Ganon’s Involvement Confirmed For Zelda: Breath of the Wild

Fans will be pleased to hear that the latest screenshots from The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild confirms the involvement of Ganon. While there’s no official confirmation of his appearance within the game’s storyline, a screenshot notes of his existence, stating: “I am a humble monk, blessed with the sight of the Goddess Hylia and dedicated to helping those who seek to defeat Ganon.”

In past Zelda games, the popular antagonist has been referred to Ganon in both his Gerudo humanoid and demonic boar-like form, meaning there’s no real telling as to which form we shall potentially see, whether in battle as Ganondorf or as part of the overall Zelda canon. Yet according to GameSpot, Ganon’s destruction is shown in the landscape of Hyrule. Known in Breath of the Wild as Calamity Ganon, he overtook Hyrule Castle around a century ago, giving nature room to spread its wings over time.

While Nintendo has revealed many changes to the core Zelda series with Breath of the Wild, including the lack of an AI character partner for Link, it’s great to see some familiarity returning.

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  1. He’s referred to as Calamity Ganon, and either is or his presence is shown by, the dark cloud surrounding the castle in the trailers. He’s taken over Hyrule Castle and left the rest of Hyrule to decay and be overcome by nature. Check out Gamespot’s hands-on!

  2. Fuck! If this game has Ganon in it, no chance in hell this is after Skyward Sword since Ocarina of Time is supposed to partly be Ganon’s origin story. But I guess they could retcon it by saying Ganon is Demise reincarnated as a parasite of some kind and he can possess someone that has been corrupted by evil and Ganondorf is merely Ganon’s second host who was groomed to be evil by Twinrova & they infected him with Ganon. Ugh! *hopes it was a typo so they can try out a new villain for a main Zelda title again since Ganondorf/Ganon has been a villain for most of the other main titles*

        1. Ganon is the new Ghost Nappa. Oh Zelda? I’m haunting you now! GANNNNNNNNNOOOOOOOOOONNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN!

    1. But sadly that’s what holds most Nintendo franchises back! They always want to reuse the same villains over & over again & rarely use new ones. It’s honestly why I think Miyamoto rebooted Star Fox because he wanted to bring Andross back. And it’s most likely why Metroid hasn’t gotten a sequel to Fusion yet. :/

    2. With that said, I think it’s nice they get out of their comfort zone & try a new villain every now & then. I love Demise, Yuga, Vaati, Fawful, … Uhm… Uh… See what I mean!? @.@

        1. I was trying to list all of the new, major villains for Nintendo franchises and those were the only ones I could come up with at the top of my head. Yet they always fall back on Andross, Ganon, Bowser, Space Pirates, etc as if they are afraid of giving the mantle of big bad over to some new guy. Or the older guys in charge of the franchises are running out of ideas & need new blood before it’s too late.

        2. Just look at how quick Miyamoto was to go back to Andross with a remake/reboot/reimagining of Star Fox. He obviously can’t come up with new villains besides the same old Bowser & Andross. Even Star Fox Adventures had Andross appear out of nowhere at the end of the game as the villain. It’s a good thing he gave Zelda to Aonuma or we probably wouldn’t have gotten Demise, Ghirahim, Vaati, Maladus, Majora’s Mask & others. The first couple of Zelda games is proof of that since it was Ganon in Zelda 1, Zelda 2, Link to the Past, Ocarina of Time, and I honestly wonder if he even came up with Nightmare in Link’s Awakening or Veran or Onox in the Oracle games. Then again, even Veran & Onox ended up being servants to Ganon who ended up being the big bad of those games.

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