Video: Here’s The Mighty No. 9 Launch Trailer

Mighty No. 9 releases very soon, so a launch trailer has been uploaded to YouTube. It’s not very long, but it does serve to provide people with a general idea of the game’s premise. If you want to watch the trailer, feel free to check it out down below.

Mighty No. 9 launches on multiple platforms, including the Nintendo Wii U, in North America June 21st. It releases in PAL regions on June 24th. A Nintendo 3DS version will release later this year.



  1. It’s official, folks… the REAL Mega Man fights to save the world. Sadly… Mighty No. 9 is not. Oh well…

  2. ||“Why are you doing this to me?”||

    ||Then why are you?…||

    What, do you hate the Mega Man formula too!?

    This is making Capcom’s constant cancellation of Mega Man games look good, THAT’S how disappointing this game is!

  4. I don’t feel bad for any Mega Man fans who expected anything more than an attempt to rekindle the flame to a character that is already dead.

    People shouldn’t have backed this game 4 times. That was already a sign of issues. This guy received millions to back this game. I understand what he received is still pennies for certain cost of staff and development, but if you delay this game so many times and this is your final product, then what the fuck is all I will say my friends of Nintendo news. Wtf!?!? This game looks like dog shit and even the worst Mega Man game is better then this crap. I wish Mega Man was still going too, but this turd is because of the idiots who kept dreaming for mega man and couldn’t let him die.

  5. if i had backed this, i wouldnt get the game. the advertisement may be crap, but if i block out the memory of this being a crowd-funded title from my noggin, then it’d just look like a cool game coming to the eshop.

  6. Couldn’t believe the reviews…but Destructoid, Metatric, & IGN WERE ALL DISAPPOINTED WITH MIGHTY NO.9!
    5.6 to 6.5 at the highest? WTF happened Capcom?

  7. Sadly, I don’t know what’s worse. The reception for Mighty No. 9 or Man of Action’s Mega Man…..

    Does the video game industry have something against robot boys.

  8. Wow… Omg, that was an honest game trailer want-to-be… I feel so sorry for the backers.

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