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Nintendo UK: RPG Fans Will Look Back At Nintendo 3DS As Having The Best RPGs

As you are probably already aware Nintendo UK has launched a #3DSAdventures marketing push showcasing the many RPGs that are available on the system. Obviously there’s a lot of them this year including Bravely Second and Fire Emblem Fates so it makes sense for Nintendo to market this.

“It might be late in the Nintendo 3DS’ life cycle, but 2016 looks like it’ll be another stellar year for RPG adventure fans with an unparalleled and exclusive line-up spanning from January through to December,” said Nintendo UK marketing manager Chandra Nair.

“I think in years to come RPG adventure fans will look back on Nintendo 3DS as having one of the best line-ups of all time. And we’re celebrating it right now.”


17 thoughts on “Nintendo UK: RPG Fans Will Look Back At Nintendo 3DS As Having The Best RPGs”

  1. More like the worst RPGs. Fire Emblem is literally the worst “strategy” rpg ever created. Theres no strategy needed at all, it flat out tells you on the screen who would probably win the match up and then its complete RNG wheather you win or lose. Baboos first strategy game. Literally no idea why these games are so beloved, its not like the story and characters are good either.

  2. It’s a diverse, fun lineup. Not necessarily the best, but definitely the most accessible and up on current standards. It’s a good thing to see them being pushed.

  3. Wut? Nintendo UK is out of touch. I mean, if they are comparing the 3DS to the Xbox 360 or Xbox One, then yeah maybe. But even against Nintendo’s own consoles and handhelds, the 3DS would lose out.

      1. Here’s a good example of a 3DS game beating the hell out of a Wii U game: Super Smash Bros for 3DS. Sad but true.

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