Eurogamer: Nintendo NX Is A Portable Console With Detachable Controllers

Eurogamer seems to have scored a massive scoop regarding the Nintendo NX platform. The publication is reporting that it’s a portable console with detachable controllers. Here’s all the things that you need to know for the time being and the full unveiling of the system should come later this year.

On the move, NX will function as a high-powered handheld console with its own display. So far so normal – but here’s the twist: we’ve heard the screen is bookended by two controller sections on either side, which can be attached or detached as required.

Then, when you get home, the system can connect to your TV for gaming on the big screen.

A base unit, or dock station, is used to connect the brain of the NX – within the controller – to display on your TV.

NX will use game cartridges as its choice of physical media, multiple sources have also told us.

Considering NX’s basis as a handheld first and foremost, the choice may not come as too much of a surprise – although we have heard the suggestion Nintendo recommends a 32GB cartridge

Inside the NX, as stated above, the system will harness Nvidia’s powerful mobile processor Tegra. Graphical comparisons with current consoles are difficult due to the vastly different nature of the device – but once again we’ve heard Nintendo is not chasing graphical parity. Quite the opposite, it is sacrificing power to ensure it can squeeze all of this technology into a handheld, something which also tallies with earlier reports.


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      1. I’ll wait until they reveal it. I have no interest in this idea. I don’t game on handhelds. I have no reason to. When I’m on the go, I don’t play any games unless I’m at some else house.

          1. Yes, it’s really a brilliant idea. Nintendo’s handhelds have always had the best games in my opinion. Developers will love the ability to make more powerful handheld games. It does come as a detriment to the console’s power, but I like the idea that I will be able to take my console with me to work or wherever else!!

          2. I never cared about the portable catalog. I don’t buy the VC games on the eshop from portable games. Why would I buy this idea? I’m not a portable gamer. This is a rumor so I don’t want to speak of this as fact but is a very disappointing idea for me. I hope if true it works out well for Nintendo and gamers who want this. As of this idea, it is not a product for me to buy.

              1. I don’t use all in one products. I prefer separate products. They tend to last longer. A mobile device being use as a home device would not have the longevity of a home device. This is just a rumor and if this is not true then none of what we say matter.

                  1. I’m all for Nintendo longevity. I know it well as my SNES stills works perfectly fine from when I first bought it those many years ago.

                    1. Sadly my NES went through a lot. It was stolen when I was young and then found 2 days later after it rained on the ground. It still worked but it wasn’t the same since then.

                1. … like all of those PS3’s with YLOD and Xbox 360’s with RRoD?

                  Nintendo has said at least 1 trillion times now that the NX is not a replacement for the Wii U and that they are not out to directly compete graphically with the Xbox One and PS4, yet these forums are filled with people who still think the NX has to be all mighty powerful or that Nintendo is doomed if it’s not.

                  From everything I’ve read these latest rumors could be close to what we get….

                  1. I don’t know why you directed that at me. I never said anything about the power. I’m not interested in handhelds. I’m interested in home consoles. This will be a great handheld. It is not a product for me. To clarify your statement, it was as it is not simply a replacement for the 3DS or Wii U.

                  2. They’re doomed because, considering these rumors are true (they make a whole lot of sense and at the same time they don’t so they probably are true), I have no fucking idea of which audience they’re after. It’s mostly the handheld audience, yeah, 60 million 3DS and 10 million Vita. Good luck with that when their main mobile cash cow is on actual mobile and when they’re the only fucker still in this game.

                    They’re not actually doomed duh, but this idea doesn’t seem exciting to me at all ngl. I can’t see the golden goose here.

              2. My opinion: I feel that people completely did not real the article.

                This system is both a on-the-go and home based system.
                This is system is going to try and stop the mobile device era that is killing off Nintendo’s system based and handheld shares.
                This SMART idea is to allow people the ability to play both at home and outside.
                You can take the shit everywhere!
                They do not want you playing on phones anymore.
                They do not want you to give up on handheld devices and home base systems = 2 in 1.
                No disc = faster load times and cheaper games.
                Mobile games look amazing these days — the NX will too.

