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Mario Party Star Rush In Now Up On Amazon Along With Details

Mario Party Star Rush is a surprise title for the Nintendo 3DS that is due to be released this November. We will learn more details about the game during today’s Nintendo Treehouse segment but for now the product is up on Amazon along with a product description. Here’s what we know about the game so far! You can pre-order the game, right here.

  • Break free of turn order, with all players plotting strategy, rolling the dice, and moving. all simultaneously!
  • Team up with your friends in the real world to compete to take down bosses in each game board. Mario Party fun is back and better than ever for multiplayer.
  • RP: Rating Pending

10 thoughts on “Mario Party Star Rush In Now Up On Amazon Along With Details”

  1. So glad I stopped being into Mario Party after the 2nd or 3rd game. It’s not even a board game simulator, anymore. :/

      1. I lost interest after getting bored rather quickly of Mario Party 3. I think that was the one with all of the baby Bowser’s running about, anyway. I guess it’s a good thing. Otherwise, I would have played 9 & threw my console out the window in the process.

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