Video: There’s A New Series Called The Play Nintendo Show

Nintendo has launched a new series called the Play Nintendo show on YouTube. Before you get too excited it is worth noting that the show is really aimed at the younger generation and is a good way of reaching out to the user base that might not have taken to Nintendo Minute. It’s worth checking out if you have a chance, but it certainly isn’t for everyone. You can watch the first episode, below.


  1. I’m actually for this.
    I just want Nintendo to start giving their exclusive games that have mature content a Mature rating rather than censoring, banning, or cutting content altogether out of fear of a vocal few SJWs! If those M rated games end up being played by children, then the parents are at fault because those parents should learn to pay attention to the rating system on the front and back of the damn box!

  2. I forgot this; but do you need to enter your date of birth to use the eShop? And does Nintendo automatically apply this to enforce age rated games?

  3. The younger generation…….

    The same people who eagerly play Mario Tennis: Ultra Smash, Amiibo Festival, Amiibo Tap, Mario Party 10, Yo-Kai Watch, and Rise of Lyric. And don’t care about the results of the Smash Ballot.

  4. A better idea would be to bring back The Super Mario Bros Super Show.
    That’s what got me hooked as a kid… an animated TV series..

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