1. -||Young fool, only later, at the end will you understand||-


      1. -||This gaming world needs a better kind of Nintendo loyalists, and I’m going to give them that||-


      1. Yeah those blue cases. Oh I like the color blue too, I just dont like the shade of blue on the Wii U cases. I like the blue shade on the PS4 cases. Now that shade looks sexy.

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      2. My favorite color is lime green. But Xbox is the only one that comes close to that. Perhaps I might buy more physical copies instead of digital if I get an XB1.


      3. Oh those XBO cases do look pretty sexy, what I really like about them is the see through look and how they arent glossy. since that Steveb post, I cant stop thinking about what the next color might be. :D I cant freaking wait now.

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      4. well its not so much the art work (even though Im not fan of the blue thing on top, I dont hate it either.) I was reffering to the actual box.

        I just dont like that shade of blue.

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  1. I love the combination of red backgrounds and white lines! I’m assuming this will be the theme coloring in the NX logo, in which case I’m already very happy about this coming generation.

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    1. It used to be red, actually, so it’s like they’re going back to how they once were. I sure hope they are- maybe that means they’ll finally start trying to please their hardcore players/fans again after neglecting them the past two gens.

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  2. This is good news! Before, it took a while before I noticed that the red Nintendo logo was gone. Nice to see it back. I have a feeling this is a positive sign for Nintendo idk why lol. a really stupid feeling


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