Video: Five Things You Didn’t Know About Perfect Dark

The classic Rare team has been rather vocal about their history since the launch of their compilation title, Rare Replay. With that, they gave us hours of footage discussing the development of old projects, one of which was the popular N64 title, Perfect Dark. However, even after a follow up video discussing the making of the game, Rare has more to share. Check out the video below to find out 5 more things you didn’t know about the classic shooter, like how it ended up with such a kick-ass name.




  1. I remember back when Perfect Dark was in development. There was an issue of Nintendo Power magazine that showed a cool feature that was going to allow the players to put their own face on the characters in the game (possibly for multi-player). And I was actually considering buying it solely for that feature (that’s been a gaming dream of mine that STILL hasn’t been fulfilled). Then later it was announced that Rare scrapped that idea and took the feature out (for whatever reasons). So therefore I didn’t buy Perfect Dark (until the Wii era, when I found it at a thrift shop). I wouldn’t have liked the game anyway, since I can’t stand first-person games of any kind.


  2. I can’t watch. Too much of a reminder of what Nintendo foolishly let go. The money they could have gotten from releasing it on virtual console alone would have made it worth keeping Rare for.


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