                I’ll be waiting with the popcorn for this to be spoken about in November.

                1. “They do not want you playing on phones”
                  * Nintendo helps create a game that herds millions across the world to play on their phones*

            1. So you never play a game on your smartphone while taking a d**p? That’s sad. :(
              Cause now you get to possibility to play really good games while taking a *um*, instead of all these lame smartphone games. ;)

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                  1. Yeah the thingy wouldn’t allow me to post, so that’s why I censored it.
                    My little cousin also uses this, so no idea if they’ve put filters on or anything. Oh well. xD

                    1. Oh & crap is also not allowed. You have to spell it cr@p just to get pass the block. lol

                    2. It’s just another example of how NoA is obsessed with bullshit censoring.

              1. I just handle my business when I go to the bathroom. It is not play time. It is all business in there.

      2. Just dance uses a sensor (kinect or Wii console+Wiimote or console itself) to register the inputs… To do that on an handeld would mean the handeld might need some kind of motion contol controller (the two mentionned previously) and would also mean that, to play the game, you’d need to put the handheld on some kind of support so it could read the person’s movements correctly… This seems a bit unlikely to input this sort of feature inside a hendeld device… Not impossible, just a bit weird.

          1. I agree… Though, I don’t think it’d be that usefull (many people/devs regard motion controls on consoles like the wii as “obsolete” or just useless…) and it seems like it might not be cost efficient… Plus, the console’d have to power at least one controller being able to use motion controls and the console… If you add the NVIDIA chip/hardware mentionned, the battery’d need to be better than what nintendo gave us this past generation and would make the price even higher… I can see this system being that powerfull, but I don’t expect NX to be the same price as other handheld on the market (3DS/PS Vita)…

            1. I wouldn’t expect it to be the same price either. Obviously home console price with all this stuff. I think motion controls are here to stay, they make a lot of sense for a lot of applications, both in games and other OS functions. Id love a TV/streaming device remote that works like a WiiMote, because it makes things easier… Not to mention how much better the Wii RE4 controls are than any other version of the game. But that is just an opinion though I guess

              1. Yeah, the NX (if what we’re seeing is true) is a promising piece of technology. Motion control wise, I imagine some kind of Gyroscope for most games… I hope they’ll keep the gyroscope since it can be really usefull, depending on the games (splatoon, etc…). Can’t wait to know more later this year (and playing zelda BOTW anywhere will make many people very happy…).

            2. It’s possible that, like the Wii U, the docking station has a port for the Wii sensor bar to allow for motion controlled gaming. It could be like the Wii U where they’re not really advertising/selling Wiimotes as the primary controller for the device, but saying if you want to play a game that uses them, they’re available as an option.

        1. Sure, weird… but maybe with a game like that there will be limits to its mobility… Or a new way to play the game in this iteration. I am not saying you are wrong, just if I play with the idea that this report is true, how would these pieces fit. Regardless, you can play it as a home console so Just Dance, one of the most popular titles, would surely have a place in the NX library

  1. While many will be pissed that the NX (IF, HUGE IF, this report is true) is not going to be going for the top spot in power, if it is anything close to XB1 and PS4 and is both handheld and home console. That would be ridiculously amazing. I really don’t care what the argument against it would be, but all that power in a handheld with home console capability… That would be a game changer. Only question is how, and does can it really work… Obviously. And then, will it sell? Connectivity to mobile might help.

    1. Agreed, power doesn’t bother me. The only problem I can find is that studios might have to work harder to create two versions of the same game depending on how this thing works. Then again, engines are scalable and the “base NX” might only increase the output resolution/fps.

      1. ||They wouldn’t need to create 2 versions, they just need to adapt the weapons to their respective origin…||

        1. Again, it always depends on what the base does. If it adds significant extra processing power, devs might want to make a more impressive “home console” version of the games. It’d be pretty similar to running a PC game on low or high settings for example. I’m aware that it shouldn’t be much to ask for the large majority of devs since they’re making their games on/for PCs anyway, but I wouldn’t be surprised if some of them complained about needing to do it in the first place.

