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Giant Poké Balls Appear Outside Of Target Stores

While we are still waiting for a real life Poké Mart, one U.S chain is joining in the Pokémon fun. Over 400 Target stores have painted their bollards to look like giant Poké Balls. Target has said they wanted to celebrate the return of Pokémania that came with GO’s release. They have also announced that their stores will carry a special range of Pokémon products over the next few months. Target’s senior vice president Rick Gomez had this to say:

“We wanted to create an extra special experience for our biggest Pokémon fans, and landed on this idea that we think they’ll love. Our creative team—many of whom are Pokémon fans themselves—designed the Poké Balls, and we worked quickly to get them up across the country. We hope our guests have as much fun with them as we do.”

It seems like a lot of businesses are really getting into the Pokémon spirit. An Australian restaurant recently announced a shockingly cute Pikachu burger. Have you spotted any of these Poké Balls in the wild? Tell us below.



  1. Wow that’s hilarious. I was just back to school shopping at target yesterday and spotted some of these in front of the store. I think it’s cool that they’re doing something like this :D

  2. Man, I always thought of the balls outside of Target as Pokeballs. So weird. I wonder if my local Target store did this? I won’t know until Thursday, which is when I’m going shopping. But I doubt they did. Any time something special is happening at select stores, the ones where I live are always the exception. Like when Best Buy lets people play games from E3 for a limited time. Not MY Best Buy.

  3. Well, I guess I’ll never see it in person, since Target chickened out and left the Canadian market.

    Idiots couldn’t seem to challenge Walmart in the country.

  4. So much Target hate. They have always been my supermart of choice. Cleaner. Associates on the floor who can help you. Less weird customers. Same low prices on most things. Etc.

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