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Nintendo’s Stocks Have Gone Up 23% In One Day, Their Best Day Since 1983

Pokemon GO has been such a success that the release of the game has given Nintendo‘s stocks a significant boost. David Ingles, Markets Reporter for Bloomberg TV, has reported that Nintendo’s stocks have risen an astounding 23% in just a single day because of Pokemon GO. So far, this is the best day that Nintendo’s stocks are having in 33 years. However, the stocks have yet to close for the day. It’s likely this number could change by the end of the day in Tokyo, but with the consistent increase in stocks, it’s not out of the question that this percentage could be even higher.




    1. It’s not mean because it’s most likely true. Then again, they probably have a “hard-on” for anything that is being talked about near constantly everywhere you go (heh, go…).

      Literally, I have not been able to go out in public the last few days without seeing someone playing Pokemon GO, and as far as I hear, social media is ablaze with Pokemon GO (and with me playing some online games, it’s extremely prevalent there as well).

      I had my doubts with Pokemon GO, mostly in terms of its gameplay, but apparently, the Pokemon Company finally managed to strike that chord that’s attracted new, current, and old fans of Pokemon.

      Also, I think it’s somewhat ingenious how this game doesn’t have a ton of content yet (of course, you have to literally find the content, which is why it’s so popular right now), since that means that they can continuously add content to increase its longevity, in the same way as Splatoon. I’m sure that there’ll be more Pokemon added every few months.

      For me, however, I’m not the biggest into going around IRL to find ingame things, and I’ve encountered one crash so far (although it was when I was capturing a Pokemon I already had for the heck of it… And I did lose it).

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  1. Let’s see how long this lasts, and how Nintendo responds to it. If Nintendo plays its cards right, it might have another Wii-calibre success on its hands.

    Let’s just hope that if this does well, they use the momentum to establish a fanbase and 3rd party support system that won’t evaporate like during the Wii-WiiU transition.

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    1. I don’t think third parties are going to respond positively just because of the response with Pokémon Go. Remember, the Wii had a fantastic shareholder response, but third parties eventually left. Nintendo needs to play nice to these developers in order to win them back. They need to relax a few of their rules and give them better freedom to do what they what (yes,… this does mean that they have to allow EA Access and ACU-like micro transactions, like how Sony and Microsoft has done (as much as I hate to admit it, but this is an example)). If they do those things, as well as listen more to them, support for their future systems should be easier to obtain. They’ve already stated by merging all of their dev portals (and I’m no developer, but I’d be happy with that announcement if I were them).

      But I agree with the rest of your statement.

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      1. I think that if Nintendo is able to claim a larger percentage of the market, that will show third parties that there is money to be made with them (I’m hoping that success on mobile will eventually translate to new fans for their dedicated gaming platforms, but there’s no guarantee that will happen). But you’re definitely right, that’s only half the battle. Nintendo needs to be proactive in making sure other companies can succeed on their platforms, and that they can easily translate what they are already doing on XB1 and PS4 to Nintendo’s next console. Otherwise this success will be transient.

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      2. I don’t think we should be correlating success on mobile phones with success of a future console. I don’t think those have very much to do with each other

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      3. I think that possibility is going to be the “new way to play”… cellular connectivity to pair the handheld with the home console using mobile devices (phones) as a go between as well as an augmented reality function that is incorporated into some of the games.

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      4. I don’t know if that would be considered as “a new way to play”, since Microsoft has pretty done something similar with SmartGlass. Nintendo is used to making proprietary hardware to go along with their software and I don’t think that will change anytime soon (example: that Pokémon Go Plus accessory).

        As for smart devices being connected to the console, to only am I with you with this, but I think they’ve already said that some of their apps and games will connect to the consoles and handhelds in some way.


      5. Which part does Microsoft do? You can play XBOX One games on a handheld through a cellular connection? Is there an augmented reality element to their games?


      6. For the first,… I think I mis-understood what you were saying. SmartGlass is generally speaking Microsoft’s answer to the Wii U GamePad. BUT, if I remember correctly, the PS Vita and their Xperia phones CAN play PS4 games (though, I don’t think it’s through a cellular connection; it’s though a home Wi-Fi network connection). Here’s a link of what I’m talking about (though, I’m pretty sure you know what I mean):

        For the second, I haven’t seen a game with AR capabilities on Xbox One outside of Kinect. And while it doesn’t look like there’s native support of it on SmartGlass, considering the fact that iOS and Android has the capabilities of supporting AR, I would say it’s still a possibility and Microsoft (probably) wouldn’t reject the idea.

        On top of that, Just Dance has a companion app for Android and iOS that connects with the Wii U version of the game ( (Android); (iOS)).

        But like I said, I’m not rejecting the idea of Nintendo allowing the use of smart devices on the NX (and I don’t think you’re “wrong”), I’m just saying that I don’t know if it can be considered as a “new way of play”.

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      7. OK, I will give you that… as the seeds of this perhaps wrongly put “new way to play” have already been planted, to do it at a larger degree would give a CEO the opportunity to make such a claim, even though others will call him out on it after the fact.

