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Pokemon GO Plus Is Being Targeted For A Release At The End Of July For $34.99

It has been revealed in today’s Nintendo Treehouse live stream that the current goal is to release Pokemon GO Plus sometime in late July. It can be bought both online and through select retailers. It was also revealed that it will cost $34.99 in North America.

Source: Nintendo Treehouse Stream



  1. What this article is lacking is the fact that Pokemon Go Plus is the wrist accessory that acts sorta like a Fitbit or primitive smart watch. It has a light up button that indicates when pokemon are close by to catch and lets you catch them without having to pull out your phone.

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    1. It’s an ARG (Augmented Reality Game) that utilizes your phone to basically take the role of a Pokemon Trainer. You walk around your real-world and your “scanner” will recognize pokemon in the AR world; you can then use your phone to “throw” pokeballs at them and catch them. I think more than that gets past the NDA.

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