          1. ||The hypocricy we will witnesd if the NX is anything like that and they complain, most obvious would be the Electrons and Ubisians as usual…||

          1. For sure. And if you can connect to other people’s systems directly or play via a tethered cell connection, it will blow up. Throw in some AR, and you got yourself a stew

    2. Yeah and people are still forgetting about the SCD (Supplemental Computing Device) which is suppose to boost the processing power of the NX to even greater proportions. Maybe this is why the Neo and Scorpio were developed and remember, Kimishima said he wants the NX to played for a long time meaning that the SCD could play a huge role into making that highly possible

      1. ||The NX better be the sacred weapon we need so that we can once and for all erase the disease that continues to thrive…||

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          1. The short answer is that the PC is not a console.

            PC gaming has its own limitations. The need to upgrade hardware for games to work at peak performance is too frequent and not cost effective. The console is more socially viable, family and friends friendly experience as opposed to being singular. Believe me, I’ve had my time in front of the computer and it has been great, but rarely have I been able to play a game with full performance, and even if I did now, by xmas, the new games would not be without having to shell out more money. The incremental progression of console gaming is more palatable to most. And if it wasn’t, console gaming would have died by now. Computers, PCs especially, have suffered from too customizable or upgradeable and because they offer so much more functionality outside of gaming, it is not fiscally feasible for most people.

            1. PCs are consoles and consoles are PCs. You can’t make a console without it being a PC first. You can turn a console into a PC. Parts are just parts. You don’t have to upgrade a PC as much as you think. A person chooses to upgrade their PC to play current games with minimal issues but it is not required to as long as you meet the minimum requirements. I have seen many people have they PCs setup in a way that it is as convenient as a gaming console. It is all about how you use the operating system and software that you use.

              1. That is the whole point, that without upgrades you play with minimum requirements and the game is not the same. Yes the PC version can be better, but often is the same if not worse. And a console is not a PC, it is a computer, and a PC is a computer… after that things go in very different directions. And for it to be convenient, gaming on a PC is very much a singular experience outside of online play and you still pay much more from the beginning and continuously with the upgrades, where if you wait too long, your PC can’t run the best games as they were meant to.

                1. I don’t know about this singular experience you have on PC but we play local multiplayer games on PC too. It is not just a singular experience. As for the console is not a PC, what are the parts of a console and what are the parts of a PC?

                  1. They are obviously different, otherwise, they wouldn’t be and Microsoft would have just made games to be played on the PC that is in people’s living rooms and hooked up to the TV… but they didn’t, because there are dedicated game consoles for that… Just like I don’t type on my Wii U

                    1. You could type on your Wii U if you changed the OS. The OS is what make it different. Parts are just parts. As I said you can turn a console into a PC. It has been done multiple times before. A console is just a dedicated PC for gaming and media.

                    2. OK, yes you “can” sure, but I am a consumer, a user of technology. Most people don’t want to change the Wii U’s OS and turn consoles into PCs. It is a waste of time. Technically the same, yes… But the end result is not the same and modifying is not a reasonable exercise.

                    3. I know what you meant the whole time. I just don’t enjoy seeing the pc are not consoles phrase or upgradeable consoles which is no different than upgrading PC and it is worse in the console space due to fragmenting the market. Most people do not want to do that type of work either. They just want to plug and play.

                    4. Right, so if you can upgrade a console, which is different, and do it in a very simple way, such as attaching it through a pre-existing port, then that would be something new. Whereas with a PC you have to open it up in order to upgrade the machine and usually replace existing hardware. For that reason, it is certainly different.If it wasn’t, there just wouldn’t be dedicated game consoles as they would be unnecessary. Although, the fragmenting of the market is a different conversation, as I am a firm believer that we live in an era where we only need one device, yet are forced (for the most part) to have all these different “things” around our homes so they can milk us for every penny. That, I definitely do not enjoy. Give me ONE SYSTEM any day.

