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Nintendogs + Cats Removed From eShop In North America

Nintendogs + Cats has vanished from the 3DS eShop in North America. While it has been on 3DS since launch, some people maybe disappointed that the game is now unavailable. Nintendo is yet to comment on its disappearance. However, it most likely has something to do with it being added to the Nintendo Selects range. It will probably return with a new price in the next few days.

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  1. never cared for the series as i owned cats (had to give them away because of the strict pet policy). i had 4 cats and they were well taken care of and were affectionate towards me and my family. now we have a dog, a chihuahua, she is lovable but can be dumb….when its convenient for her.

  2. Honestly thought this was gonna say “Exploit found in Nintendogs + Cats”. Would’ve been more exciting anyways. It’s a cute game for about an hour.

  3. What??! I’ve been doing overtime for the last month to be able to buy this and then they go and remove it from the eshop???

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