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Video: Mother 3’s Kumatora Has Been Smashified

Smashified continues their initiative of taking fan favorite characters and rendering them into a Super Smash Bros. For 3DS/Wii U style. This time, the team turned Kumatora from Mother 3 into Smash Bros. character art. The entire process was recorded on video and uploaded to YouTube with commentary that features Stephen Georg. If you want to watch it, feel free to check out the video below.



  1. why can’t Nintendo just put cultural differences aside and localise Mother 3 / EarthBound 2 here in the west? even if they were to stick an M-Rating on it, it’d still sell rather well.

  2. Wait. How old is this character? She looks at least 16 or 17, maybe even older if she’s Japanese, with this Smashified design. o.O

    1. I think they give a rough idea for her age near the end of the game (I won’t say how for spoiler reasons in respect of those who still have not played this masterpiece, but let the hint be “Mr. Cockroach”) and then there is the time jump about a third of the way through.

      I would guesstimate she is between late teens and very early twenties.

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