                    5. Even using an attachment would be seperating the install base. Most people don’t want to buy something extra for their console. They don’t really want to buy extra controllers let alone something that is not required for them to play games. As for the one device, I prefer multiple devices. I don’t need a do it all device. I need a device to do what I bought it for in this case gaming. All I need it to do is play games by the manufacturer. I like choices and don’t like a monopoly.

                2. The famous “potato masher” setup is a PC that you can build for the same price that you’d spend on a PS4. Spec-wise, it’s more up-to-date than current gen systems and, unlike those, it’s only getting cheaper every year.

                  So no, the games are the same most of the time, if not better. Watch the Doom comparison video and check the differences. There are many arguments that cab be held against PC, but bang for buck really isn’t one of them.

                  1. Just because on the rare occasion if you find the parts cheap enough and you know how to install them you can get a cheap PC to run identical to a PS4, doesn’t make it an ideal situation. Obviously all games can run better on a PC, but again, if they it so easy to make happen and made the most fiscal sense, the console market would have dried up by now. It just hasn’t because PCs have issues of their own (especially most Windows based computers if people are dumb enough to fill them with anti–et al software and the rest of the bullshit that they think they need) that bogs down the gaming experience for most people. Computers have so many other functions, especially work functions, that many people want that separate from gaming, which most often is a leisure activity .

            2. Upgrading isn’t a limitation, it’s an advantage for PC. No you don’t need to upgrade all of the time to play on PC. This “peak performance” you speak of isn’t achievable on console. So I don’t get your point there. Of course you will need an expensive PC to run games at their very best settings, but as the saying goes, you get what you pay for. You don’t need an expensive PC to match up to a console either. Every game that comes out is not super demanding. People seem to often look at bad ports that require some beefy setup to run right such as Batman Arkham Knight and use that as the basis of what PC gaming as a whole is like when that could not be further from the truth.

              1. “peak performance” meaning, the best I can get for a given machine. When I buy a console game, it is the same as my friend who plays it on the same console. With a PC, there are a myriad of differences that may be there based on tech performance and the price paid for the hardware, which of course can be upgraded, but also you have outside issues from the game within each computer that can change the experience. I like my hardware, and this goes for most consumers, to just work smoothly and with a central focus and a dedicated gaming console has that over the PC. Ease of use is big.

            3. I used to be a PC gamer long ago. I quit because it became less fun to keep up with the Developers. New graphics card, more memory, upgraded processor… With a console (I’ll concede it is a PC at heart,) but it is standardized. The developers develop to meet YOUR specs, when PC gaming, you have to keep up your specs to meet THEIR desired specifications…

              Console gaming is the most convenient way for a busy adult to game in my opinion.

              1. Yes, definitely. It is the most convenient and you hit it perfectly. The machine sets the standard and games are developed within those parameters, and yes, limitations. Sure, a PC game being played at the highest level would be ideal, but with tech moving so fast, and having been, it simply isn’t. Especially for people who, I guess, are “casuals” haha… so most people

            1. It is not the end of the world if a person is not playing Nintendo games. People were playing video games before Nintendo entered the market. Do I want to miss Nintendo games? No but if they don’t have a product that I want to spend money on then I will miss the games and enjoy what I choose to spend my money on then.

            2. As for scaliabilty, that will fragment the market. You will always have people that want to upgrade to the latest part and people that is fine the way they are. What good would the upgraded parts be if the game has to be held back due to the original product that is not upgraded.

    3. You might feel differently if the loss in power drives off 3rd party again, unless you don’t really enjoy 3rd party games.

      In any case, if this is true, beyond the launch lineup, 3rd party is toast again. Not that Nintendo will need to sell many units to survive, and not that Nintendo cares about our money.

      I love my 3DS, and I would love a stronger portable, but I’m standing by my no longer being a Nintendo early adopter. Especially if it’s a portable. It will only take a year or so for the price cuts and bundles to start flowing.

      1. I also think people are looking at this wrong because it is just a new handheld that can hook up to your TV. A portable that can do some home console stuff with an added accessory that we don’t even know will be included or have to purchase separately.

