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Level-5 Believes Yo-Kai Watch 2 Will Turns Series Into Smash Hit In US

It’s no understatement to say that Level-5 want the next edition of Yo-Kai Watch to be a huge success in the United States as it is in Japan. US publication US Gamer recently had the chance to sit down and interview Level-5 president Akihito Hino about his feelings regarding the franchise and its lower than expected sales in North America. Hino remains optimistic and believes that Yo-Kai Watch 2 will be the game that captures the west’s heart. You can read the full extensive interview, right here.

Indeed, Hino hopes Yo-Kai Watch’s Japanese origins will ultimately be what pushes the series over the top. “The entire game is something that no one [in the U.S.] can create. It’s unique to the market, which is a big differentiation. People perceive this as a fantasy that they’ve never seen before,and we think we do have a good position for the audience to perceive a unique and attractive game series.”

As for whether it’s on the verge of becoming a sensation in the U.S., we’ll know soon enough.


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  1. I doubt it’ll change much. We haven’t had to restock any of the Yokai watch merch for a while now, and we’ve actually had to start whipping out swiffers for it’s section in the toy aisle. A pretty big contrast to the constantly clearing Nintendo and Pokemon merch.

  2. I can tell you right now it’s not going anywhere. There is like no hype around this series in US. It might sell a million copies but it won’t reach 1/10 of pokemon’s popularity, at least not here. But that’s just a theory… A G… Nevermind.

  3. 2 is a lot better may I add… But it’s not the game’s fault it’s not doing as good outside Japan. It’s just that kids have tablets here. If they ported them to smart devices the game would have already sold 10+ million copies.

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