        Still, as I wonder what the NX’s “hook” will be (too much negativity attached to the word gimmick) and the possibilities of home console games on the move and people’s tastes moving towards mobile, the link between the two seems inevitable… How they do it is obviously the question, but if AR is the route Nintendo takes as opposed to VR (which they have publicly claimed is not ready for them or for widespread use) then we should be in for a welcomed treat, as well as something that very well could catch fire as we see with this Pokemon Go app. Not saying that the two should be viewed the same way, but in many ways the Wii cast that same spell on the public, and even if it set Nintendo back a bit, they are fully capable of recapturing the hearts and minds of hardcore gamers and more casual fans and children alike. And it will happen, if it does, in a fashion not as surprising as pokemon go because the reveal in the fall will let us all know if people are hot after it, or they view it as a silly or needless device and go back to looking down at their phones.

        Either way, I am enjoying the speculation

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      8. I’m enjoying this just as much as you are.

        I do share your view that the link between mobile and console are inevitable. Nintendo seemed to have always tried to do this with their own devices, so it would make sense to add smart devices to the mix. On top of that, considering the fact that the Animal Crossing app will connect to the 3DS somehow ( (under “Nintendo’s Next Mobile Apps”)), it almost sounds like Nintendo is almost screaming that similar things WILL be on the NX.

        I don’t really have anything else to add with the rest of your statement other than I agree. It’ll definitely be interesting to see what Nintendo does with this.

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      9. The problem is, Nintendo has an image problem that they have always had.
        They’re not very cool, and they have become way too kiddy, way too safe.
        But you gotta remember that young boys have a “big boy” mentality.. it’s little kids who mostly look at Nintendo and go “that’s for BABIES! I’m a BIG boy!” And then they go play call of poopy.
        Nintendo was never the cool edgy company…that used to be SEGA… and then SONY came along and they’re more of the edgy types.
        Nintendo did well with bayonetta 2.. but i have a sinking feeling that, that game did not sell THAT well… ~_~
        Sadly Nintendo’s image is in such bad shape and looking like a childish company, that i don’t think there is any way they can fix it.
        The NX will have to cost less than the PS4 or XBO for it to take off.
        I feel that most people who want serious mature games go else where, so they’re not likely to buy call of Duty on NX, because gamers already have PS4 and or XBO for those kinds of games.

        I hope Nintendo knows what they’re doing, i really do.
        I hope the NX gets everything right and people buy it up in droves and third party devs jump in head first to support the NX…


  2. This game really took off! I went to the park today and there must have been hundreds of people walking around with their phones out playing pokemon go. On a semi-related news, I caught an Alakazam!


  3. ||The First Order of Nintendo went up so much that even the Xbot infected territory I’m stationed in mentioned it on their news broadcast…||

    ||Soon we will purge the sickness that corrupts evetything in their path…||

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    1. Uhm. It’s a Pokemon game. Of course it was going to be repetitive and a chore for some people. This just makes it even more of a chore as you have to go outside & hunt them down.


      1. Not really. Walking can only do so much. Now if this game was leading them to go into an actual gym and workout to get the Pokemon to show up, sure. A shame it doesn’t actually do that.


    1. ||Casuals = Civilians, meaning, they are not Warriors = Gamers…||

      ||But aslong as the cattle keeps giving us resources, we are satisfied…||

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  4. When you make a game that allows you to get Pikchua as your starter Pokemon, run around in police states without the chance of getting shot, and can chase other Pokemon, then I say you made a decent game. After they fix all the bugs and more Pokemon are added, stock should expect to see a higher increase. But Nintendo may finally come to grips with the idea that, their IP should be on mobile to keep them afloat. And Pokemon Go will bring new fans to play their older and newer Pokemon games.


      1. These things actually happened! A little girl found a dead body, and not too long ago a guy almost got arrested because he walked into a situation where the cops thought he was apart of a drug deal, all because they both were playing Pokemon Go! Look it up if you don’t believe it! BTW, there are reports of people having their phones stolen, and suspicious older men luring people to strange areas while parked in their cars late at night, so yeah, there are some sick bastards out there who are using this game to prey on people!


      2. Sadly, some of that shit would happen regardless of this game. If it wasn’t “Hey! You want to catch a Mew!? Follow me into this dark alleyway to find it! It’s at the back of that van!” it’d be “Hey! I got a puppy in my back seat and some candy! You want some?” :/

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  5. This is where my issue from the previous article comes into play that I was arguing about: double standards. Nintendo isn’t at a little fault for the bad currently happening with Pokemon GO yet they get all the glory for the success it is having? If this wasn’t successful, all the blame would go to GameFreak while Nintendo gets a pass. But since it is successful, this is the result. I can’t hate on GameFreak when I pity the fact as a developer, they are being ignored while Nintendo, the publisher, gets all the glory.

    But hey! Least Nintendo is getting cheered instead of booed, right? “Don’t blame Nintendo for the bad surrounding Pokemon GO. Instead, cheer them for it’s success that they have nothing to do with!” *rolls eyes* Whatever.


    1. But it’s the same thing in a few cases with Sony and Microsoft. If Pokemon GO wasn’t a hit I’m pretty sure no one would care since it’s a mobile game. But if Pokemon Sun and Moon , a main game bombs Game freak has to take responsibility for it since they made the product. But if it succeeds. Game Freak’s work gets praised so on technical terms they’re getting praised.


    2. Like for example when Sonic Boom was a failure. The developing team got most of the blame and Sega got blamed too. It’s the same case here with Game Freak and Nintendo with Pokemon.


    3. I mean come on dude haven’t you seen what happens when Nintendo doesn’t do everything Breath of the Wid? They make take the glory but they always take the L full force and 10%.


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