      2. I don’t see how a system on par with Xbox One has third parties “toast”… Xbox One and Ps4 in their current iterations will likely be around for 2-3 years at least after the NX release

        1. You believe 3rd parties will build “Full Res” games for the Consoles, and then spend time and money figuring out how far and how much to cut for their Nintendo port?

          Interesting. I don’t think so.

          Unless… And I hope saying this out loud won’t bite me in the ass later in the form of fans clinging to this for hope, but I suppose if the NX could build a 3DS sized fan base… Then yes, devs might just invest in ports, given Nintendo puts the NX within reasonable reach of X1 specs.

          Realistically, no way. If this is true, 3rd party will continue to be like, “Good Job Nintendo! You be you. We might support you someday!”

          1. Why are they cutting them to port if the NX is on par with the current gen? Why do they make PC games and then make them weaker for the consoles? There is nothing substantiated here that suggests that the NX will not be on par with the current gen,at least enough to run the same games with a slightly different experience, and if the architecture is the same, from what I understand that is a bigger issue than the power of said system

            1. Nintendo’d need to add that Tegra X2 processor to put the system in the same ballpark than current gen consoles. It would drive the cost up like crazy too, and we know they want to keep the NX affordable. I bet they end up using the X1.

              That said, there’s no need for the NX to get the same kind of games the PS4/XB1 are getting. It’s a portable, a completely different machine.

              1. Maybe…. it isn’t a portable yet, as nothing is confirmed, and if both, then it is both… so to have the same games would be ideal and possibly necessary in this market.

    1. Unified Library? You mean… Just for the NX, right? Because unless it plays 3DS games, it’s going to be a very small library I hate to say. Maybe they are planning to lure App Devs so you can have a huge library after all… Full of Smartphone or tablet apps. In which case Noone will buy a fancy Oyua.
      We will see Sylux.

  2. Sounds about right based on all the info we’ve heard so far. I’ll buy it and hopefully love it, but now I most likely will be getting a Scorpio and Neo as well. Can’t wait for more info/an official announcement!

  3. I do believe this has been the most concrete source for information, and tallies with Rodgers’ call that big-name sites would be releasing info soon. Does the processor match Rodgers’ claims as well?

        1. Depends on how the final build looks, if there are significant bottlenecks or whatever.
          In theory, its games might look just as nice as those on current gen systems. I wouldn’t expect it, though. I’d imagine we’ll be getting a 720p, 60fps version of the Vita with better looking games.

          I’m just talking about the portable, not about the role of the base, since we know next to nothing about that. Could only upscale, could bring its processing power closer to current gen systems. Who knows.

        2. Yes. There is no way it can run a processor on part with X1 without creating significant heat issues. Consoles have PC type blower fans for a reason. The NX will not be competing on any level with new consoles if this is true. If… This is true. And it sure as Hell wouldn’t be a surprise.

  4. ||We already know that the NX is comparable to PS4 and the other disgusting machine due to the Sonic project, everything else is just a darker path…||

  5. Calling BS on this one. Emily also probably got this same info from the same source which doenst seem very likely. The whole premiss of it is good buy the nvidia part doesnt make any sence since AMD has already comfirmed that they have 3 custom design wins in the making and one of them is for early 2017.

    1. ||What do you expect from a civilian’s so called skills in creating concepts of any kind anyway…||

  6. There’s something about this that I just can’t get on board with. Maybe I’m just unable to picture what it will actually look like. I like the idea of a Tegra processor. I’m assuming that would give us 720p graphics at 60 fps, and assuming the rumors we heard about supplemental computing devices is true, it would surely have full hd when docked at home. Developers would need to make games that can run at both settings, but that really doesn’t matter since the Scorpio and Neo are gonna require the same thing. I’m not too sure about 32gb media though, especially considering that X1 and PS4 use 50gb discs.

    I don’t really like the idea of it being a handheld first and foremost. It doesn’t really matter to me, but I think Nintendo would have more trouble convincing people to buy a handheld that can be used as a home console than they would a home console that can be used as a handheld.

