Digital Foundry Ponders Whether Nintendo NX Virtual Console Could Run GameCube And Wii Games

You’ve all heard the report that Eurogamer put out about the Nintendo NX earlier this week suggesting that it is a portable home console using the Nvidia Tegra mobile chip. Tech analysis site Digital Foundry has taken a look at the evidence and has discussed whether or not a Tegra derived chip would be capable of GameCube and Wii emulation. You can check out their speculative findings in the video, below.


  1. Stupid to add backwards compatibility IMHO. Just raises the prices for no reason. Just release the WiiU games as VC, you did it for Wii on the WiiU.

    1. They are on about emulating the games like the WiiU ones, If the rumours are true you wouldn’t be able to physically fit the guts of the wiiU or another console into that form factor. Maybe on the handheld side but I have my doubts.

    2. Virtual Console Wii games on Wii U were still running natively on the system and weren’t being emulated. I really doubt the NX could emulate the Wii U.

    3. Great idea, that way we get to pay even MORE money each generation to play games we’ve already bought. /s

        1. It’s almost like some people sell their old console to be able to afford the new one…

          Or something like that.

    4. Great idea, that way we get to pay even MORE money each generation to play games we’ve already bought. /s

  2. It well also have wii U and 3DS. Support in VC. And probably again have 1$ transfer fee (per game) that you already own from the current eshop. BUT it might have emulation support like dolphin. That scales native resolution, stabilizes frame rate, dynamic focus, and such.
    But i think NX (which a development platform not single device) well go forward like windows 10 and everything developed now well be generation proof

  3. Virtual Console means nothing to me. Give me a console that will actually play Gamecube, Wii and Wii U game discs, and I’d be one of the happiest gamers on earth. Even happier if it also played NES, SNES and N64 games. But I guess that’s what those weird Retron 5 sort of consoles are for. Even though the quality isn’t nearly as good, and they don’t play disc games.

    1. Then I’m happy to tell you the Wii U is just that. For som e retarded ass reason Nintendo chose to disable the GC backwards compatibility so youneed homebrew to unlock it on the Wii U. Just install homebrew on the wii end of wii u and the GC backup disc launcher app and use the smash GC adapter.

  4. DF ponders whether the rumor they came up with could do something?
    I guess in theory this car I’m imagining in my head could do interstellar traveling and run on a banana peels.

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