Pokémon GO Plus Delayed Until September Worldwide

Nintendo has confirmed today that the Pokémon GO accessory the Pokémon Go Plus has unfortunately been delayed till September worldwide. The Kyoto based company wouldn’t give an explanation for the delay but it will no doubt be a blow for Niantic, Nintendo and the Pokémon Company.



  1. Could be a good thing looking at it optimistically. Will revive hype surrounding Go once it launches.

    1. Hopefully, it lines up with rumors that Gen II Pokemon will be launching around Fall or the holiday season.

  2. I’m positive the reason was that they couldn’t get it working properly on Android devices. They stated they were having trouble with this previously with no apparent problems on iOS versions.

  3. Wouldn’t be Nintendo if it didn’t get a delay. If it’s not ready then DON’T announce a release date. Nintendo related products get delayed FAR too often.

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