    1. “but I think Nintendo would have more trouble convincing people to buy a handheld that can be used as a home console than they would a home console that can be used as a handheld.”

      They sure didn’t have trouble convincing people to buy the 3DS as compared to the Wii U.

      1. That’s not really a good comparison. The Wii U was a commercial failure due to it’s lack of support and last-gen Tech. The 3DS on the other hand has had plenty of support throughout its life and has had updates like the XL and new 3DS. The fact of the matter is the home console market has always been bigger than the handheld market and many gamers typically don’t consider handhelds as something of interest.

          1. I never said people aren’t interested in handhelds. I only said that there’s a larger market for consoles than there is for handhelds. Eighth generation handhelds are nearing the end of their cycle and they’ve sold about 73 million combined. Eighth generation home consoles are less than 4 years into their cycle (PS and XB less then 3) and they’ve already sold around 77.5 million combined.

            1. Well home consoles are doing a little better than handhelds, but handhelds are still doing quite well especially in terms of Nintendo handhelds. Seems like a smart move to just combine both.

              1. Right I agree with that. I’m just talking about how Nintendo should market it. I think it would be better to market it as a console that is also a handheld, rather than market it as a handheld that is also a console.

                  1. Except Wii U wasn’t trying to market itself as a home console able to do handheld stuff. If you thought that, clearly you misinterpreted what they intended with the Gamepad. A handheld is something you can play as you are miles away from your house. You can’t do that with a Gamepad.

                1. Even though I love my 3DS, I agree. Marketing it as a handheld that can do home console stuff is a bad idea.

              1. I also added PS Vita sales to 3DS sales, so I DO have the point. I said that the home console market is bigger than the handheld market. The home console market includes all home consoles (XB, PS4, and Wii U) and the handheld market includes all handhelds (3DS and Vita). Is there anything else you would like to dispute?

                1. well considering the vita was a failure i dont’t think you have the point. And it’s 3 against 2 including a poor selling system (on both ends albeit but still).

                  1. How can you be so obtuse? It doesn’t matter how many systems are on either side. I only said that the home console market is bigger than the handheld market and that’s true. There is more money in the console market and the console market moves more units.

                    Do you know what a market is? I’ll try to make this simple for you. Consider stock markets. NYSE and NASDAQ are two different markets involved in the same business of stocks. NASDAQ has more companies listed than NYSE, but NYSE is valued higher (more money) than NASDAQ and is therefore a bigger market.

                    Same thing with video games. Home Consoles and Handhelds are two different markets within the same business (i.e video games) Home Consoles generate more money and are therefore a bigger market then handhelds.

                    1. They seem to be coming off as people trying to push this agenda that mobile is the future. Or maybe I’m just assuming wrong. *shrug*

  7. Well if I can play Zelda NX on the bus or while waiting for class to start I really don’t mind. The only issue here whether third-party devs will support the thing.

  8. It would make sense and that will go along with the comments from kimishima San when he said the Nx is not a replacement of the wii u. Well I guess we will have to wait November (will be the best time for a March launch and prevent Sony and ms to sell to much during Xmas).

  9. This may sound odd to some of you, but I actually prefer handheld gaming. So while most of you are probably flipping out, I’m over here hoping this is true. I have been done with console gaming ever since I figured out that console gaming has gone to shit with the Wii U, PS4, and Xbox One.
    So to learn that we might be getting a super powerful handheld gaming device has me thrilled. Also, I’ve always wanted to be able to play my console games on the TV with ease.

  10. This sounds like a rumour that is a clever composition of other rumours. But there are some issues that make it implausible.
    1. It’s plain stupid. Why (and what) should two people play on a tiny screen with half a controller?
    2. If it also works as a home console, it will support real controllers thus making detachable ones unnecessary.
    3. If this is a home console replacement, Nintendo will once more lose 3rd parties because it will definitely be much weaker than a XBone.
    4. It’s a rumour!

