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Video: IGN Compile A List Of The 10 Laziest Pokémon Designs

As the list of different Pokémon is ever growing, and we are now coming up to the seventh generation, IGN take a look back at previous designs and have created a list of the ones they believe to be the top ten “laziest” Pokemon designs in their new YouTube clip. You can check it out below:

Do you agree with the list? Let us know in the comments below!




  1. ||Honedge and Ducklett among them? Then they should include every other materialistic pokemon and animalistic ones, these humans are flawed and more so their logic…||

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  2. The reverse hate on Gen 1 Pokémon is really, huh?
    How is a pink slime that transforms into anything a lazy design? It is literally the only Pokémon which can transform other than Mew, the design couldn’t make more sense. Grimer and Muk are toxic substances…. people are really piking on random slimes desperate to find more gen 1 Pokémon to hate.
    I agree on the Voltorb family and on Exeggcute, though…. the latter was always one of my most disliked Pokémon after all.
    Krabby lives in the original premise of Pokémon which is of being an “animal”…. not a stupid object (like Voltorb). Are 90% of the bird and bug Pokémon lazy too? Is Piplup lazy too?
    And Unown are not even gen 1 Pokémon, but Unown? Really? Unown are lazy?

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      1. Nothing really. Some of their reviews are hit or miss while you can’t help but to feel they are a bit too biased against Sonic.

        But I’m merely annoyed that fans are still hating Honedge for being just a sword when that said sword evolves into a competitive beast.


      1. Thank you. Have to say, I do agree on some of them, but if we’re nor only looking at Gen 1, there are far worse once.


    1. Ditto’s design is simple, but It’s the perfect design for a Pokemon that can turn into any other Pokemon. Voltorb is a lazy design but I feel like the only reason they designed it like that was so that they could hide it in the Power Plant and have people confuse it for a pokeball, which worked really well.

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      1. Same with Electrode. Their designs may seem lazy but the mechanic that they are used as false Pokeballs on the map makes their design anything BUT lazy. If they didn’t have that mechanic in the game, then I could agree those are lazy ass designs.

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    1. ||There is also a blue duck drawn by Billy Madison in that human movie with the same title…||


  3. As GENWUNNER #1, you know I got beef with plenty of Pokemon.


    Most I agree with, don’t get the no love for Ditto. It’s not a lazy design so much as what else could you have drawn to represent something that can “form” into other beings.

    Anyway, PORYGON for life!


  4. Ditto: It’s ability to shape shift into any Pokemon makes it’s design anything but lazy.

    Exeggcute: It looks like a lazy design but turning a pineapple or coconut tree into a living animal was an awesome idea that Nintendo did first. So I wouldn’t classify that as lazy, either.

    Gulpin: As another said, it’s supposed to represent a stomach. There isn’t much you can do to change that without it not being a stomach.

    Voltorb: As I said above, considering how Voltorb, and by extension Electrode, were used in the game’s overworld of being false Pokeballs, their designs are far from being lazy since their designs had an in-game reason for looking the way they did.


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