitting first party games on XBO and PS4 aren’t even out and an upgrade seems to be in the horizon, the Wii U was, ok? But overall it hasn’t had a great generation. I can’t blame anyone for feeling burn is what I’m trying to say.

    1. What’s worse is that with this generation, I’ve seen a huge increase of gamers arguing over visuals and frame rate. You can’t even go to places like Digital Foundry without seeing things like “lmao 900p” or “30 fps is disgusting!” It’s gotten out of hand. People need to stop trying to justify their purchase by insulting another system. And omg. The console exclusive war is complete BS. Arguing over Quantum Break and Uncharted 4. Screaming that XB1 has no exclusives or that PS4 has no worthwhile games. It’s truly pathetic. I applaud the guys out there that actually buy consoles simply because they want to play games. And not the frauds that say that only because they want to back out of an argument when a PC gamer calls them out for nit picking over frame rate and resolution.

      Anyways, I agree. This generation has been rather lackluster. It would be best to own more than one console at a time like this. My main focus has been PC since it offers a ton to play from even past generations. And I used PS4 as an exclusives machine and a backup for games like FFXV. Just in case they never make the way to PC, but it’s always good to have another platform since that gives you more options.

      1. Yeah I notice that too, Im actually part of that crowed, but to be fair, I go to EVERY forum on IGN and troll. Its not really to hate but to poke the bears over there lol. I actually dont even care about it, although if a game stutters, clips, or tears I will voice it. Just recently I was asked about FF15, and I had to tell said person not to pick it up for the XBO because I did notice constant tearing, he preordered the PS version instead.

        I do find it sad when someone really takes this whole console war serious, were they take the time to count how many exclusives one has over the other, were they take the word exclusive and twist it to help their argument, or how they down play games for the sake of an argument. Their just games, if they dont own the console then it shouldn’t matter to them. yes, I agree man, although sometimes its hard because most people cant afford a second console. Still though, the console war is pretty fucking stupid.

      2. there just a bunch of fanboys who wants to see witch consoles are better and all 3 eight generation consoles have the best interface. besides i heard of fan boys just go on and attack each other because of sony microsoft and nintendo products for there own reasons besides i agree what you said. but not only PC gamers just spend there time on playing PC games like GTA 5 and Saint row 3 or 4. but anyway i seen those 3 companies want a rivalry against each other about the console wars. but instead they just want to make better games for fun for everyone and fan boys so yeah. if only people understands iwata what he is saying then maybe nintendo will be more successful then other 2 companies.

  6. Nintendo can easily utilize the plug and play of gpu into the NX’s architecture to allow dual gpus, and only thing anyone would have to do is just buy an extra gpu, probably a custom amd gpu created specifically for the NX, possibly allowing for 4k resolution 60 fps NX titles, but as always Nintendo never takes good advise until it’s to late and they are left two steps behind, like they are with the current plans for the NX:{

    1. This cannot be a possibility due to the market would be split. People buy consoles that play games with ease. The market of consumers for consoles do not want to add graphics cards. If they did want to they would own a PC instead of a console.

  7. Nowhere in that quote does it say a single thing about new consoles coming out. “additional revenue from new semi-custom business in the second half of 2016” does not equal a new console. The rest of the quote could mean pretty much anything, not necessarily a new console.

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  9. Where are you seeing a confirmation for multiple new consoles in that statement? All they’re saying is that they’ve got new semi custom designs coming. That could be anything.

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