    1. ||It’s of course only a rumour and statistically a wrong one at that due to the Nvidia part but you need to re-read and re-evaluate point number 1…||

        1. ||The other 2 points are merely his assumptions based on personal opinions unlike the first point…||

          1. They don’t sound like opinions. His second point states that detachable controllers are unnecessary. This is not true as they are necessary for the system to operate as a handheld, unless he expects to bring a seperate controller with him to use it as a handheld. His third point states that this will “definitely” be much weaker than an X1, which he can’t possibly know for sure as no specs are given.

            1. According to Eurogamer, the dev kits use Tegra X1 (Nvidia Shield uses it too). Which means it would be a little better than the Wii U. However they were speculating that the launch is missing Holidays maybe not only because of launch games, but also because of the Tegra X2 which is being released I don’t even know when but it’s gonna get revealed next month. If the final thing uses Tegra X2 (which I doubt) that would make it closer to the XBone.

              1. Right, but the article also says that the handheld unit would attach to a base unit to connect to the tv. Considering that Nintedo filed a patent for supplemental computing devices, I would assume that the docking station would add more processing power to the system and bump up the specs. I highly doubt the handheld would just connect straight to the tv with no change in performance. Since Eurogamer didn’t say anything about the tv unit, we can’t know that this’ll be weaker than current gen systems.

      1. No I don’t. Point number 1 is the most solid evidence that this rumour is bullshit. If you take your time, you would also understand how stupid the idea is.
        A handheld screen is too small for it to be placed on a table and looked at from a distance of more than 30cm. the “controllers” would be very uncomfortable and would have too few buttons. There’s almost no situation where you would ever want to play a multiplayer game on the go on a tiny screen with 50% of the controller. No games would support this! This would be Nintendo’s worst console design ever. The would have to be out of their minds to make this.
        This rumour is so ridiculous that I feel sorry for the people who think it’s credible.

        1. ||Read the rumour carefully again, in no way does it say 2 controllers nor that 2 players have to play on one tiny screen, that is the only thing…||

            1. ||Their exact quote is [Two controller sections that can either be attached or detached], it doesn’t confirm 2 separate controllers at all, that was Eurogamer’s flawed interpretation…||

              1. See, the whole point is that it’s all bullshit. It wouldn’t make sense no matter how you see it. Whether the two sections would be used as one or two controllers doesn’t make a difference. Nintendo wouldn’t do such a stupid thing! You would use the handheld like the Wii U controller on a TV and connect additional controllers for mutliplayer.

                1. ||I know, just pointing out the structure of the text itself, the meaning of this rumour is irrelevant…||

      1. Some people don’t use Twitter. Some people look at gaming sites for gaming news. That person read the article and don’t trust it. I don’t trust it either. All rumors are false until proven true.

      2. I am on here because this is a Nintendo News Website and I am interested in Nintendo, just like when I visit Wrestlezone, because I am interested in Wrestling. I’m not on Twitter or Facebook. Also, what did I say wrong? Until Nintendo confirms the Details on the NX, there is no reason the Trust these Rumours as True.

  11. I think it would be awesome. I absolutely love handheld gaming. Especially on a Nintendo. I don’t need yet another Xbox or Playstation-like system.

  12. What if the console, having the ability to detach, could be used to create a makeshift WiiMote. Wouldn’t that be pretty awesome? I feel it could work. I am not sure the purpose of such innovation, but I would thoroughly be impressed.

  13. This only plays off the long rumored fact that it was both a portable and a handheld. I’d like to think Nintendo would be a little more creative than putting detachable controllers on a tablet. Really wish they would’ve shown it, these NX rumors get old.

  14. If true, this will definitely affect third party support. I don’t really want to see the NX suffer the same fate as the Wii U. If you ask me, they should just have a new handheld device be able to stream the games similar to what the Vita can do. And just let the console be it’s own thing so it isn’t held back and need to compromise for the handheld. Some people will absolutely not care about the handheld at all, but they will have to deal with the console not getting big third party games again or dealing with worse versions of games. It’s like how the Wii U Gamepad was required for some games and even to access certain features. So yeah… I have mixed feelings about this. Not sure how it’s going to work.

    1. Same way the 3DS or Vita worked, at least regarding third-party support. It makes no sense to compare this device to the handhelds and the home consoles. In my mind, this is a 3DS successor with complementary functionalities that bring it close to a home console, but it isn’t one.

  15. If Nontendo releases a tablet cell phone GameBoy console I’ll lose my shit!

  16. Not true. Nintendo is an innovator. This isn’t really an innovation. It’s like ” Oh look, a tablet with detachable controllers”
    Where’s the energy? The love? For Iwata? If true, Nintendo dishonors him.

    Maybe this is for a handheld system or just a baseless rumor from a “reliable source”
    (I’m looking at you Emily Rogers)

    1. “What we mean by integrating platforms is not integrating handhelds devices and home consoles to make only one machine. What we are aiming at is to integrate the architecture to form a common basis for software development so that we can make software assets more transferrable, and operating systems and their build-in applications more portable, regardless of form factor or performance of each platform.”

      “They will also work to avoid software line-up shortages or software development delays which tend to happen just after the launch of new hardware,” Iwata added.

      “Some time ago it was technologically impossible to have the same architecture for handheld devices and home consoles and what we did was therefore reasonable.”

      Kimishima said that they are following Iwata’s concept…

    2. This idea seems innovated for a handheld just not for a home console. It is just a handheld to me and if it is reveal this same way then I’ll treat it like I treat all handhelds. Just ignore it and hope people have fun with it.

      1. If it is indeed a handheld, I am cool with the detachable controllers, TV connection dock and all that jazz, but as a console, it won’t cut it.

        I know Nintendo has something big in the works and that’s probably why this rumor is roaming the internet. “Nobody” knows what the NX is.

  17. Maybe there’s a GPU in the docking port. That way, you can lpay some decent games on the go, but when you get home… they are bumped up to XB1 or PS4 quality graphics!

    ….although I highly doubt that would be the case,

    1. This crossed my mind, but it still means the game has to be able to run on lower specs, while in portable-mode… That will require the same type of software tweaking as was necessary for 3rd party to run on the Wii or WiiU.

      Capcom did it… Once. MH3U. It was fantastic to hunt on the go, then continue with voice chat on the WiiU, one of my fondest WiiU gaming experiences.
      They did not put the effort into doing it for MH4, And not for MH Generations… There is little hope 3rd Parties will create two versions for the NX unless intend has something up their sleeve where the NX does all the downscaling work somehow, so the devs don’t have two, otherwise the devs will put most of their effort in creating the portable version, and slack on the upscale version due to increased cost for the higher res assets.

      Yes yes, this is all speculation anyhow.

  18. OK! Here I go again. NX Go unveiled at TGS or sometime in Sept. NX Go will use a custom Tegra X1. Hopefully capable of at least 1.5 or 2 Tflops. Releasing in March 2017. NX Home will be unveiled at E3 2017. Maybe even releasing in Q4 of 2017. NX Home will use a custom GTX 960 or maybe an older card(whatever is cheaper. But Emily said the NX was going to be expensive.) Which will act like PC where you can stream games to the NX Go on another TV. Example Having NX Home setup in the living room but play it in your bedroom TV Via a NX Go.The same way Nvidia Shield can stream games from PC on a TV and have FULL PC SPECS.

    Visit this site to understand how the Shield(Tegra) and GTX cards work together.

    Again I’m not claiming to know anything. Everything I’m saying is just me thinking out loud.

  19. can i just point out that 32 GB of storage? are you kidding me? i know its a hand held but the wii U only goes up to 25GB disks, and thats not counting DLC. BUT the xbox one and PS4 go up to 50GB disks. if any of those PS4/Xbox one games get ported over they are gunna need MUCH bigger cartridges then just 32GB.

    1. Higher capacity carts are always an option. They just mention Nintendo is recommending the use of 32GB ones as the sweetspot between capacity and affordability.

      Besides, those are home consoles. This is a portable. The games will probably be locked down at a lower resolution, and it won’t need textures of such high quality, for example.

  20. I feel like this wouldn’t have the power to run Breath of the Wild… So if they release BotW on this, they are going to have to tone it down

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